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Applicant Guidebook process

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[computer keys tapping] ICANN [♪upbeat music playing♪] Steve Chan - gTLD Process Coordinator So what we're doing right now is actually recently, we published the draft applicant guidebook-- --and we're in the process of gathering feedback from the community. At a recent meeting in Cairo, there was a lot of feedback from our constituencies and the public. We also have public comment forms open right now. We're going to use this feedback to develop further iterations of the draft applicant guidebook. Janice Douma Lange - Project Coordinator We're going to shorten the route to the evaluation panel. We may or may not. John is going to take a look at the different methodologies of reaching out to potential firms. Karen Valente - Director, Communications Product Services I think that there's a third point, that we are exploring some alternative consultation venues or activities-- --to get more feedback on the various issues for new gTLDs. So we are looking into potentially doing some kind of a summit or town hall meetings-- --or engaging or webinars--what kinds of things would be efficient within our communications budget and time. Karen Lentz - Manager, Business Research & Content I would say we have been trying to identify or capture what are the major themes that are coming up multiple times-- --and also sort of categorizing things in terms of some of the things that we're getting in our questions-- --which tells us that we need to clarify sections that we have. One of the more exciting aspects of the new gTLD program is the introduction of IDNs at the top level-- --and we're very excited about that aspect of it-- --which is going to allow someone in China to register a top level domain in native characters. We're happy to report that there is positive feedback. They appreciate the work we've done-- --but there's also very good comments and very good advice on things that we should change. There's a lot of concerns, and our job is to make sure that those concerns are addressed. So a couple of the things that we're going to end up with after we've gone through all the comments we've gotten-- --we will, one, hopefully have a pretty comprehensive sense of what the major concerns are-- --and we're also collecting them with a view towards releasing a second draft version of the applicant guidebook for new gTLDs-- --and so when we do that, we also would expect to account for all the comments that we received-- --and illustrate how they were used to go from V1 to V2. New gTLDs and the Internet OPENNESS - CHANGE - INNOVATION ICANN [♪upbeat music playing♪]

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Posted by: icann on Feb 28, 2009

ICANN staff talk about the move from version 1 to version 2 of the Applicant Guidebook for new generic top-level domains.

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