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We live in times when staying on the market and making a profit is really tough. Conditions change suddenly and, increasingly, previous experience is of little help in planning the future. In this scenario, sustainable business development has to be based on the awareness that to use an expression of Niccolò Branca of which I'm very fond "the solution to the problem is never at the same level as the problem". So, continuing with the principles of Niccolò Branca, you can stay on the market successfully and over time if you understand the value of working without a reason, that is, working not just for a personal return, but because we're part of a much greater project. I work for a result, but not only to achieve that result. I try to do everything as well as I can, with love and passion, because there is great dignity in this. I've been lucky enough to share with Niccolò Branca the principles of what he refers to as "the awareness economy". The concepts he expounds are so relevant in today's business environment that I asked him if I could take part with our case history in a meeting with the lecturers of the marketing area of the Bocconi business school in 2015. The meeting was very successful and gave them new food for thought. Also in 2015, when I took part in the launch of a course that was very important for us, general management of small and medium enterprises, again for the Bocconi business school, I asked if I could repeat the case history for the entrepreneurs and managers attending the course, to help them understand what can be done in the future, when everything is changing and complexity continues to increase. We gave the forty managers and entrepreneurs who took part in the course a copy of the book "To make a manager you need a flower", written by Niccolò Branca, and the entrepreneurs, who are often wrongly described as overly pragmatic and focused on economic questions, were fascinated by this approach and many of them were inspired to introduce important strategic changes in their own businesses.

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