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Funny how the world will not end with a bang of an explosion, but a sigh of an exhausted soul. Funny how far we all push each other until one breaks after another. Funny how death is inevitable, yet how we die is avoidable. Bear with us for a wild ride, for you will see quite a sight It is a tragic story as you watch a person slowly dies. But you will be clueless, as clueless as them all. Gosh, it is 7:23 already? Oh no, I might late for school! Poor child, a sickened dad, crushed by the hands of illness. His father has been sick for as long as Allen can remember. No one can cure him, and he cannot cure himself. Good morning Father. Sweet child of mine, hope you had a pleasant dream last night. Certainly, Father. And I hope you feel better today. I need get going now, cannot have breakfast with you. I will try to come home soon and make up to you. Good day at school, Allen Good day, Father. You are late, Allen Good morning to you too, Mother Will you try your best today for me, Allen yes, Mother, as I always do Good, do hurry, the bus is coming. Allen, just keep trying, you're the only hope pf the family Why is she always like that? Good morning sure, I'm sorry, I over slept Allen, you are late again ! I will let it slide this time, go back to your seat. Alright class. Last week we had a test. I would like to applause you for performing quite well, all of the class scored above 80%. I was surprised too. Allen, lately, your performance has been slipping. teacher, I am not feeling well, may I be excused? Go to the clinic, if you must. at that moment Allen’s teacher feels bugged all over. One of his most outstanding students, now skin pale, eyes dropped, looking like he suffers from sleep deprivation Argh, How could I be so stupid Wrong formula here. And the last question…. Had I controlled my time better. How can I be like this; And and there are more tests coming, I am such a disgrace to my family. Mother will be disappointed. How dare I come home now? Come with us Who is it? Come! Hurry up Who is it? And then, he sees a shadow; overwhelmed by emotions, Allen lets his curiosity had the better of him and follows the anonymous figure Wait! Hurry up! And as he falls, the fear starts fading away Allen jolts up to the all too familiar sensation of endlessly falling down, shadows of flowers in a pot, a rocking chair, books, cards, teacups and saucers, teapots and umbrellas float past him… He is home Home he now is, Home where he be. To be finally get back to the vanity of affection and peace. Home, as much of insanity that it is, is the the only place Allen can find his sanity. I’m...... back in Wonderland…….. Can’t wait to meet everybody again. Can’t believe it’s been 7 years. He started looking for his old friends, his heart was filled with excitement, poor little boy, bless his soul. All those memories came flooding back, he still has vivid memories about where they all are the Caterpillar, the Hatter, the Cat and the Rabbit. She remembers it all, poor little soul. Humans are fascinating, aren’t them? When they keep in mind whom might not even remember their existence. Oh, hello Mr. Caterpillar….. you’re looking so horrible I thought you’d be a butterfly by now,… Who are you? I’m Allen! Your friend. Allen who? I know it’s been a long time, but you can’t just forget our adventure right Mr. Caterpillar? No, who are you? I said I’m Allen! The Allen that is your friend, or was. I am Allen! Allen Allen, Margette knows an Allen. But Allen is small and Allen is future. and Alice is not here, not yet, not this time. But I am Alice! Come on, mister Caterpillar, we have had this conversation, stop messing around! No no, you are not Allen I need no you, I need something else You’re useless you wasted all the effort, time, hope given to you you’re useless …………….. Just like Magarette. Oh yeah, who is Magarette? No, wait I’m not useless. I got I got 80/100 in my recent test this morning How can you even say I’m useless now? 80, And that is not useless? And poor time management; Magarette was way better than that, And I don’t need non-perfect score. Ok Mr. Caterpillar I’ve had enough. Who’s this Magarette? And what do you want from me? I don’t need to repeat myself, but in order to get rid of you…. I don’t need more question, stupid child. I want nothing from you, I want my Magarette! Only Magarette can save us So you don’t need anything then? More question, and a stupid one??? Well I do need something I need you to let me ‘die’ alone…… He tries to get what the Caterpillar said out of her mind, until the White Rabbit’s in sight. Ah no no what is it what is it?! No no, I cannot be late! Hey Rabbit. Please don’t run away, it’s me Allen,. Is that you Mary Ann. I thought you didn’t make it, how wonderful, did you find Magarette? Mary Ann? That’s your servant’s name, I’m not her, I’m Allen, the boy who followed you through the Rabbit hole 7 years ago, What’s wrong with you Mary Ann? Just answer me! Where is Magarette ? I can’t stand this anymore, please Mary Ann, all this running around for no reason, Only Magarette can stop this suffering, please Mary Ann, please……. Oh no no, need to go now, deadline deadline! Oh wait! Mister rabbit! Wait Alice keeps running, she’s really confused by this time, how can the Caterpillar and the Rabbit, the “nicest” beings in Wonderland became what she saw. And there it was the same table set out under the same tree in front of the same house, the table where he had tea with the Hatter the March Hare and the Dormouse. And onlynow can he sigh in relief; his dearest friends, his safe haven Hello, Mad Hatter, I can see you’re having fun with your…… tea party. Yet doubt had the better of him, poor little Allen. Allen doesn’t expect to gain any useful information from the Mad Hatter, after seeing the Caterpillar and White Rabbit, Allen can’t think of what a being who’s already mad would do. He looks at his watch. You don’t have to do that It’s always 6 pm So you do remember me. Mad Hatter, oh I’m so glad. Have some wine This is getting old Hatter, there is only tea one the table Yes, there is only tea, but with imagination there could be anything, A smoking Caterpillar, a talking White Rabbit, A MAD HATTER,…..a happy world….. not this one of course. What’s happened to your friends, the March Hare and the Dormouse? What’s happened? Nothing has happened? Since the beginning of time, you, me everything? It has always been the same, always 6 pm, tea time. Why? Cause she wanted it, she wanted everything to stop at this very time 6 pm…… No Hatter, you have control of your life….. Allen stops here, he thinks of his parents, how their expectations, their way of loving and caring….. helped him….. control his life. A girl who loves tea time, A boy writing a play to impress the girl he likes, A psychopath,… I don’t know who’s doing this. But all I know is that she made me like this……. if you don’t think too hard about it, there’d be nothing wrong, watch and learn Why is a raven like a writing desk? If two people can read mind try to read each other’s mind, are they reading their own mind? Of course I’m joking, how can you not think hard when you can’t even think at all. And by the way, this part is so bad, who’s writing it, is it you Phúc, or…. Or is it Magarette, you’re doing a wonderful job, keep on the good work. Do you know who Magarette is? Oh, Magarette was the savior of this Land. The unbeatable one, so strong so powerful… And… what happened? No-one could defeat her, you see. Only she herself could do that. I see… Save yourself, sweetheart. Hurry up, find Magarette, she will lead you to the escape gate; save yourself before you become the death of you. Go! Allen leaves the Hatter’s, his mind is going insane. Has the Hatter always been like this? Has he always been the only one who is sober, or that I’m starting to lose my sanity… The girl thinks the Mad Hatter is sane and everyone else isn’t. Such irony, no this is more of a good sarcasm Cheshire, You can help me right? Oh, you stopped the whole: “I’m Allen your old friend, how’re you doing?” thing, Smart boy! Thanks for being supportive Cheshire, you do know lots of things And I’m the supportive one. I don’t know if this would help you but listen closely On his journey through Wonderland, Alex meets a cat. He tells him that all actions and decisions are merely the machinations of a predetermined universe and that his concept of ‘free will’ is nothing but a comforting illusion. If he agrees, he’d go meet Magarette. If he disagrees, he’d go meet Magarette. What is his choice? You sound just like the Hatter. That’s the only way for you to think I’m sane right? So, to Magarette I shall go. Bye Cheshire, thanks again. Red was her smile, red was her blood. Go see Magarette, save yourself And so our little hero wanders again, a lost puppy at his finest. Until it hits him how afraid he is of the Red Queen; afterall, he does not want to lose his head yet. Off to the White Queen’s I go then! Maybe she will know something Oh god What happened? Oh, White Queen, you scared me? I’m looking for you actually. That is so kind of you? People mostly try to avoid meeting me Why? They have not lived enough I assume. Anyway, what happened to your place? Is this the Red Queen’s doing? Who else? But go ask her, The girl must have her reasons Is this for real? What’s with her?! And how can you still speak kindly of her. Red was her smile, red was her blood. Red is the palace, but not as mighty as it used to be. Ruined and destroyed, just like once upon a dream.. Here stands Allen, all stunned. What is happening? What on earth is happening? Why are all the places like this? Is that you… the Red Queen? And there sits the mighty Queen, once was. She is now devastated, for the reasons only she knows. She is crying, tears falling down her now tiny face Where is all that mightiness, where is her big head that seems to always have the maddest ideas? I’m no longer queen…. Can you tell me what happened? Who destroyed your and your sister’s places? No, she isn’t my sister Huh? Why’d you say that? You haven’t figured it out, have you? All of these things Oh how foolish I was, to think I could control it all Red Queen? I am not a Queen! I am not that great, why are you people always expecting me to be the thing that I am not?! Why are you people always expecting us to be something we are not ready to be? You people are the reasons why Magarette is gone! And there is this, that terrifying moment. Allen is lost of words, bless his soul, for the Red Queen’s face bears an unbearable resemblance to his. And at that very moment, Allen sees for himself how broken the once Queen is, what has happened. And for the sake of his kindness, Allen runs to the Queen and holds her tight. Calm down, calm down! everything is alright She used to say that, Magarette. Magarette was many things, and did many things. She used to tell me a story, a little Fable I always loved. Until… until one day because of that she left me. Will you want to read it? Here is it The Land of Oblivion – where everything was real and nothing is. Where memories remain and then fade, where what was beautiful will be stored and destroyed… I am the rightful heir to the Wonderland, you know. But I am no-one here. Ah… beautiful was she, beautiful I shall be. Tell me, dear child, who is the ruler of the land of Oblivion. Beautiful was she, beautiful I shall be. All in White like a bride on her wedding day, so bright it almost made me blind. The ruler oh the ruler, the sweetest riper you would ever meet, all in white and all beautiful for all deaths start when you start losing your memories, for the agony to go away. Have you known now? You have fought against me many times, in the name of one ruler? Who is it and where are we? I… I need to go. I have never wanted you to be here, now you know Ask the ruler about the time, 6pm 17th of September, the day the first snowflake fell down, all white till it turned red. Our poor foolish hero now knows, now he really knows, all the dots are slowly connected… Not now, Cheshire But I know something you don’t know, do you want to hear it? Something Magarette doesn’t know? Is the Red Queen Magarette? Did she create this? Oh my my, you are even more foolish than I think. Who says the creator is a she? Who says Magarette is still here? Tell me! My Queen This place, tell me, is the Land of Oblivion, that’s why they didn’t recognize me? And I am not supposed to be here? Why? Your time is not up, theirs is. No, no, you cannot decide this yourself! I can, and I will. Death! How can you be so cruel! Now you have known my name, I see stops it! You cannot take my friends away from me like that! It was the color of blood, child. So pure, so beautiful, the blood that is Magarette’s… That’s why I like red. What must be done has been done. Do you realize that this world is something the Red Queen builds for herself? She is the first to endure all of the consequences. It can’t be… Without saying anything more to the White Queen, Allen dashes to the Red Queen again. Are you dead? My time has come. Come with me! We can run away together, you and me and Mad Hatter and Cheshire and Mister Caterpillar and Rabbit. How naïve. This world is not yours, you are the hero of your world but this world is your yours. This world of imagination won’t stop repeating itself; all the characters are stuck with their destiny forever. you should hurry up, when Death is done, everything will collapse Magarette made this, her very own escape gate, to move and forth between her life and here. Now I give this to you. Isn’t it important to you? We are not real. We are inside somebody’s head. You have your parents, you need to come back to them Buts no buts! Now now, go, for me, for Mad Hatter, for the Caterpillar, for Cheshire, for us all. And so… the hero knows the truth, not everything, but he knows more. And he shall come back, to his home, the home he has grown up in. And find Magarette, beloved Magarette. Isn’t this… my room’s door. Allen slowly opens his eyes. Everything around him is blurry. Lights. Walls. Distant talking of people. The color red, the terrifying gloomy shade of black that surrounded her Wonderland are no longer here, only white Purely white like the color of a bride’s dress. Allen looks around and catch a better glimpse of his surroundings. To his right, stands a cardiograph. And to his left, he can feel saline rushing into his vein. Ahhh seems like you’re getting better young man. You need to be more careful with your workload. School is important but stressing yourself out like that clearly isn’t gonna do any help. Can you give me your parents’ number or any trusted contact so I can inform them of your condition? Do you know Magarette? I don’t know who this Margaret you’re talking about. Looks like you gonna need a few more days to “fully recover”. Rest tight. The exhausted little boy stays at the hospital for 3 days, until a white white ambulance takes him home. Grass has covered the beautiful garden, looks like his mother hasn’t taken care of it. every step he takes she feels heavier, as if there’s something waiting for him inside. Something familiar and alien at the same time. Father? Mother? Alan, I’m sorry I could not take you home myself Can you please, come upstairs and see your Father? Welcome home. does school put much pressure on you? then why did you exhaust yourself? I… I don’t want you to be like… Allen feels something is not right, his Father looks even paler than usual, it’s almost as if he has been holding this for something. then why did you exhaust yourself? I… I don’t want you to be like… And so, Alice, as bright as he always is. Finally knows who to ask Father, who is Magarette? In the box, take it out for me Alice freezes for a whole half minute and stares at his father with surprise. There is it, a body of a butterfly, blue wings and smoky dots, a picture of a smiling care looking oh so cheerful, and white rotten rose and there is it, an old photo. High School for the Wonderful... Red hair, like your mother. All bright eyes and cheerful laugh, I still cannot understand where it all went wrong. Red was her hair, red was the blood on the wrist, one slide, as sweet as her voice… Mother told me you used to call me your White Prince when I was a baby? She was your sister, our beloved Magarette you couldn’t remember her, How could you… for she committed suicide 14 years ago Promise me, you will pursuit your dreams, whatever you want, but do not let any make you forget yourself. Love yourself first, no one can do it for you. I love you, you and your Mother and Magarette. I’m sorry I was so blind, so apathetic, so uncaring. Remember however death may take me, I will always remember you, and I love you. Much much so. And I’m sorry… I love you father. I'm sorry father.Please don't die Funny how the world will not end with a bang of an explosion, but a sigh of an exhausted soul. Funny how far we all push each other until one breaks after another. Funny how death is inevitable, yet how we die is avoidable. Stop a moment and think, is it all worth it? So, is it all worth it May you answer Have you ever thought that you can turn back time You're the one who can change it all You're the savior, would you push the button YES !!! Who's there ? Why're you here? Magarrete you're going to have brother Great news, but I still have a test tomorrow Magarrete, let's just forget the test we want you to be happy I thought you wanted me to be a doctor, a lawyer,..... Magarrete, we don't need our daughter to be a genius, we want you to be a happy and healthy human being So that means I can come to my friend's birthday party ? Yes of course you can. Yeah AND THAT'S THE END OF OUR PLAY Special thanks to Hoang Anh and Minh Nhat Our group includes Tran Le Bao Tran Nguyen Huynh Anh Tu Tran Luong Dien Phuc Tra Ly Huong Thu Dong Ha Nhuan Vo Ngoc Gia Bao and don't forget Ly Anh Thy and Nguyen Ha Trang Thank you everybody especially Miss Minh for watching our play THE END

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