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David Wilcock - Return to Camelot 5/15

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..which is wave-particle structure. geometry can flip around into the time field and become a wave. The "Kasnachia" which you are going to see in this presentation proved the wave-structure of the desease is enough to infect healthy tissue in a hermatically sealed container. You can take the wave structure of a desease zap it through a hermetically sealed container and have those cells inside the container catch the desease. A desease is a desease of the mind which has a its medium of transporence the conciousness field. That's how you get sick. It's by going out of integrity. The nutritional component is secondary to that. When you are in an area where everybody is depressed because their living conditions are very difficult they are going to get sick a lot more. Because they are so negative. So I ask you this, If you can't repect yourself enough to no longer let this people in your life on a personal level. Is there a hundreth monkey effect that happens to the planet? Of course, of course! And that's what's happening right now! What I said on this panel last night, what I said on the radio show that I just did with Project Camelot on Thrusday. What I'm preparing to say on my website is that we are now at a point where we have graduated. I was told this a year ago, I was actually starting to be told this two years ago, it has now happened. We've graduated from the need to have "The New World Order" running the show. It's over, it's going to be over within less than a year. I'm not trying to be psychic, I'm talking in facts. I'm talking about the simple fact that you cannot lie to people who know the truth. What does a lie require to exist? (it) requires an absence of information, It requires you not knowing that it's a lie. Because if you are being lied to and you know that it's a lie, then it's not a lie, It becomes an obvios ridiculous gaffe that this person is making. It becomes a situation that can be remedied because you can start laughing when that person tells you a lie. Because you know the truth. We are watching the derivate system, the "Ponzi" scheme of international bankers being ripped appart because the other countries are tired of playing the game. They now have more economic power than the old european white men that run the "new world order" and the "illuminati". They no longer have the leverage to be able to do what they are doing. And what I propose to you on an even more intrinsic level is that this is all something that appears to be happening as a result of natural progressions of events. But on another level, its an energetic phenomenon which has been programmed to occur by a movement into a higher energetic frequency. That frequency is making us more present with ourselves The best thing that you can do for the planet, the best thing you can do to save the children, to avoid the swine flu, to protect yourself and your finances and to make a better world for future generations is to stay in that state of positive uplifting peace and gratitude Can I get an amen on that. Thank you. And I dont profess that I am the guy you go to for the answers. you can send me your emails, I am happy to read them, I read all my emails. But this is somethig that each of us are doing. I only identified an effect that is happening to everyone. If you wanna go relegious for a minute, the second coming of Christ or the mesianic return is something that is happening to everyone, I was talking with Jordan over diner with Bill and Kerry the other night, and he was telling me that if you really go back into the original old testament documentation that the mesianic figure is not one person it represent this change into a whole new way of being. So now he is got me convinced that I got to look at that data myself. "He has a reasonable belief it is true. I am sure he is right but I got to find my own facts." I dont wait for somebody else to come and teach me something. If hear something that I like I go look and I find out for my self. I was told from my own guidance, which is dreams and visions and prophetic information. that there was going to be a great change happening to the earth and the solar system. I did not jus nod my head, like a subserviant slave to some higher power and said, "Yes you are right, oh lovely master I will do what you say." I said, "No, I cant believe that! I cant believe that the whole world is gonna change on an energetic level that will make what we are in now something seem like the most miserable depression by comparisson. That the life that we have now will becomeone hundred times more harmonious, in which things like instantaneous telepathy levitation, telekinesis, healing, and flying... are so effortless that is as easy to do as raising your lower ring, the diafragm to make your lungs breath. (It) requires no extra effort. That seems to be what's going on. There is all these people that we have in earth's history from a variety of cultures including Jesus, and if you don't wanna believe in Jesus really existing, there is plenty of other cultures you can go to to look for so-called ascended masters, they are out there. Guys that have these abilities, guy that do these amazing things. All that represents is somebody who is a little bit further ahead than you are Not too much. We know that the ET's visiting us are almost entirely human. Why does divergence from a human look that whatever you are gonna get is the so-called gray. The majority are humans, and we are getting more and more whistleblowers coming foward and telling us the same thing. That ET's are our family, they look like us, they have similar types of voices that we do althought they may not use them any more because telepathy works much better and much faster, this is like a dial-up modem, it sucks. If I could telepathically speak to you (PFFF!), Sorry. (pfff) How's that? If I could telepathically speak to you and just give you the download (UHM). Just get the whole thing and I dont need to... I can walk off "Thank you very much, good night!" I'm done. It's already happening isn't it? I'm giving you holographic plates. What do we know about a holographic plate? You cut it up into little pieces, you shine lasers in each one of those pieces and then what happens? You see one side of the hologram? You see the whole hologram. Jus maybe a little bit dimmer. So what I am doing is I'm giving you all this little pieces which seem to be very interdisciplinary. I'm talking about diet, I'm talking about health, I'm talking about politics. I'm talking about science. I'm talking about the same thing. I'm talking about you. What is your identity? What is your identity? Is it your body? No. Is it this room around you right now? That's part of it, your body is part of it. The people sitting next to you in this auditorium, or if you are watching this on the internet, the computer screen that you are looking at that's part of you. The chair that's touching your bottom is part of you, it's your identity. When you walk on the ground, the ground and the earth is also walking against you not you just walking against the ground. When you go outside and you see the blue skies, you see the clouds, you see the birds and you see the trees and you hear the wind blowing through the trees That's you., That's who you are. Energetically we can prove that. Energetically we can prove that all the cells in your body change every seven years, Who you are right now, this body that you have, even if you have this big nasty worm? on your face or something that worm? has been completely redone over seven years of time. OK, fine, what does that mean? That means that the energy that made you change every seven years flowed through you but it didn't get stuck there. It kept on going. Is it not true that the air that you are breathing right now, as i talk to you has potentially been shared by every person in human history. That's pretty nasty if you are a germophobic person, isn't it? Every person in the world's history has breathed the air that you breath..

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David Wilcock en la conferencia "Awake and Aware"

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