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Vocaroo Introduction

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Hello, everyone. This is Karina. Thank you, for your self-introductions. Thank you, for your voice recordings. I think that some of you used your mobile phone to record your voice. Maybe some of you used your computer. Now I'd like to introduce you to a website called Vocaroo. Where you can record your voice and send the recording for free. You cannot use the website on your mobile phone. You need to use a computer. But I think it's very good. So if you have the chance, I suggest that you try this website. Now, if you want to go to the website, type the website name in the browser: v-o-c-a-r-o-o, vocaroo-dot-com. And then you will arrive on the website. It's just one page, it's very simple. And there is just one red button. And you just click the button to record your voice. If you want to try this, I suggest that you prepare what you want to say, in advance. Maybe practice a few times. And when you are ready. Just go here to click record. For example...when you click the button it will ask you to access your microphone. You should click 'Allow'. You should click 'Allow'. I'm going to click 'Deny' so that I can continue recording this video for you. But you should click 'Allow'. And then it will start recording. When you have finished what you want to say, just 'Click To Stop'. So, here it's telling me that 'Nothing was recorded'. But that's because I'm making this video for you. And if I click 'Allow', then it will not will not be able to hear what I say on the video! So for this video I will not record my voice. Anyway,, once you have recorded your message. You have the option to record again, or listen. Now first, let's listen... THIS IS A TEST. Sounds pretty good. If you don't like it, you can click 'Retry' and you can record again. And when you finish, you click the button 'To Stop' Umm. Then you can listen again. If you are happy with the recording, you can 'click here to save'. And it will give you some sharing options. The main one we will look at is here. This is a web link. And you can send this weblink to me by email. You can copy it and paste it into your email and send it to me. Or you can click this email button. And you can fill out the form. The form will ask you to enter your email address. The form will ask you to enter the person that you want to send the email to. For example... want to send the recording to me! Then you need to put in your email address. And then maybe a note...about the recording. Maybe you can put your name...the topic...and the date. Then you need to type the moving letters here. So...we have 'p-e-p-c-e'. And then you can click 'Send'. If...oh! This is not correct! You need to put a correct email address. Let's try again. 'W-e-p-g-c' So remember here, this is from...this will be your email address. And you can send that to me: [email protected] Let's try. And then it's sent. Excellent! Let's close this. Umm...also you have the option to download this recording to your computer. Maybe you want to save a copy for yourself. If you do, you click 'MP3' 'Save File', 'OK' And then, you can have a look and see when it is saved. Here it is! And I suggest...that you save the file...with a special name...for example, YOUR NAME, the TOPIC, for example, VOCAROO and the date: 16th of September 2015. And maybe this part, you can just delete. And you can save that...and you can save that on your computer in a special folder. And that's it! That's all! That's: Vocaroo. And I'd like you to try it!

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Vocaroo Introduction

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