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World Economic super power

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and city london's inner city is also a privately owned corporation or city-state located right smack in the heart of greater london it became a sovereign state in sixteen ninety four when king william the third of orange privatized and turned the bank of england over to the bankers by eighteen twelve nathan rothschild asking their stock market and stamp control of the bank of england today the city-state of london is the world's financial power center and the wealthiest square miles on the face of the year it houses the rock shall control bank of england lloyd's of london the london stock exchange all british paints the branch offices of three hundred may defy foreign banks and seventy u_s_ banks it has its own courts it so long as its own and its own police force it's not part of greater london or england for the british commonwealth and pays no taxes the city-state of london houses fleet street's newspaper in publishing monopolies it is also the headquarters for worldwide english free masonry and headquarters for the world wide money cartel known as the crown contrary to popular belief the crown is not the royal family or the british monarch the crown is the private corporate city-state of london it has a council of twelve members who ruled the corporation under and mayor the lord mayor the lord mayor and his twelve-member council service proxies are representatives who sit in for thirteen of the world's wealthiest most powerful banking families this ring up thirteen ruling families includes the raf trial family the warburg family the oppenheimer family and the ship them these families and their descendants run the crown corporation of london the crown corporation holds the title to worldwide crown land in crown colonies like canada australia and new zealand the british parliament in the british prime minister serve as a public friend for the hidden power of these ruling crown families like the city-state of london in the vatican apparent city state was officially created in nineteen eighty two that city-state is called the district of columbia and is located on ten square miles of land in the heart of washington the district of columbia flies its own flag and has its own independent constitution although geographically separate city-states of london the vatican and the district of columbia one interlocking empire called empire the city the flag of washington's district of columbia has three red stars one for each city state in the three city empire this corporate empire of three city-states controls the world economically through london's inner city militarily through the district of columbia and spiritually through the vatican the constitution for the district of columbia operates under a tyrannical roman law no nussle expo re which bears no resemblance to the u_s_ constitution when congress passed the act of eighteen seventy one it created a separate corporate government for the district of columbia this treasonous act allowed the district of columbia to operate as a corporation outside the original constitution of the united states and outside of the best interests of american citizen

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The real world economic superpower. The Corporation of London. Part of the movie Ring of Power

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