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U8 Initiative

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I'm Maya Ajmera and I'm President of The Global Fund for Children. In 2007, at the Clinton Global Initiative, we had the honor of making a five year, 10 million dollar commitment for the Under Eight Initiative. Our goal is to support 100 grassroots organizations that work specifically on the issues of early childhood development for the most vulnerable children in the world. The Global Fund for Children will develop children's books, invest in documentary films, and capture the work of these grassroots organizations serving children under 8 through documentary photography. More than 200 million young children in the developing world are not fulfilling their developmental potential due to poverty, poor nutrition and insufficient care. The early childhood development challenge was documented in a series of articles in The Lancet in 2007 urging an evidence-based global call to action. Early interventions are so needed in the developing world. In the first year of our commitment, we supported over 25 grassroots organizations served by innovative leaders providing innovative early childhood services to children under 8. This year, we are going to double that to over 50. A highly innovative group called Mobile Creches in Mumbai, India has created early childhood development learning centers at the construction sites where mothers and fathers can leave their children during the day. These children go to school, they learn to read, they get a hot meal, and they have a safe place to play. In Latin America, we're supporting a group in Bolivia that supports early childhood development centers for children under the age of four. They are learning to read, write, and they are gaining motor skills. The things that are so important for children to become healthy, productive citizens of the world. Not only did we make a commitment to support over 100 grassroots organizations serving children under 8 in the developing world, but at The Global Fund for Children, we also have a very strong artistic component to our work. We develop children's books, we invest in documentary films, and we support documentary photographers. At The Global Fund for Children, we believe that through books, films, and documentary photography, we can highlight the great potential of the very children we aim to assist with our grantmaking efforts. As part of our commitment this past year, we put out a board book for children under four years old called Global Babies. It shows that children are beautiful treasures no matter where they are from. We invested in the film, War Child The story of Emmanual Jal, a former child solder, at the age of 7 in Sudan, who has become a global hip hop star. That documentary film was released at Tribeca in NYC this past May and won the audience award. In addition, we are supporting documentary photographers to highlight the work of the U8 Initiative. The Global Fund for Children has made a commitment to support 100 grassroots organizations over 5 years, supporting early childhood education initiatives for the poorest children in the world. I think we're going to surpass that with your help. We are looking for partners for the Under 8 Initiative.

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Posted by: globalfundforchildren on Oct 27, 2008

Through the Under-8 or U-8 Initiative, which will require $10 million over five years, we will:

1.) support and strengthen at least 100 grassroots organizations in the developing world that provide quality early childhood development programs for vulnerable children under age 8 in order to ensure their healthy psychosocial and physical development and prepare them for formal schooling;

2.) invest in children’s books, documentary films, and photography that raise awareness of the importance of early childhood education in realizing the potential of young children in the developing world and highlight innovative grassroots organizations with model programs.

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