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I come back from AfterLife/Death: Jim Morrison - what is Self-Expression?

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Jim Morrison Interview 1 I have been requested, to speak, this is Jim Morrison (Scream!) Yes! so I have, a, 'interesting, insight', to speak about, but let me just get myself comfortable, here, I dunno how I want to sit! let's sit like this Ok, yeah! So! we have a teensy-weensy little problem, you know, in this existence Just a little one! just this- there is just this fucking little tiny one, ok? So, this little tiny fucking problem, is actually, the hugest global universal, existent, vast, problem, that is - existence Ok so, we're in a little bit of a Tiff, ok? this little Tiff, is that we require to have, human beings, realize - themselves, ok? So What does it mean? what does it mean realize yourself? 'realize yourself', means that, you kinda have to 'understand', and you- you have to 'live' and, you have to 'apply' the manifestation, of yourself, as oneness and equality yeah. I know, it's like: Jim Morrison speaking about oneness and equality what the fuck!? where did you go? Jim Morris what happened to you? Now! I'm serious you know, because you know what!? 'I know' what is going on in this world, you know and it's Fucked Up, it's Messed Up, ok? and, No seriously! you know, look at the world! I Know you have probably heard this from fucking all the beings but It's just How it is! ok? but I wouldn't go into that a lot So, you know, human beings, have to realize that, Why? Why, oneness and equality? because, that's what You Are that's what I am! that's who I am! and that's who you are! that's who the world is So, it's like I wish! you know, I could just like play a song going: ~ you're oneness and equality, you're ~ oneness and equality Live ~ that oneness! Live ~ that equality! become ~ that oneness,become ~ that equality Accept! Yourself! Accept! Yourself! Yeeeaaahh! you know, and then 'you are that - immediately' I wish! it worked that way but it Doesn't! unfortunately, so you know there will be come some 'new' music into this world that will start supporting and assisting 'mankind', but (laugh) it's, mean I can't just walk up to a person and go: Person! you're oneness and equality, Live that right now, it is for 'all as one', in existence! in doing so you're supporting the way for the children to come look at what you will become! look at what will manifest! to live that! people will go: you know, they won't do that, so that's why you have Backup! that's why existence is Backup! and that backup is Us! in the dimensions, so unfortunately because people, don't, hear you know because if you can't read, if you can't read you can't hear can't read meaning, you're not reading Words, as one with yourself, like I'm speaking these words, and these words I speak are one with me or me is one, as equal and that relationship, is fucked up in this world because, it's not Here human beings aren't Living, Words you know, like, Living - oneness and equality who Lives that in this world! who, is standing, for all as one, as equal, in every moment! Not accepting and allowing, anything less! from anybody! because you know that person, is one and equal to you! as all of existence! and you won't accept that If That existed! this world wouldn't be this expression Imagine! if All would support each other, in expression of oneness in equality (Ha~) imagine all in their individual expressions, that would be, Fucking Amazing you know, the music everyone maybe fucking singing I suppose because everyone has got that expression inside them Everyone, will be going: I am oneness and equality ~ I am oneness and equality ~ I am Oneness! and I'm equal ~ Equality! and I am Assistance! ~~ and I am one and equal you ~ and you are one and equal with me, you know everybody just expressing, their individual expression, within, and as oneness and equality that will be awesome, Unfortunately, Because it isn't like that, at the moment! kinda have to do something about the situation, because there is a problem! on this world, I know it! all the dimensions know it, the World knows it! but! you know what? everybody fucking knows it But no one does something about it and we Haven't done Anything about it for quite some time! until two years ago! everything changed! and ever since two years ago! the dimensions have been, 'effectively', Participating! For the First time! in- standing! realizing underStanding! the principle of oneness and equality but it's still been a Two Year process! dimensionally! to get to a 'stable point', of realizing, oneness and equality, what it means! and, you know 'that whole package' so All of the dimensions, are currently 'inside human beings' and we're here! did you know? Seriously! Now the 'only' existence that 'remain', is this earth and human beings in it, and we're in human beings! so in other words! there is no dimensional existence, there is no 'transfer to a' from as- you know like from a divide, Thing you don't go, Across the Divide anymore, you're fucking here you remain here and you're here on this earth, 'to sort out this earth' Because! we're All equally responsible, that's it! and "then" you'll realize! the beautiful thing, you realize no wait, I'll cover that maybe a little bit later, not yet, it's the topic of 'choice' ~ choice that, I'll do, later, ok so, because that is like, a fucking one hour interview on itself which I'll cover 'there is So Much to Say'! really well, I'm enjoying myself, directing people, out of their It's not out of here! it's like, saying to human being in placing them in front of the mirror that is themselves saying: Look at yourself! this is what you're doing, this is How you're doing it this is Why you're doing it, and This is how we're going to, support you in every moment! to transcend all those allowances and acceptances to remove! Who you Were! according to like, Enslavement, so that you're able to express, Express, Express! Express!! who you really are, in every moment! with every breathe! as oneness and equality So that is our, 'motto' if you want to call it that, not that it's a motto, really it's just an application of myself, as who I am, and Children are beautiful in heaven! they're really fun, I'm Really enjoying them, they're that's I'm like, I like look at children, in in in heaven alright? and I looked at them and I said: this is how children are suppose to be on earth! why is it not like that? So, that's why, we kinda all decided 'in heaven all as one', we went: Let's manifest, "heaven on earth" let's become "directively involved", on this earth start taking responsibility for ourselves which is you! human beings, we're equal and one with you We know who you are, is equal and one with 'who we are' and we're not going to accept, anything less than who you are, that's All! that simple! and that's it! because we're manifesting heaven on earth! no matter what and that's how it is done, and that's it! and it is done, it's already manifesting, you can't stop it because, you won't want to stop it! People! you won't want to stop this experience, Heaven on Earth! Oneness and Equality! the whole principle of Life being born from physical, it is astounding it is would- literally, the manifestation of yourself, in this existence just imagine that! 'you manifesting yourself', within and as oneness and equality, in existence you experiencing yourself, in your own existence, supporting your own self expression this is Jim Morrison, saying Bye! Enjoy, ciao Please join us for Discussion: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Timothy Treadwell, Madame Helena Blavatsky, Isaac Asimov CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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