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James Bullock - San Francisco, United States - English (Global Lives Project, 2004) ~12:00:20 - 13:00:23

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What time do you wake up in the morning? About six five (Ikeas) So here you do need to leave your house So she is usually in the house at six thirty five Great, you find operator Oh yea. Change your home? There was a plane whole Deal Uh-huh Whole Deal. The I took the surfing and I took a shower And you got XXXship, Oh, yeah. The hour after surfing I take a shower. Thirty-four. (Sign) What about train? Next what? Bus Driver: You go real. James: In hotel, I am not given a work (laugh). How we act Thanksgiving? I can't remember that far. (Out) for you. Uh-huh. Is that late already? No, it's not. It's not that late. You need to get off next stop. Is it too early? Is that good for you? It will do. We are not get there at eleven. Ok, cool. What's your name in there? You... you are back? We? Yeah.. Yeah (Laugh) See. See. How are you? Good? I got this video guy following me for eighteen hours. Oh, really? Eighteen hours? Lucky you. It's a project. I said I am gonna hating you pretty bad. Oh, really? Yeah, but they are mark by six thirty They went to beach and went surfing.

No no no, they have XXX for cal. They have decal They have a ship party. So while I do this thing, he wants to two people around the world One person from.. (Driver: Cable car?) US. Oh, ok. Driver: So he chooses you? James: So next stop is to zero? Yeah, so I will be the see... what is work out to do. Driver: is it Mr.Berkeley...? James: is it a great job... I many people can go to the job? So this is like a waiting scene? (Laugh) Yeah, exactly. That's it is. Wake up my bedroom this morning, what I gotta... (Show driver something, and both of them are laughing) Don't come to the hospital if on needs. They follow you, you are the first people? I came out and just get this. They were lit. Uh-huh? Alright (Through out the room? ) Mr. Bullock See you all. Where is your surf put? I met Tony but Tony didn't... Hey John, what's up? I saw you obvious. You have a gear. Why don't you take home? When? Last week we put out to (XX) and exchange certain things, so went to the Congo Kings. Congo Kings, part of the Jazza last things. You gonna be twenty minutes. Twenty minutes? This is my car now. I trade it back Are you gonna be in front row or you gonna be in the back? I am always in the front (XX). Oh, okay. I am going around you in case of cars, ok? Yeah. Good to see you. Thank you James: my pleasure. I took wiblication. Did you? And I...I actually...I wasn't I did picture that day. And two day long and I cancel for the other two days. Cool. I am gonna to San Diego on Tuesday. What are you doing there? It really takes me for all day Video man this. Like, I don't know. I had to take my daughter to Tahoe. six kids. Seven to nine. Be there on Monday or today by seven to nine. Cool You need to keep it in mind. For me, a regular routine... you know... too temporary. That's what we all need. A little change in pace. Black man: Thank you very much. See you later. James: Alright! Are you ok? Are you ok? Watch my cal for train. Are he...Oh.. He's not...ok... Are you need...When do you driving? What? Fifty nine. What is your car line? It looks Spruce got. Is for the regular tour or not? I mean probably... This all changes. No hugging on the Jar. (Laughing) That guy retired. This guy is not here retired at ninety-two, I guess. He definitely retired at ninety two. He is doing the life. Right, yeah, you know. He is retired. He is doing something else. James: Yeah, right Survive no longer than ten years. That's good. This is Spear Street. Market and Spear. Market and Spear? Where is Market? Right there and Spear is right there. That's market, ok. Have you ever been to Mexico? Girl: No. Other girl: My son has been to. Where are you trying get to? Museum...Museum of Art. That is in the third mission. Mission is one block over. You need grab a bus down the third wall. Market street? Mission is a block ahead Girl: go all the way down the Market? James: or just go to the Mission. Or just go off the Mission. We are over here. Get all the way down that way and ... Where? Oh, you not even know on the map You are, on this map, you are over here. You try to get the try to get right here. That's why you can get mission street. One block and make a right. So you can even walk or catch the bus. So I can go up... Up on the third and make left...walk on the market and right on the museum of modern art. What's there now? What? What do you go to see there? Is there a special exhibit? No, that's my favorite My host friends trt to meet me there. So you missed him I love him. Is it open for once a day? Thursday... Yeah, so it's today. Thank you. Have fun. I am. Why? So I got a long day. Why? Where have you done? Well, they have this car taken and they want ten people from the view. Oh really? I am the only from the North America. You are in the North America. So I guess they are Japanese but I guess... I guess. Let them go. He is part of game. Ok. They from Cal. They are not taking anything. They just shot for eighteen hours. Sure, I mean... why cut anything? When I am leaving? Routing or...? Over there? That's five (XXX) Where are you going? How many in there Six there in... Thirty there are... One minute... I guess There is light. Next light. what do you guys have on the watch? Six thirty. I went surfing, came back, took a shower and take ten minutes of that. let's see. Ticket free fare I don't have to be here at eleven thirty. I went to surfing in the morning. Cool. have you ever visited Davis? It is amazing. It is. And it's.... It's amazing. I mean... I've surprised by such a small space really. It's teach records, right? It does. Yeah, it's amazing. You know (Biazza) You know the (XX) museum is huge. This is in the small space. And the hand, see how this hand are, I mean, the hands are really big. This is really big. It's really beautiful. It's unbelievable. What? I think he is getting out right now. I think he is leaving. Where do you go? Enthusiasm. Thank you. Oh, that guy. Watch how he is listening. Being the hand, not the hand. David has humodity there for the small thing. That's good. He is in the car in front of us. He is in the car vertical in front of us. Yeah, he is the fan of a friend and they have paid checks. So they are filming eighteen hours of me. They arrived my house at six thirty. Went to the beach, back until the midnight. You want to go to my house? (If you invite all of me.) Not really. I rent the converter. They just said 'just do this.' I said you want this shitty to be convertable. Yeah, you heard that story. I read that convertible. For this scratch. The guy with camera from Wisconsin. They flew here on Friday. I mean, for the first person, you try to get more money for the project. Alright, take care. I am going to San Diego this Tuesday A lot warmer. Yeah, warmer. Do you wanna get in the car? No. Ok. Where do you live? Dallas. The Dallas. Ok, guys. Out. What traffic it is? Alright. That's all the man(XXX) That stops right there. Probably close. Originally, you imagine, they all like brew and burnt and set. One minute shaking. This is all gone. Most what say is fire accidents. (XX) bring the metal at this saturday At eighty nine earthquake, they were in Marina. They kept saying quite for (X). You know the city doesn't recognize that house That's actually Steven's house. The city all gas made. Destruct a gas explode. Where you guys go? Here comes the video man and their people. Can you give me two? Why it is police there? How do they caught up here? That's a question. There is a car (curl park) here. I don't know. I gotta (weee). They follow you? Yeah, everywhere. Come on. What you have (X).

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James Bullock - San Francisco, USA - 10:00-11:00 (Global Lives Project, 2004)

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