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>> Right now, I'm looking at a report page that shows our product sales for the last three years. But we sell in multiple regions. So I really want to be able to filter down this page to specific countries so I can really drill into how each of the different countries I sell in are doing sales wise. The typical way you'd do this would be to add a filter to the filter pane. But in this case, I want to add something to my canvas to do this instead. So to do that, you would use the Slicer visual, which you can find in the Visualization pane. And the way Slicer works is it's basically a filter, similar to the Filter pane, but it's an interactive visual on your canvas. So when I selected Slicer and I add a country field to it, I can now just select the different countries and filter down the rest of the page to whatever country I want to look at. And just like any other visual, we have a lot of different formatting controls for Slicer as well. So for example, if I want to change the way the header or the individual items in the Slicer look, I can go and do that, I can change the font color or the background, or change the outline, things like that. You can also control different things like the selection model for your individual slicer. So for example, if you have a really long list of items in your7 Slicer, you may want to turn on Select All. And what this is good for is if you have a long list, and you want to look at all but maybe just a couple of them, you can use select all and uncheck the one you don't want to look at. So in this case, I don't want to look at France, I want to just look at the North American countries that I'm selling in. I can select all and then unselect France. Another good thing you can do, if you have a long list of items is you can add in search. So to quick search you click the "..." and select the word that says search and this will add a search bar to your list. And from here, you can type in whatever country you're interested in, like Canada and you'll filter it down. Another way you can change the way your Slicer works is by turning single select off. So as you can see, right now, whenever I select a country, it unselects the other one that I was looking at previously. So I'm always looking at one specific item in the Slicer. I can change that if I want to by turning single select off and now... I'm on France right now, and when I select Mexico, instead of changing the filter context from France to Mexico, it will filter to both France and Mexico at the same time. Another formatting control that we have is that you can change the orientation of your Slicer. So right now, it is vertical, but I can change that if I want it to be a horizontal slicer. And now, I'll see the list of my countries horizontally instead of vertically, and it works just the same as it did in the previous layout. I can select countries as I want and change the filters as I go. So the Slicer is a really great way, if you want to filter your data to specific items within a field, but you want something that's really highly interactive and fun to use on your canvas.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 46 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
License: All rights reserved
Genre: None
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Posted by: csintl on Aug 11, 2016

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