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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~19:31:12 - 19:46:12

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You have to do this. You're sick. Come. I'll do it! Come, let me do it. I'll do it myself. Hey, now swallow! ― Ha, in your dreams. I'm not sick like you. ― Ilyas, want one? Na-uh! ― You can't eat this. ― Yes you can. ― No. ― I bet you you can't! ― Bet you I can. ― It's mine. ― No, it's not. Mine. It's not yours for sure. It's mine. Zhanna! Anya? ― Hm? ― Where's that, you know... ― Maxim! The big Valentine card that we gave... ― Mom? ― Yeah? ― Mom, I need medicine. Zhanna! Come here! Daddy will give it to you in the house. ― What do you need, Zhanna? ― Could you give me the medicine, Mom? ― Which one? ― The spraying one, that one? The one that sprays? ― When I cough, my throat hurts. ― I sprayed your throat with that medicine, that one? ― It's in the house on the coffee table. ― Come on. ― Also... the vitamin pill. It's right next to it. My shoes aren't here. ― Put 'em on. ― They're not here. Over there. ― He's looking. ― Where are you going? ― I'm giving her medicine. ― Medicine? The cat will stay here. Roma! Zhanna! Come here! Come here. ― Come here, take your medicine. ― Give me back the cat! ― It's mine. This is my cat! How many times? Three times. One. Swallow. Two. Last time. ― And you? ― No, I don't have a sore throat. That's it, I'm done with the homework! ― I can close this. ― Zhanna! Hey, Zhanna? ― Huh? ― You need the vitamin? ― This one. Oh, here it is! One for you, one for you know who. Ilyas. Ilyas! ― You know I'll be seven, Zhanna? ― Oh, Ilyas, you have a sore throat too. ― What? ― Come here. ― Throat? ― Yeah, throat. ― Oh yeah, you're right, I have... ― Come, come. ― Go over there, and swallow. ― I know. ― Come on over here! ― Coming, just a sec. One. Swallow. Two. One more. ― Where is Kuanysh? ― Over there. Ilyas, here. Hey, how do you take this? ― Yuck! How do you... take this, huh? ― I just do. ― How? I can't. Hey, leave it! Who took this out? It's for the cough. It's mine, for the cough. ― I have a cough. ― I have a cough too. ― Me too. ― Me too! ― Me too! ― Me... ― Who did this? ― Ilyas. ― Ilyas and I. ― When are you going to clean this up? Why can't we just leave it there? ― It's getting in the way. ― It's not in the way. ― Yes it is. Just put it here, that's all. ― It won't be in the way. ― Where? ― Right here. Look, Ilyas, a minaret. A praying tower. Yeah? Yeah, you're right. We can build a second floor. Let there be two floors. I wanna go color! Oh, coloring in your coloring book. Look at you, taking the whole thing away. Argh, hit my foot again! Foot-foot-foot-foot-foot. Let's call you Foot. Foot! Foot! I'll make another turn. Ow, now the noggin. Noggin! Noggin! Noggin! ― Hey Noggin! ― What? ― You're a Noggin! ― You're a Noggin! ― What's this? Hey! What is that? What are you drawing? ― None of your beeswax. ― Mickey Mouse? Ha, Mickey Mouse. Who drew this? Me, of course. Ow, my stomach. Stomach. ― Now the head. ― Noggin? Noggin. One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three. ― Stomach? ― No, not the stomach. Foot? Don't copy me. ― That's mine. ― This is mine. ― Mine. ― What is this? ― These are mine. ― What? ― The pencils. ― Mine. ― Mine. ― Mine. ― Mine. Betcha they're mine. Betcha they're mine! Betcha they're mine! One, two, three. Thank you so much for your help! Zhanna, where are you going? You don't want to sit in my office? Come, show me what you drew. Good job, Zhanna! Are you tired? Are you sleepy? Ready for bed? ― Who braided your hair? ― Elya. Elya? Good job Elya. Wanna take this robe off? ― No. ― Are you cold? ― I'm still coughing. ― You're still coughing... ― Did Daddy give you medicine? ― Yeah. ― Sprayed it? Do you have a temperature? Did you have a good day today? Ah, you have a stuffy nose. Come, let's clean it out. ― Only not with cold water. ― OK. Warm. Do we have water? When can I take a bath? I'll bathe you. Wait. Hang on. OK, go ahead. Atta girl. Ew ew ew. OK, go ahead. Which one did you turn on? Hey Kuanysh, tell them it's occupied. Come on. Good girl. Ew ew ew. Go ahead. Ew ew ew. Wait. Hold on. ― The water is so warm. ― Is it? Let's wash your hands now. Argh, hot! Hot water. How can you wash with hot water? This is warm. ― Doesn't it hurt? ― Nope. Come on. I like hot and warm water like this. ― I like it too. ― I wanna swim in a pool with hot water! ― Come on, one more time. There, that's it. Here you go. Zhanna! Show me your nose, is it clean? Am I taking a bath now? ― If you're tired. You wanna take a bath? ― Yeah. ― Are you gonna fall asleep after that? ― Yeah. Are you tired already? Have you eaten? ― Yeah. ― Are you sure? ― Play for a little bit. ― I don't want to. Are you sure you're going to sleep? Are you tired? Yeah? Go clean up your toys, then we'll take a bath. The water will run out. No, it won't run out. ― Come on, let's clean up everything. ― Ilyas... If we mess it up, Ilyas will get angry. ― This one? ― Yes. ― Let’s put it here. Is this the princess's house? Let’s clear the house. Yeah, over there. There is someone who can say "I do”, yes? They were stuck with a lock. There, with a lock they were stuck. Come on, let's clean up.

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
Views: 202
Posted by: globallives on Nov 26, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 19:30-19:45 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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