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Лажен морал

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False moral by Laki Problems… We all have them. Some of us have problems with their parents or children some of us live in poverty and some of us try to get slim or gain weight. But drugs are my problem. Yeah, I was doing drugs. You can smoke, sniff and shoot drugs intravenously of course. This problem of mine is actually the reason people call me a junky. Unlike me, rock ‘n’ roll king Elvis was a king who had a problem with “antidepressants” and Marilyn Monroe Monroe had a problem with “pills”. Amy Winehouse... we were all hoping to see her get clean as she is an excellent musician, but she also has a problem with drugs. What about Snoop Dogg? He doesn’t even enter the studio or get on stage if he doesn’t have a joint. Here on the Balkans, the self-proclaimed elites do cocaine. What about the boys and girls from our neighboring countries with a strange music scene? Hmm... Yes, we were also waiting for Aca Lukas to get clean. Only one man was paid respect properly, the great Dino Dvornik. He deserved it, no doubt but some of my close friends also deserved the same or at least half of the same respect. You also have the sportsmen here, with a Machiavelli story and their confession to the public and support from the whole nation. People from our political elite also do drugs. Businessmen do drugs. Actors and actresses, TV hosts, for whom you only have words of praise... A rock star before a 4-5 hour concert must powder his nose. And last but not least, Keith Richards. No comment… Drugs are everywhere somewhere it’s a style of life, somewhere prestige, and somewhere it is needed for inspiration. All of us who like this part of nature are junkies. So, take it easy with the labels. And I almost forgot, what about the fashion business? 4 hours of sleep, castings, runways, shootings and parties with a lot of coke and bubbles at the end of the day. Same as all the others I have and have not mentioned they all have their primary and secondary professions, but their problem with certain “substances” always comes last. Same goes for me. My profession is not a junky. First and foremost, I am a human being, a neighbor, citizen, a volunteer among many other things. In the end, I am not a junky but I have a drug problem. This is what I’m talking about… About the false moral and double standards. I wouldn’t like to be perceived as a homophobe but here is an excellent example on double standards. If a man grabs a woman’s ass, he is called a maniac. If the woman slaps him, she is a fighter for women’s rights. If a man grabs another man’s ass, he is practicing free love. If the other man punches him, he is labeled homophobe. So, once again, please be careful with the labels, double standards and false moral. Digital stories for transformation: “We all have a past”

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Duration: 3 minutes and 28 seconds
Country: Macedonia
Language: Macedonian
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Producer: Лаки
Director: Лаки
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Posted by: metamorphosis on Apr 15, 2009

дигитална приказна за трансформација на тема: „Сите имаме минато“ во која се опишува личното искуство на еден поранешен зависник од дрога

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