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ZigguratBTV- English by telephone

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Mónica, ¡buenos días! Good Morning, this is Matthew. While at work and over the telephone, Mónica gets en express dose of English It allows me to do things my way, I have 25 minutes with a native teacher and you can… well it’s very convenient because you don’t have to go anywhere, you’re at work and so they can call you there. Matthew, the director of Ziggurat English Services for the last five years, believes that they [telephone classes] are the key to finding a space in the middle of a busy agenda in order to practice the language. It’s not so much to learn English, because it’s difficult to learn English on the telephone if you are a complete beginner, but yes to practice it. We work with companies and professionals and they are people that don’t have much free time to do classes; o we look for options for them that can be done in 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 3 minutes. Mónica needs to have fluent English for her job, but one thing is to understand it and another to hold a conversation The person who is speaking with a teacher has to use 100% of their ability to understand, so what really improves a lot, and very quickly, is the ability to converse in English. Although Ziggurat also does face-to-face classes, the formula promoted by Matthew and his team is daily practice. The secret, according to this centre, aren’t diplomas. They say our country is obsessed with the First Certificate. Matthew is clear about one thing, you don’t study English, you use it.

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Posted by: ziggurat on Nov 25, 2008

There are lots of ways to learn and improve your communication abilities in English. Some are more known or used, traditionally, and others have come about because of new technologies or the special needs brought on by our ever-changing social or work environments. All of these learning options are valid, in one way or another. Each day more and more people request English classes by telephone, since this activity helps students to quickly improve their communicative and comprehension abilities in English.

Last April 14th, 2008, Barcelona Television (BTV) included a report about Ziggurat English Services’ telephone classes. If you are one of those people who still doesn’t think it’s possible to learn English by telephone, perhaps this video will change your mind.

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