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Hey whats up!? I'm Brad Alkazin I'm a Royal Ambassador with Vemma My story, you know with Vemma last couple of years is pretty crazy. Grown up my dream was to play college basketball. You know I wanted to play in college a experienced that. Went to a family reunion on July 10th 2005 and my whole family, we were in a bad rack, it was raining and you know we had to playing in the spin and roll off the road. It was rough. You know that is the reason why I didn't end playing in college and so I had to make a change. I had to find something else to do, you know to redirect my focus, my life and yeah I got excited about a concept that I could, you know, that I can start my own business. [Music] I made over two million in four years. This year I'll do well over a million and I'am not here to say my numbers but I am trying to show people the big picture. [music] I definitely learn from people who know what they're doing. I been able to surround myself with people with more successful than I am, and therefore I focused on the things they do. [music] You know they say successfully clues and I like empowering young people to be able to control their own situation. [music] [music] [music] I love to travel. I mean everybody loves traveling. I been able to go to Europe, to Asia, to Canada, all over the US. I love to work with individuals. I love to make a difference in one specific person's situation It's great to see the business you know work for people. It's great to see what it's doing for people and it does change your life. It's getting matter the part time job. It's getting doing a new car. You know young people are making this a full time income And they're focus on their future. They're focus on you know their story, they're focus on creating a success story , creating other's success stories. It's seeing a young person get excited, get challenged by starting their own bussiness learning how to make money. You know and give them among something that can help them to feel better and really, you know, embracing it as a business that they may do forever. [music] I passionate about Vemma because it's making a difference. Right know with this economy things are crazy. You know, people are looking for something. Things have to change, something is got to change And that's where Vemma is, it's changing people's lifes. You can change your whole own situation, you know if you're hungry for change. And that's what Vemma is doing. That's what Vemma can do. You can make it a full time business, you can just do it a part time. You know people are looking for something right now, you know, that's what gets me passionate on everyday.

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Brad Alkazin story

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