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In 2014, Claro took on a challenge: Become the provider with the highest quality Internet and 4G And the FIFA World Cup in Brazil was their chance to achieve it Major brands were getting ready to jump in on this unique opportunity And other Internet providers were official sponsors of the event Claro was the only telecom provider without any ties to the sport—or the Cup Their marketing had never explored this theme Aside from establishing the superiority of their product Claro needed to make its brand relevant to soccer and to the World Cup in media The strategy? A guerrilla campaign using a Brazilian icon: Nelson Rodrigues Even though they had no official affiliation to the event Claro was able to guarantee its visibility during the entire World Cup The strategy was two-fold: Take advantage of audience segmentation promoting engagement with the campaign and partnering with key media outlets to bring Nelson's soccer commentary back to the Brazilians As a result, the entire Brazilian press generated dozens of reports inspired by Nelson’s quotes The launch of the campaign #NelsonExplica introduced Claro's point of view on soccer The @nelsonexplica social media channels interacted with fans in real time and engaged in conversations about the World Cup in a relevant way Soccer stars Ronaldo and Neymar and other spontaneous influencers also interacted amplifying the reach of the campaign The results were staggering With over 2.2 million interactions with the profiles throughout all digital platforms it was the most popular campaign among telecom providers Claro's hashtags were used 25x more than its competitors And #CraqueDaClaro became the 2nd most used hashtag of the World Cup in Brazil Ahead of many sponsor brands Claro’s posts went viral, even with lower ad investments than its competitors and no official ties to the World Cup Claro became the telecom company most associated with soccer during the World Cup It generated more online mentions than the other three competitors combined The campaign also increased interest about Claro's 4G plan and gave Claro recognition as the best wireless Internet provider This resulted in higher sales and bigger market share And 225,000 new clients joined Claro’s monthly base as a result Claro improved all indicators Including intent to purchase Client preference And reduced brand rejection It also became the telecom company associated with the best 4G experience The campaign, like Nelson himself, was an enormous success both in TV and new media 12.7 billion impressions, 17.7 million clicks, 4.36 million visits, 23.7 million views and 9.4 million interactions The commercial "The Great Substitution" generated 1.8 million views in less than 24 hours With a winning digital campaign and the help of Nelson Rodrigues Claro became one of the biggest brands of the 2014 World Cup. In Nelson’s words: "It was a cosmic victory."

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