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Tim Dittmer Session Arrival Activity Edit V2

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Just done that one. Yes. And now we're going to do that one. So it's aiming at that hand and I'm aiming for Mark. That's all right I'll take that. Didn't get any of them this morning. OK, so relay, get your six done. Get your timing of your rise. Go. Play. [COACH to AUDIENCE:] They've got to transfer the six balls from the guy here, through the keeper, to that guy as quickly as they can. So see how many balls they can get through and then back to the start. Just breaking down the action of punching really. [COACH TO PLAYERS:] You've got the wrong leg. Look, so your frame would be the same as if you're taking a cross. So your frames towards the ball and towards play. Aim at the hand, help it on. Go on next ones on. Body shape, aim at the hand hard. That's a good start. Up and through, eyes in the back of the ball that's a really good punch. Nice. Nice. Lads all of you watch me, when you're taking a cross, would you prefer to be standing up and catching it, or would prefer to be going up as you got it? You want to be on the way up don't you? So as that ball's coming in to you, time it right so as its passing you, you're standing up and you get some power through your back leg. So watch my back leg here, so, at that hand get some power on the way up. You can probably put a little jump into it. Good timing, drive yourself up. Come on. Better throw. Give a good throw. Good. Nice. Good. Last round. Lads, just remember, just replace this hand with that one. So as it comes in. Yes, as it's going across me I'm just going to replace that hand with that, one as you're standing up. Nothing more than that. No big swings,a little jab. Nice. Excellent. Don't stand up too early. Nice. Come on relay, relay. Help it to that safer area, that's good, safer area away from goal. Good. All we're going to do we're going to be popping it across here and you've got to choose a time that you fancy going and nicking the ball. If you miss it, one of us is in. You're going to show us. When? When? You've kept it. I'll replace you. And then you guys start throwing it, and if you miss it, you get in, OK. Catches and punches, go. [COACH TO AUDIENCE:] OK, so idea behind this instead of just throwing balls up to go come and catch and warm yourself up, there's a little bit of kind of cognitive decision making in there, around when to go, when to stay. Maybe reading body language, maybe trying to slightly anticipate. Probably needs to change the feet every time. [COACH TO PLAYERS:] Nice. Keep working while you're listening. I know you can do both. You might need to change the position of your feet every time because you're facing a cross from different sides. How quickly can you adjust your feet from there to there? You'll need it in the game. You've got him. Can you? No he's quick, go on get a change on. Right, here's one to finish you're going to try this, if you get it in the front half of the goal, so if I've managed to intercept there, with a catch or a punch, you get 2 points. If I go the back half of the goal, you get 1 point. All right. Try that. Go. Last minute. Ready. Ready. Come on. Come on. Yes. Start throwing them harder then. Oh he's out, get him out. Get out for that. Not having any points. How have you stayed in for that, referee? Nice. Go on quick change, 1 pointer. Can you get an early one? Yes. [COACH TO AUDIENCE:] OK so it's just a warm up but because they're having to make some decisions and it's competitive, it's making it a little bit more realistic.

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