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Today we will see how you can create charts and visuals through drag-and-drop within the Power BI Desktop or in the service... in the report editor mode. But frequently a lot of users aren't really inclined to go through this effort to create reports that they later pin to their dashboards. They just want to ask questions about their data. So, with that in mind, we have this great feature called Q&A. What Q&A does is it allows you to be able to just ask questions about your data. So for example, I can type "end sales". And then it will show me the number of units we sold so far. From there I can also... It will give me suggestions of other questions I can ask such as "sales by product". And when I click on that, it will go ahead and it will generate a chart for me. And what Q&A does is that it always tries to give you the best chart for what question you're asking. So for "sales by products", we believe that the best chart for this would be a bar chart such as this. Sorted from highest sales to lowest sales. Q&A also lets you be able to ask questions that are a little more natural language such as "What product has the highest revenue?" And so then Q&A analyzed the question that I asked and gave me the best chart for this visual. I wanted to know what product had the highest revenue so it gave me a list of the products by revenue. And so since it's sorted from highest to lowest I'm able to easily see that Maximum UM-1 is the highest selling product, in terms of revenue. I can also be a little more complex in my questions, such as I can edit this question to say, "What VanArsdel product has the highest revenue." And so... Oh, I spelled it wrong. "What VanArsdel product has the highest revenue." And then what the chart does is it filters down to just the products that VanArsdel sells. You can also go in, and using the same Power that you have within the report editor, be able to do things like change the chart type, change the formatting features of it or add even more fields in. So, for example, I don't want to just look at revenue I also care about units. So I can drag in the units field into color saturation, and then I get to see this chart at a new level where I can see not only what products had the highest revenue but also what products sold the most units. Such as Maximus UC-69. That didn't sell quite as much in terms of revenue, but it does have a lot of units sold. And then within either charts that I see in Q&A if I really like them, what I can do is I can pin it to my dashboard. So I'll click the pin icon. And just like pinning any chart from the report, it will give me a preview of what the chart's going to look like. I can pick between pinning it to an existing dashboard, and select what it is, or I could create a whole new dashboard for it. I'm gonna go ahead and pin this to my existing dashboard. And then I'll get a little toast notification letting me know that it was successful. One other thing that you can do in Q&A is you can ask also for report pages. So if you know there's a certain report page that you're interested in seeing, but you don't want to open up the whole report to see it you can just type in the report name, such as "revenue comparison". And then Q&A will go and fetch the report page and show it for you here within the Q&A experience. And if this report is just as interactive as it was as if you had opened it within the report view itself. Now let's go back to the dashboard and I can see this is the chart that I had pinned from Q&A. And just like you need other reports tiled I can resize it if I want. I can also edit the tile details. Or export the data or any of the other features that I might be able to do in Q&A. Or I can do with any other kind of report tile. And if I click on this tile again it will take me back to Q&A with the exact same question that I had used to get this chart in the first place. So Q&A is a really powerful way to quickly be able to create charts for your dashboard without even having to do any kind of report editing. All you have to do is ask a question.

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