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Separation Syndrome 

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global oneness project Separation Syndrome I lived in an active logging plan where I had to bear witness to the devastation of the sacred day in and day out. And when I first climbed the tree, Julia Butterfly Hill - Oakland, California - Environmentalist and Social Activist I did it because my heart was broken when I saw ancient forest hitting the ground. And then this one day, climbing to the very top-- 200 feet up in the tree--I had what for me was an epiphany moment. As I looked out at all the clear-cuts, this answer came into my mind: "Julia, those clear-cuts only exist on the planet because they exist within people first." And it was a whole world that awakened before me, that I realized that where our world is-- the hurt in our world that is manifested outside of us is that. It's that magnifying glass, it's that microscope into our inner selves. The inner landscape looks like that as well. For me that moment when I saw it and I got it-- this outward manifestation as an inward aspect-- I realized that it is a spiritual crisis. And for me it came about in an answer as a disease. We think about things in the terms of issues, as if they're all separated. But it's not. It's all symptoms of what I believe is one disease, and that disease I call separation syndrome. When you rip a plant's roots out of its connection to life, it begins to die. And we have ripped the roots of our consciousness out of our connected consciousness. And so too are we beginning to die. And all of these issues are the outward symptoms of that disease. - Footage courtesy of the Pachamama Alliance

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Posted by: global on Dec 15, 2009

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