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NTDTV story on Nalaga'at theatre group

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Here's an interesting story: a unique Israeli theatre company presents the world's first professional deaf-blind theatre. Following the show, visitors experience dining in total darkness while being served by blind waiters. This is not an avante garde dance piece, but a group of deaf-blind actors. They're captivating audiences in Israel by blending touch, mime, sign language and music in a cabaret-style show about dreams and disability. Billed as the world's first professional deaf-blind theatre company, only three of Nalaga'at's actors can speak: one hears a little if you shout directly into her ear and a few still have some vision. But they all communicate primarily through touch. Rehearsals can be chaotic. "It's crazy, and it's unbelievable and it's a big challenge, and it's fun. It's like breaking through human boundaries." Called "Not Bread Alone", the play brings dignity and a comic touch to lives lived in darkness and silence. Bat-Sheva Ravenseri is deaf, mute and almost totally blind but steals the show despite never uttering a word. "I feel that Nalagat is very, very special. A lot of things have changed in my life." At the Nalaga'at Center they empower deaf and blind people, and push seeing and hearing customers beyond their comfort zone. Blind staff lead customers to their seats in a pitch black restaurant, and the visitors have to order drinks from deaf waiters in sign language. Visitors to the black-out restaurant voiced enthusiasm after experiencing dining in total darkness. "What you see and what you experience is simply through your other senses, and it's very interesting to not have your vision, to not be able to see because you're left with only your hearing, your sense of touch, smell and taste." Here the divide between Jews and Arabs, that cuts so deeply through the rest of the region, seems irrelevant and young people from both sides of the conflict meet in support groups or work in the cafe.

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Posted by: oakhomey on Jul 1, 2008

A unique Israeli theater company presents the world's first professional deaf-blind theater. Following the show visitors experience dining in total darkness while being served by blind waiters...


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