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[Amanda] Whenever you are doing your analysis on your report, you may want to filter down your data to specific areas such as wanting to see your performance across just one manufacturer that you've used or possibly a specific division of your company. So to do this you can use the Filter pane. And you'll be able to use this filter pane on both your visuals, a report page or across the whole report. So let me show you how to do that. So whenever you have a visual selected, you can see the filter pane slide down here. And you'll be able to see in the Visual Level Filters that the fields that you have in your chart are already added there. So you can expand it and can quickly include or exclude certain categories within your chart. And you can also go into your advanced filter mode and do some more advanced tasks, like any category that contains or does not contain or is equal to. You can also filter based off of measure so that you can say something like, "I only want to see manufacturers that have less than $1 million in sales." You can also choose to add new fields to the filter pane, as well. So for example, if I wanted to see just on this page a specific city I can drag the City field into the Page Level Filter view. And then from there I can select certain cities and filter the page. Of course I can also do this across the report level if I want. Additionally we have one more advanced filter that you can do on a visual. So if you're looking at your manufacturers and you only wanted to see the top five manufacturers based off of revenue, you can choose the top N filter. And from here you can say "I just want to see my top two", and then you can choose which measure you want that to be based off of. So in my case I want to see top two for revenue. So I'll drag in Revenue here. And when I apply that, only my top two manufacturers in terms of revenue will now be shown on that chart. And of course, whenever I'm done with the filter I can go in and edit it or I could just clear it all together. And so this filter pane area is just a really quick and easy way to be able to change the view you're seeing of your data and allow you to do some really fast analysis.

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