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The plane to Miami

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Dear passengers! We are glad to welcome you on board of our flight Moscow-Sheremetyevo-Moscow-Domodedovo-Miami Hoorey! We are flying for our honeymoon in Miami! We shall swim in the Atlantic after 9 hours! Where are our seats? One moment... 9A, 9F Aren't we sitting together? No, I've heard that men begin to relate to women, in another way, after wedding. But, I never thought that so at once. Don't start that, now I'll arrange everything. Young man, would it be possible to change seats with me? I have the same seat on the edge. Seat is the same. No, and you know. I like my seat. Everything's fine! No, we are just flying on our honeymoon together. We are newlyweds. And you are together. Then certainly, please. Cabin crew, door in UR position. The crew are getting ready for take-off! Oh! Nobody come now! Flying is similar to a business class! Juliya! I am not interested in politics now. Is Russia fighting with anyone now? No, and what? It seems fly with a bomb! It is interesting to look at the faces of the persons, who will be sitting next to him! Excuse me, this is my seat. What did he say Probably, the trapdoor for bombing is under this seat! Oh! He is so fat! I think, when another fat man sees him, he says: "Oh, my God! You are so fat!" AAA!!! I'm sorry! And young man? Juliya, how are you there? It looks like our wedding night. When your relatives decided to save money on a hotel and were sleeping with us! Ladies and Gentlemen! Please, fasten your seat belts! Safety and comfort is a priority of our company. You are talking about another Airline now, aren't you? Excuse me! In such cases, we have only one belt for three. That's great! Dear passengers, we are taking off! I wouldn't be sure of it now! Please turn off all the electronic devices and communications equipment.

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Country: Russia
Language: Russian
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Posted by: kseniya on Sep 23, 2013

Russian humor

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