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Letter from #CORONAVIRUS to Humanity

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Stop. Simply stop, don't move. It's not a request. It's an order! We're here to help you. This supersonic roller coaster has run out of track. No more airplanes, trains, schools, malls, meetings. We broke the frenetic whirlwind of illusions and "obligations" That prevented you from raising your eyes to the sky Looking at the stars Listening to the sea Being lulled by the chirps of birds Rolling in the meadows Picking an apple from a tree, smiling at an animal in the woods Breathing the mountain, listening to common sense. We had to break it. You can’t replace God. Our obligation is mutual. As it has always been, even though you forgot it. We will interrupt this transmission The endless cacophonic transmission of separation and distractions To bring you this news: We are not well, any of us; we are all suffering. Last year, the firestorms that burned the lungs of the earth didn’t give you a break. Nor the disintegrating glaciers, nor your sinking cities nor the knowledge that you are solely responsible for the sixth mass extinction. You didn’t listen to us. It is difficult to listen being so busy struggling to climb higher and higher on the scaffolding of the comforts you have built. The foundations are crumbling they are climbing under the weight of your fictitious desires. We will help you. We’ll carry the firestorms into your body, flood your lungs, isolate you like a polar bear on a drifting iceberg. Do you hear us now? We are not well. We are not an enemy. We are a mere messenger, we are an ally we are the force that will restore balance. Now you must listen to us, we are shouting to stop you! Stop, shut up, listen. Now lift their eyes to the sky how is it? There are no more planes how well do you need to feel to enjoy the oxygen you breathe? Look at a tree, how is it? Look at the ocean, how is it? Look at the rivers, how are they? Look at yourself, how are you? You can’t be healthy in a sick ecosystem. Stop. Many are afraid now. Don't demonize your fear, don't let yourself be dominated. Let him speak to you, listen to his wisdom. Learn to smile with your eyes. We’ll help you if you listen.

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Posted by: levigalaio on Mar 20, 2020

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