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Publishing Timeline

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>> Hi, everyone, it's Lindsey here with Launch Your Dream Book, and today we're going to talk all about your publishing timeline. So I know, publishing a book, there are so many steps to the process, and through this timeline and the modules and the goals that we set in the course, we hope to make it a lot easier for you. So today, I just want to go over what the timeline looks and how you can set your own goals based off of the timeline. So to give you the simplified version of the timeline, some of your brains may work like this where you just need to see the things that you need to do, you don't necessarily need much more than that. This is really the quick version. You write, you choose your publisher, which we'll be talking about in the upcoming modules. You edit your work, you create your cover, whether you choose the DIY version that we will also share with you, or whether you hire someone to do it. You create the layout. Again, whether you do the DIY approach, Do It Yourself, or whether you hire someone. Create a marketing plan, get your, proof of your book, confirm your proof, create your e-book, print your book and distribute your book. All of these things we talk about but this is the very simple timeline that once you write and confirm your content then these are the things that you would move down in order to get your book out on to Amazon and in print. So this is the very simplified version. Now in this module we also have a more laid-out version, a more step-by-step process based off of your modules and where you're at in the course. And we base it off of the Top 10 author contest. So depending on what course you're in, this date will be different. You can see this is just an example here. But that's kind of the deadline that we work from, so we work backwards from that. And in there we kind of say the little steps that you should be at and some of the things that you should be doing and when, so that you have an idea on a month-to-month basis on where you should be in the process. So again, this is just an example but the actual publishing timeline is in this module. So you can check that out and kind of see what you're working with and where you can, you know, really start diving into some of those tasks on a more week-by-week, month-by-month basis. And then, once you do that, you can create your own timeline. So writing a book, you know, we've said this time and time again, it's truly a bio-individual experience. And while we've mapped out the timeline and all of the different publishing tasks, this can depend on your skill set, maybe who you know, what type of book you are writing. So it's really important to use that timeline but then create your own tasks and due dates per month. This will help you really set goals. And again, you may, for example, you may choose the DIY approach to creating your cover and your layout and that actually will save you some time probably. If you have, you know, skill in that area and you're willing to do the work there, then that may save you some time because you won't have to seek out a designer or someone to help you with that. So those are little kind of quirks that come up throughout the course and that's why it's so important to look at the overall picture. And then start really tapping into your own timeline. Where are you going to need support? What are you going to need most help with? Look at your areas that you excel in, you know, maybe you're great with writing and you don't see there being a huge problem there, you just want a quick edit. Or maybe writing's not your forte and maybe the content is what you want to spend a lot of your time on and then maybe you, you know, you're skilled in design or something like that. Everyone that has a unique skill set that they bring, and so we like to be really mindful of that in the course because every path to publishing, even from our own authors is truly unique and beautiful and different because everyone has this, you know, set of ideas, beliefs, and skill sets that they bring to the table. So a couple other things to note about your timeline is to really create your own bio-individual plan based on where you are and make sure that you connect with your Accountability Partner for support and to keep you on task. We find that as you have a partner, someone that's willing to push you, maybe give you that tough love and say, "Hey, did you get X, Y, and Z done today because I see it's your due date." If you have someone really supporting you like that and keeping you on track, it'll make the process a lot smoother and a lot faster. So if you don't have an Accountability Partner yet, I suggest you definitely check out our Facebook page and reach out to try to find someone that can help support you during this process. Another thing you might choose to do is give yourself rewards for hitting milestones. I know we talk about this in the warm-ups, is setting a reward for yourself. And you can definitely do this throughout, maybe once you get all of your writing done, you are treating yourself to dinner and a movie. Whatever it may be, whatever works for you, for some people, you know, having that external reward works very well. So if that's your type of incentive, then I suggest you go forward with that. The other thing that a lot of students have done and I've done myself that I think is very, very important and this one is a little bit more, a little bit more intense, if you will, but to share your deadlines with your community. So maybe you're building a business and you have a Facebook page or even on your personal page, you share the good news of, "Hey, I'm writing a book, it's coming out, I'll keep you posted." Share these deadlines with your community. Say, "Hey, next week, I have some book covers coming out, I'd love for you to see them." Or, "Hey, next week I'm, you know, doing X, Y, and Z." Or even, "Hey, I have a book launching in April!" Or May or whatever month that may be, and that will hold you accountable because now you have a community of people that are probably so excited that you're writing a book that they're going to know an author, and they're really, really pumped. And now they're going to be asking you, "Oh, when's that book coming out? When is that book coming out?" And it really holds you to this firm, kind of, deadline. And so it's no longer about yourself, it's about, "Hey, I have this message I want to share with my community, they're ready to hear it and now I need to do the work to make sure it gets done." Because sometimes, you know, that's probably why you joined this course, is because sometimes when we create deadlines for ourselves and we don't have that community and that support, we don't stick to it. So you have the community of IIN and all of the wonderful students in your Facebook group, you have your Accountability Partner, and now this takes it a step further with your actual community of people. And so I think that is really, really a great, a great addition to your timeline. I did this with my first book. And again, I had no support, no help, and this is what kept me to it. I kept saying, "Oh, my book is launching February," you know, "February 1st," and I kind of held that deadline. And so you best believe that I made sure – I got it down to the wire, but I made sure that I did everything possible to get that book into the world when I promised my community because it really wasn't necessarily about me, it was about, you know, it was about them and them anticipating this book. So use some of those tips for your own journey. And, you know, always remember that in this process there are going to be, naturally, roadblocks. You know, sometimes you may, if you're working with an editor, they may get it back a few days later because that's the time that it takes, or something may come up. Or a designer or if you're, you know, if anyone that you're working with. Or if you upload your files, you know, something, something may just come up. And there's all kinds of different roadblocks, but just know that you can do it. And when you come to a roadblock, take a detour. There's always a way, don't give up. I see this time and time again, one little thing will creep up and it's easy to want to give up, but this is your dream, this is what you were destined to do, this is what it means to be an author. It's a lot of work and there's roadblocks but you can always take detours. And often times those detours will get you to where you want to be as well, and usually you find even better. So just know that roadblocks will come up, which is why it's so important to make sure to pad your, you know, your timeline accordingly. You know, give yourself some leeway, give yourself some room. We try to put some of those things in there but, you know, it happens. People get down to the last minute and they want to get their book out for the contest and, you know, something may come up. So definitely, definitely give yourself some room, some padding, try to stick ahead of schedule if you can. And, you know, check in with us, check in with your Accountability Partner and really use this time to create a plan that works for you specifically. Okay, so this week, you know, really start creating your own timeline by creating your task lists for the next two weeks. So you'll see in your, in your handouts that there are little task sheets in the Publishing Timeline, and you can create your own for the next couple weeks and then start using that or, you know, whatever works for you. And then share it with your Accountability Partner, say, "Hey, these are the things that I'm committed to doing in the next two weeks. I need you to check in with me maybe on this date, or put a little reminder in your calendar." So that way you're each holding one another accountable.

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