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Sadhguru, how important is marriage and how do I know it's the right path for me? You are already married or no? No. (Laughs) Because most people ask this question after... (All Laugh) You are asking at the right time. See, let's understand why marriage, first of all. As individual human beings either as a man or a woman you have certain needs. When you were 8 years of age… What's your name? Anusha? Anushka. Anu…? Anushka. Okay. If you are going to get married, we’ll cut your name into half, we will make it you Anu because where will you get a science-hood scholar to marry you? (All Laugh) So, when you were eight years of age, if I said, ‘Anu, do you want to get married?’ Is it so? (All Laugh) It’s nonsense, isn't it? I mean it didn’t mean anything, the question. Yes? The question didn’t mean anything. If I asked you when you were six, it didn’t mean anything. When you were 8, depending upon what kind of family, either it would be a joke or you would resist it or you would say, ‘yes’ without really understanding anything about it. If I asked you the question when you’re 14, you would be little shy because you’re considering. (All Laugh) Because the body has started growing in a certain way, hormones have started infecting the intelligence (All Laugh) and now you’re thinking, ‘Hmmm…’ (All Laugh) When I ask you at 18, depending upon what kind of atmosphere you have grown up in, either it's a clear yes or no not now or not at all depending upon what's happened to you from 14 to 18. Yes? So, now it's good. After passing all those stages, now you are asking the question yourself, not me asking you (Laughs) or your parents asking you. You are asking the question yourself. Do I need to marry? So the needs are there. Once you are a human being, there are physical needs, there’re emotional needs, there’re psychological needs there’re social needs, economic need. All these things are there. People may not want to consciously think about these things because they think their marriage will become ugly if they think about these things, but anyway it is there. If it’s an arranged marriage, somebody else is thinking about it. If you are arranging it yourself, you are definitely thinking about it. (All Laugh) Yes or no? All the considerations are there. So, today for the woman I am saying, the world has changed to some extent. For social and economic reasons, she need not necessarily get married unless you just come with the body. You didn’t get it. (Laughs) Unless you’ve just come with a body, without a brain… for social and economic reasons a woman need not marry anymore. She has a choice. She can take care of her own economics, her own social situations. It was not so… 100 years ago well even if you did not have any physical, emotional, psychological needs just for social and economic reasons you had to marry. Yes? But not anymore so. That’s a little bit of freedom. At least two reasons why you were getting married are out. Now you have to consider the other three. Psychologically, do you need a companion in your life? Do you need emotional companionship? Your physical needs, how strong are they? You must look at it as an individual. It is not a social prescription, 'Everybody get married. Everybody don’t get married.’ This’s not going to work. As an individual, how strong are these needs? Is this a passing need that you can easily go beyond… if it’s a passing need, don’t get married I am telling you, because it is not worth getting tied up. Because with tying up, it will not just be two people, it becomes four, six sometimes. (All Laugh) I am not saying it's wrong. Do you want it? That’s the question. Each individual should consider this for himself, not by the social norm. Whatever may be the social trends, that’s exactly what I was saying in the beginning. You’re turning spiritual only when your choices are 100% you, not because of other forces influencing you, your choices. ‘Is this needed?’

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Posted by: swamit on Feb 4, 2012

Taking the path of the married is not always as easy as it seems.. in a very humorous exchange, Sadhguru discusses marriage and as societies have evolved, the needs have changed..

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