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The Kabbalah Centre worldwide classroom. The Power of Kabbalah, level 2, class 4. with Eitan Yardeni. with Eitan Yardeni. Welcome to class number 4, of our power of Kabbalah 2. Last week, we've learned a lot about our empty holes and learning how to observe them. Hopefully we developed some sense of really diffusing the hold, the slavery of our empty holes by simply observing them and, looking at ourselves from a side. And today I would love to get to the deep concept of understanding the illusion of time and space as the main factors that cause us to be so slave to what we call in Kabbalah, to our desire to receive for one's self alone. And, we heard often that only in our 1% realm time exists and physical space exists. In a 99% realm time doesn't really exist and the physical space does not exist, nevertheless, they are major factors in our life, they are necessary and that's what provides, actually, free will. I would like to discuss first, what is meaning that time and space are illusionary? What are we supposed to do with that statement it's an illusion? And, second, what practically can we do to overcome that illusion and as a result, control our life, control our destinies and planting more seeds of order into our life and pushing away chaos from our life. So, that's the purpose of this session. So, let's think about space first, the whole illusion of physical space. If we're truly thinking about all concept of physicality and space, the main... one of the main causes that causes to be selfish, that causes to be self centered, that causes to dwelling in my needs only, that causes me to think that I am more important than anybody else around, that causes me to forget about people which are not around, that doesn't let me feel the pain or empathy or the joy of people which are thousands of miles away is because of the belief system that anything which is not part of my space, my physical body, it's not really part of me and it's not as important since my emotions allow me only to feel my physical body and nothing outside of it. And we know, Kabbalistically, that our soul knows that we're all one. Even quantum physics verified that we are all connected. So, here there is illusionary perception that causes me to believe and act as if I'm separated from everybody else, and when I'm separated, I'm simply the most important human being on this planet, because that's the only thing that I can touch and feel and relate to. Anybody outside of me doesn't feel as part of me. And, for sure, if they're happy, I don't feel it makes me happy. So, why should I feel so excited for them? Because it's the spiritual thing to do? It's not enough for me. Or, when they're going through pain, since I have my own issues, why should I take care of their issues and their pain? So, if we're really thinking about what's the real cause of selfishness, is because in our perception, in our way of thinking in our belief system, we do believe we are separated. Imagine we believe those characters and we will not believe anymore we are really separated. And we know without any shadow of doubt that we are all really connected. With no space whatsoever. So, we'll be so thrilled to help somebody because we know it's helping the same pool, we're all connected. Helping them is helping me. We'll be so happy for somebody's joy because it's like I'm receiving, so how come I don't feel the joy and I don't feel the pain of others? Not because we are not connected, because of our illusionary perception. Once in a while, we have this glimpse of connection to the true reality that intuitively I truly feel the pain of somebody or intuitively I truly feel the joy for somebody and a mother or a father or a parent or a new born child or a little kid, they can feel often that connection, that strength or that attached completely! That their pain is my pain unconditionally! But unfortunately, in large, with other people we have this curtain and blockage that separates us. Which makes us feel that giving is obligation, which makes us feel that not getting angry at somebody is the right spiritual thing to do But we don't really see seriously that we're harming ourselves by harming somebody else We don't see and that's what I would like to address today: is how do I overcome that illusion? Because, the point is not just to fight to do the right thing. The truly spiritual growth is gradually eliminating that curatin. That illusionary perception which is causing all the troubles in my life that's causing me to be so self centered and into myself. Because God doesn't have that barrier. That's what makes him an infinite force of giving. But our soul is part of God, also has the power to want to share with everybody, so what's causing me not to? This limited belief system that we are disconnected. Eventhough we try to be spiritual, we still feel disconnected. What do I do about it? What do we do about it? The Zohar gives us an example of a group of people in a boat One of the kids decided to drill a hole in the floor of the boat. One of the adults starts to yell at him, "What are you doing?!" The kid answers, "What do you care? It's under where I am sitting, under my chair. It's not where you are sitting. Why do you care so much? " And we all know if you simply drill a whole in any of the areas of the floor of the boat the boat will sink. Why? Because we're all sharing basically that hole. We will fill the entire boat with water and the boat will sink. It's all connected. We're not living in our own separate boats. And, that's the analogy they try to describe what life is about. Whenever I'm drilling hole and creating my own chaos, I'm creating chaos for the entire world. Whenever I'm doing a positive thing or helping somebody else or helping myself, and I help the entire world. So, in what way is that illusion truly affecting our life? Why is it so important to overcome that illusion? That we are really separated and disconnected. Why is it so important? If we look at some of the things that drive us really crazy, and cause so much suffering to our life, look at jealousy for example: none of us are happy to be jealous. None of us have fun being jealous, none of us are just enjoying and getting energy being jealous. In one hand, we are jealous and not happy for somebody else's blessings, but on the other hand we're feeling bad that I am jealous. Because it's a lose-lose situation. I'm winning nothing and gaining nothing from it. So, why would I do it? Because, I'm still not working on the cause of the problem. That fact that I'm telling myself, "overcome jealousy" is not enough. I'm not dealing with the cause and the cause is that I do believe that we are separated. So, what do I do to change that belief system? That is the question. Or, every time I'm letting myself be ruled by the thoughts and the belief system that I can't do something or I can't accomplish something or it is too much for me, it's again the same limitations of physicality because that's what physicality means: physicality is not really about the tangible, physical matter. Physicality is a force of limitation that exists in our consciousness. That causes us to believe that everything has a limit, everything has a measurement, everything get until certain space and I can do so much, I can reach so much according to what I see and according to what I feel. And, that belief system that my emotions and my eyes are truly showing me the real reality is one of the main tools that Satan is using to sabotage our life and to make us self destructive. So, because if I'll remove this physical consciousness, I will naturally believe what my soul believes: I can do it all. Helping others is a win-win: it's helping me. That's the goal, that's the ultimate purpose. Let's go to the concept of time. The concept of time. How the illusion of time truly causes troubles in our life. One of the main cause for stress, anxieties, worries that will manifest itself into disease, manifest itself into certain sicknesses, manifests itself into anger, manifests itself into harming other people, harming other human beings or nature is because I believe that today and tomorrow are not really connected, because if I believe today and tomorrow are really happening now I'll do whatever I can today, and I'll know that's what's controlling tomorrow. But, because I believe there is a random connection between today and tomorrow, and tomorrow is totally unknown and it's not up to me, and I have no control over it, that's what creates space for worries, for anxieties, for stress for praying that things will be better, for not believing that there's any connection. So, back again to the random connection: the problem that we have: in our mind we think that things are random. There's no connection between me and somebody else in China. There's no connection between yesterday, today, and tomorrow. That's called random consciousness, and when I have this random consciousness I will have random life. Because of this random consciousness, it will cause me to have fears, it will cause to feel that if I made mistakes yesterday, Since yesterday is gone, I can just be depressed about yesterday and there's nothing I can do today to deal with yesterday since there's no connection between yesterday and today. It's another minute, it's another moment, there is no connection between them. There is no cord between them. And as we know Kabbalistically, in a real, real, reality, if our soul will be the one that's observing reality If we're removing the perception of physicality, we'll see that yesterday, today, tomorrow are all connected and all now and I can access yesterday through today and I can access tomorrow through today because they're all connected. And, the whole concept of dwelling in fears, dwelling in worries that we all have, is a direct result of believing that tomorrow is randomly caring and has nothing to do with what happened yesterday today or now. So, I hope we are convinced that we have a problem. That the limitation of the perception of the belief system that is rooted within each one of us causing us to have trouble regarding space, trouble regarding time and indirectly will cause chaos, will cause me to be selfish will cause me to be destructive, will cause me to be fearful, will cause me to be stressful, will cause me to be jealous, will cause me to be disconnected, will cause me to be into myself and sooner or later, I'm disconnecting myself from the Light of the Creator. I'm into my own ego, my own reality, my own belief system, my own emotions and nothing else exists besides what I see and what I feel. So, when we're talking about breaking our ego, overcoming our Tikkun, one of the daily work I need to do is to truly eliminating and working to diminish or reduce this limited illusionary belief system that tomorrow does not exist now and the other person is not part of me. When it's said in the Zohar that the entire purpose of life is love thy neighbor as yourself, and if you really look at the word "love" Kabbalistically, the word love in Hebrew is "ah-hah-vah" numerical value: 13. The word one in hebrew is "echad" numerical value: 13. So, the Zorah teaches that love and oneness I truly describe the same essence. And our goal in life, is to eliminate all the illusions that cause us to feel that we are separated. And to bring us back to the state of one where we came from. So if I'm able to overcome all the illusions and limitations and the illusionary perception of physicality of time, I can reconnect to the place of one, as a result I'll be totally loving. Because what is love? not doing favors to somebody. It's loving to do something for somebody because I'm not thinking about what I'm going to get back I know he's happy, I'm happy, that's the ultimate goal. I don't call it agenda, I call it naturally. When you love somebody, you naturally want to help them. When you love your child naturally, when you love your parents, when you love your brother, when you love your soul mate you naturally feel, giving is receiving. That's the goal. To reach to that place: giving is receiving. To reach to that place even though I'm not seeing results of today the fact tomorrow will be a result I'm already feeling tomorrow now. Because there's no space between today and tomorrow. There's one: so, love and one. And eliminating all the space and separation between today and tomorrow between me and another human being. That's the ultimate goal. So, in this world of physicality which there is space which is giving us a free will. What is the free will? the fact that there is space, we can fight the consciousness of space and in spite of the illusion that I'm separated, to connect deeper to my soul the reason we ARE connected and when I'm helping somebody I'm trying to reach to that deeper consciousness that I'm one. And gradually to eliminate my space. Not just to give and ultimately God will be good to me: No! The purpose is to remove the illusion of space in my head. That gradually I'm getting closer to another human being which we call "love". Same thing about time. The reason time exists and the illusion of time and the limitation of time that I can overcome it by not believing and falling in to the random consciousness that tomorrow does not exist today. So, now I would like to go more practically: how do I deal on a day-to-day basis with the illusion of time in a way that gradually I'm overcoming the illusion of time, and I'm connecting to that oneness that yesterday, today, and tomorrow is actually here? And the Kabbalist teaches us that in the world of free will focusing on yesterday only or focusing on tomorrow only does not let me reach that oneness in time. Nevertheless, in every giving present, moment now, in every given moment there is a unity between yesterday today and tomorrow. And, whenever I could like to connect with the Light of God, whenever I would like to connect with that ability to overcome the illusion of time and space, that energy of oneness, that energy of love, I can find it only in one place. Now. And the moment, I'm just dwelling in yesterday without relating it to now and the moment I'm just dwelling in tomorrow without relating it now, without focusing it now, I'm simply missing the boat and I'm missing the opportunity to truly connect with the Light Force of God. Because, the Light Force of God exists beyond the limitation of time. And the only place that exists beyond the limitation of time is the moment of now that combines yesterday and tomorrow. So, if I want to connect with the Light of God, if I want to connect with the moment of overcoming space and limitation, I need to find him now. That's where I need to find it. And, at the moment, Satan is pulling me to dwell in yesterday and tomorrow, and not to focus on the present. I'm losing the opportunity to access the light because it exists now, for me. And some example that works for me that Rev Ashlag speaks about is like imagine in front of you, there's assembly lines of baskets just going in front of you one after the other. Every second, another basket in front of you. Another one, and another one, and other one. And, the only basket that you can truly make a difference that you can truly add something is the basket that you're faced with. The basket from the assembly line that already passed beyond you and the basket that reaches you. In the moment, you cannot do much, the only basket you can handle, the only basket you can do something about is the basket that is in the present, that is right one, that is just in front of you. And what are those baskets in life? Those baskets are moments, is time, and actually the Rav Ashlag likes saying that every moment is, in a way, a basket a vessel that can be filled with energy or can remain empty of energy. And the only time I can fill those baskets with positive energy is in the present. Because, only in the present, those baskets contain yesterday and tomorrow only in the present I have the ability to access the Light of God. The only freewill that I have is what am I doing in the present, which in this present is a combination of past and future. That's the only free will! So, what happened really, if you look at life that every moment is a basket that potentially can be filled with energy through my own actions, every time I'm just dwelling in the fears of tomorrow or every time I feel I'm dwelling in the depression of the lack of excitement because what's going to happen today, or I'm dwelling in the upset and anger of what happened yesterday, meanwhile, the baskets of energy are passing in front of me without me doing nothing about her. The moments, those presents are remaining empty without me filling them up with nothing. And remember, the rule is: whenever I'm not filling up my baskets, my time, with the proper energy and intention and action and Light, Satan will be there right away. So, they'll be filled with negativity. As a result, I'm just creating a space for Satan for negativity, to take over that particular moment, since in the moment I'm just dwelling in tomorrow, that's the consciousness I'm injecting. I'm injecting consciousness of separation. The moment for me does not exist. For Satan, the moment exists. He's right away filling it with negative energy, and that will create negativity in my future which is already happening in the present. Because, my present does not exist, but the Light exists in the present, the past and the future exist in the present. The only way I can begin to control my life is looking at my presence and not just like people say: being in the present. Injecting Light in the present, being aware of the Light of God in the present. What does it mean? It means, practically, that if you look at all what we spoke so far about ego, about reactivity, about dark holes. If you truly look carefully, every time you dwell on being controlling, every time you dwell on means to defend yourself, every time you deal with pride and talking to people about what you have done yesterday, and how great you are, and the people that you know, and what happened yesterday and what you're going to accomplish tomorrow If you truly look carefully at all those moments, none of those moments are dwelling in the present. Either we dwell in the future or we dwell in the past. Either or... that's actually one of the best ways to examine where we are. Every time I'm stuck into my Tikkun, I'm not doing anything about the present, because what is Tikkun? Tikkun means: there's a moment there's an absence of Light for me. So, whenever from past life times, similar tests comes back Since past life times, I've already had darkness, Satan will force me to do nothing in the present, will cause me to worry about problems that just happened, or to be fearful about something that will happen, that's the job of Satan because he knows: if I'm going to deal in the present and injecting energy in the present, I'm going to correct that Karma. I'm going to remove that negativity. I'm going to fill that basket with the present of Light and as a result I'm changing my destiny completely. And because it's my Tikkun, and those baskets that are appearing as not so attractive, what's happening now? Now, to help a human being that's asking for help, and I have my own chaos, it's not so attractive! But that's what the Light sends me. The Light sends me this moment in the present, that by me just focusing and saying, "You know what, I have issues, I have problems, I have things that bother me." "But I know, the only way I can control tomorrow is if I'm taking care of the basket in front of me, if not I'm going it lose it!" And I'm going to chase it, and meanwhile I lose the next one and the next one and the next one... So, by me realizing now is my opportunity, now is my gift, my present, that's we're going to fill up with energy. I lose now, I'm going to lose my problem that I worry about so much. So, I'm spending so much time thinking about that meeting that I'm anticipating that important business meeting, and meanwhile on the road, I'm so careless about other people instead of saying, you know take care of the moment situations and issues that you have in the road when you're driving towards important meetings, that will give you so much baskets of energy that will create your coming meeting. You really worry about tomorrow? Let's do something now about it. I'm really concerned about my abilities that I'll do tomorrow, let's inject energy in this little simple thing. The little kindness and warmth I'm giving to friends of mine or to a stranger which that's so essential in the present because that's what's creating my future. The future is not a result of randomness, the future depends on the angels that I'm creating as the Zohar is saying. Every moment, every action that we do, we create angels. Imagine on those baskets of energy, when I'm focusing, I'm creating positive angels. That will manifest my future, will help me in my future. Any time I'm looking at the present and doing nothing about the present, just dwelling in the past and the future, I just allowed the negative angel to take over, and I just made myself vulnerable to the world, "I hope to be lucky." I'm making myself vulnerable to that lucky, unpredicted world, which sometimes will be good, sometimes will be bad. That's the world of chaos, that's the Murphy, basically. Murphy's Law. So, what I would like now? I would like which one of you, before we move on to explain and to get deeper into that concept, I would like each one of you to think one of the Tikkuns that you recently identified about ego, about dark holes and really ask yourself the question, where honestly your mind is dwelling when you are ruled by that particular ego of control, of anger, of pride, of judgement, of hate, of dark holes, of insecurity? Where does your mind take you? Are you really dwelling in the present? Do you look at the gift of the moment I give you? Or, are you dwelling elsewhere, past or future? Please think about it. If you look at life really, that life in business of planting seeds. Not reaping results, we are reaping results. We all would like to reap the results and the fruits. But the only control that we have is planting the seeds. The fruits will come. And, what really makes us upset? What makes us not in the present? The moment things don't go well. The moment that the results that I want are not happening. The moment that the excitement I would like to connect with is not there for me. That's what really makes me upset. But the only control, and that's our control, is planting seeds of Light in the present. That's the only control. And, gradually, as we're growing, we're developing that sense, "there's no time" and that seed I'm planting in the present is actually manifests itself right away as that beautiful tasteful tree which means blessings in my life. But, if I'm really, every day, energizing myself to see that big picture and to realize that's the only control that we have, Because we said, "God, I would like to act like you. You are the one that created life, we would like to create our reality." But it seems to be we don't create our reality. There's good weather, bad weather, good business situation, bad business situation, So how can we say we can be in control, we can be like God? The extent that we can be like God is the free will that we have. Which is, what type of energy am I injecting in the present? Injecting energy is between intention at the present, the intention that now the Light exists, even though I'm a little depressed and down, I know now the Light exists and that's my ability to connect to it by having the intention in the midst of my problem, now there's Light! In the midst of a challenge, now there's Light and blessing! And then, the action that I will do in the present. I will take opportunity to do a positive thing, I will take opportunity to scan, to meditate, I will take opportunity to assist somebody, I will take opportunity to believe and to act as even the midst of my challenge, the blessings of God exist now. Because, think about it, what happens when we face challenges? We wish that this moment will be over. We wish, "ugh, this half an hour, when will it be gone already?" Instead of knowing you want time to be over? Now is your gift! That's what pain is causing us, pain is causing me to wish already for the future! But that's the test. The business in this world is planting seeds now! In the midst of my pain, that fact that I believe there is light in the present, and I'm not running away from the present, even though I'm being pushed to run away from the present, or I'm scared of the present, "Oh, I want to dwell in my past and in my fantasies". That's our test. That's our ability to control, it's up to each one of us. The fact that we're making an effort to inject as much positivity and embracing the moment, embracing the moment, because if you really think about it, when you go into a problem, when you go into a trouble, what's really bothering us about it? It's not really what I'm feeling now. It's more of what might happen as a result of what I'm going now. So, instead of anticipating an creating a whole move of what might happen, meanwhile, let's deal with now! And now I would like to embrace the present and inject as much positivity in whatever I can do now about it. Yeah, but what if that and that is going to happen? It's not going to help me to create a better reality if I'm missing out on those baskets of energy that are coming in front of me in the present, really. If I look at the present as my goal in life, if I look at those baskets of energy which I don't want to miss, we're all going to go through ups and downs. It's part of life. As the Rav Berg said I heard him saying a few days ago, "freedom is not when we don't have problems freedom is that in spite of our problems, we have that inner freedom to know that it will be good" which allows me to focus in the present, because when I'm slave to problems, I don't want to do anything in the present. I'm slave to it, I'm so worried about it. That's what freedom is in life, the ups and downs still will happen. The question is if I'm present enough to deal with now. You know, for me, it is a test often when I've had a tough day and I need to give exciting lectures, is really do I feel as naturally excited to give a class when I just went through a tough day that day? Because I want to fix what happened, issues with somebody, somebody was upset about something that I told him I don't feel comfortable with myself. I have natural tendencies to dwell on it. But I've learned the only way I can fix what I've done, or to make it better, or to receive a little guidance on how to handle the situation the next day, if while I'm giving these people that I'm trying to share something with I'm trying to be 100% with them and give them my maximum energy. "Yes but I have issues unresolved! And I was wrong and I don't feel good about myself! Something I've done wrong", doesn't matter. Right now, there's a basket of energy, I need to fill it up with the maximum energy. Basket of energy is that moment. That moment can be those people in that moment. That moment can be pain in that moment. That moment can be a challenging thing I'm afraid to do. That moment is like a boring moment that I want to pass. I'm looking. Each one of these moments is a treasure. A potential miracle. Because that moment is going to be 20 years, and that 20 years will be now. So, moments, future. Those moments that will be future are actually existing in the present. So if I'm not taking into consideration the moment, I'm basically not taking care of myself, not taking care of my future. So, that's one essential concept in the practical application. To ask myself constantly, "Where am I at?' Am I truly focusing every time something bothering me? Every time something bothering me? And it's always, if you're really asking the question, "what am I focusing on now, the past or the future?" You realize, you're focusing on the past and the future. So, the fact that you go back to the present and you say, "How can I inject energy? That is by itself: overcoming the illusion of time and connecting the Light of the Creator and creating better future. When we spoke about, last week, observation, is back to the same concept. Every time I'm going to the depth of my reaction and fear, And, it's very tough for me to see anybody besides myself, besides my pain, beside my worries. So, I'm not gonna say, right away, I'll be able to see "how can I help others?" That's the beginning of staying outside of my hole as we shared last week. The fact that I'm stepping aside, I still feel my feelings. I still have my thoughts, but nevertheless, I'm observing them right now so, the fact that I'm observing my emotions now as and outsider, I stepped into my soul which is beyond time and space to see NOW what I'm going through. The fact that I'm observing in the present my state of re-activity, which is the first aspect of restricting my reactive nature, that observation, by itself, is giving me an energy to bring myself out of it and to access the Light that exists in the present. So, that's about accessing the opportunity in the present. Another important issue that has to do with time and has to do with eliminating the concept of time and space is the concept that's called in Kabbalah: "repentance". Or, in Hebrew, "Teshuvah". "Repentance" or "Teshuvah". Because, the Kabbalist speakes a lot about the whole concept of in spite of the fact that I made what we call "transgressions" or negativity or "scenes" as some would call, but it's basically short circuit. And, I did it already. There is a way to revisit the past and there is a way to overcome past, negative actions. Even though you would say, "But it's past already!". If you would say that it's a basket that already planted the seed of negativity, and it manifests itself; there is nothing I can do about it. No, because part of the concept that there's no time, it means that there's a way for me in the present to be able to go back in time and to change that reality that I created in the past in the present. And, as a result, to create a better future. And the Rav called it, actually before the movie, "Back to the Future". The ability to go back, to change negative actions from the back, from the past, in order to create a better future. So, how many of you would like to do it? How many of you would like to be able to change negativity from the past? Which we all carry, that's part of life. I'm sure a lot, I'm sure. So, what do we do about it? Actually, the Kabbalist suggests sometimes there's periods of time before Rosh Hashanah, before Passover, to work on cleansing negativity from months ago. Or, years ago. But, the Kabbalist suggests to do it on a daily basis. So, what's the best way to do it and to correct? Either negativity I've created months ago or years ago, or just in the past day. So, the suggested mediation is: step number one: to identify something that I've done in the past that I see for sure was a short circuit, was desired to receive for the self alone, was negativity, was insensitivity, was expression of ego, was expression of selfishness, was hurting somebody, expression of anger... anything that you believe and you see clearly, it is harmful, and it caused pain to other people. So, first, intellectually, to identify one of those actions. And now, in the present, you go into alpha state, it can be done in many different ways, one of the suggested ways is to go into deep relaxation and observation of your body and then deep breathing. Which, we breathe in deep breath through our stomach and not through our chest, filling up the air through the nose and then breathing out through the mouth, and doing it slowly, slowly, at a slow pace until I'm reaching some level of relaxation and truly losing the awareness of the physical reality. Or, you can do it in your own ways that you've learned but, to reach some level of relaxation. And, when I'm doing so, I'm going back in my mind to that moment in the past that I really committed that negativity, that anger, that hurting another human being. That reaction, that defensiveness, that ego explosion, that stealing, that lying, that whatever aspect of addiction in my life, that blaming, that hurting another human being in any level that you feel is a short circuit, is a baggage that it's tough to forgive yourself, actually, about. Because, according to the Zohar, it's all transformable, that's a big part of our Tikkun. Don't just deal with what you can fix now. Being able to now, go back to the past because the past really exists in the now as well. So, in your mind's eye, you visualize yourself going through that experience and you actually see yourself going through that scenario of really you about to express the negativity as if you are there. You are actually reenacting the past. You actually identify as you are in that meditation, what is the actual ego? what is the actual negativity? The fact that I was lying to somebody for example, that is not the real negativity, the negativity is why I was lying. Because I was afraid that you will judge me because of my ego, so the ego caused me to lie to cover up, the lie was just the expression so we need to realize the disconnect, the disbelief in the life, the dishonesty with myself, the need to protect my ego was the issue. The lack of letting go, of just go and willing to go through the process of telling the truth and in spite of the pain it will bring me to trust, it will bring me to the right place. That's the issue. What I need to identify when I go back to the negativity, what is the thing I'm so afraid to let go? What am I holding on? What is the physicality, the ego, the "me, me, me" that I'm holding onto? Because every negativity has to do with some fear of letting go. So, when I'm going back, I'm trying to really see what I'm afraid to let go. Because, it's very typical that I'll be angry at somebody and I'll say the wrong thing. And then two weeks later I'll say, " you know what? I'm so sorry I'm sorry I said it, I was just angry. " Saying "I'm sorry" doesn't fix it like the Rav Berg saying somebody steps on his foot and says "I'm sorry" He would said, " I don't forgive you", not that he doesn't forgive him. It's to demonstrate the fact that saying "I'm sorry" doesn't remove the negativity I've done. I really need to realize what's caused me to do it, and to change that truth. Because, if not, I'll do it again and again and again. Saying I'm sorry means nothing. So, by me going deep and realizing "wow, I needed to say it because I'm so afraid, I'm not going to be hurt." "I'm so afraid I'm not going to be liked. I'm so afraid something will be bad." So, I need to realize what is the lack of trust in the Light doing there. I need to really realize what am I holding onto? That negativity. After I identify, that's step one, identifying the real cause of negativity, the ego, the actual ego, the actual Tikkun, the acutal reactivity, the seed, not just how it expresses itself. That lack of trust in the Light, that being into my hole that not allow myself to do the right thing because sometimes I need to shut up, of course it's pain but I need to be willing to go through the pain. And the reason I'm reacting and judging is because I don't want to go through the pain of shutting up or sacrificing a little of myself even though I know it's the right thing. So, it's not just, "I've done this or that wrong". What is the thing I was not willing to let go? That now I'm ready to let go and to change myself. That's what change is: willing to let go of something. So, step number one: going back to that moment of negativity and identify. Step number two: feeling the pain I caused to the other person, to my soul, to humanity. Feeling the pain, I'm not talking about guilt now, feeling the pain beyond time and space, knowing that we are all connected. And knowing that this negative energy does make a difference and affect change and creating negativity out there. Feeling the pain of what I cause. And if I cannot feel it, imagine the pain of what I cause. To awaken true desire for transformation, not for the purpose of guilt. That's number two. Number three: replaying that scenario and see myself restricting and acting differently this time. Acting with "letting go" this time. Willing to go through the pain, not through the temporary relief, and knowing and trusting that I planted the right seed this time. And how do you know you are going through a really replaying that scenario in a proper way? When it's not so easy just to restrict and just to let go. As if you are going through the process as if you are there right now and you've changed your action and your thoughts. And number 4 is: commitment for the future. That's how we're connecting past, present, and future. So, number one: identify going back to the scenario that I want to correct and identify the root of negativity. Number two: feeling the pain of what I've caused. Number three: replaying that scenario but this time with a restriction with overcoming, with facing my Tikkun, with not running away, with not running for the temporary relief, with true "letting go". Number four: commitment for the futue. And, I promise you, by doing it in the future, we will have another test that will help you cleanse that past. Because kabbalah teaches it's not enough just to do the best that they can in the present, because part of my present is the past. If I truly want to heal my present, I want to take the past and not just to worry about it! To do something about it now! So being the present doesn't mean forgetting yesterday. Knowing that yesterday is part of my present. If I want my present to be the best, I need to fix yesterday, which exists in the present, I hope I'm not confusing you. So, let's just go to a short scenario that maybe all of us walk into identify one thing that really bothered you that you've done in the past week, two weeks ago, month ago, year ago, three years ago, and even though, maybe in this short time, we're not going into the depth of the correction and the repentance, but at least our desire and our intention will be there. Then, at home you can do longer meditation. So, I would like to ask everybody, you know some of you may be driving now I'm not sure, so I would like to ask anybody if you can close your eyes, close your eyes, if not, please don't. So, I would like to ask everybody to please relax. Relax and have a deep breath. Breathing in through the nose, filling up the stomach... holding the breath and breathing out. Breathing in... And breathing out. Breathing in... and breathing out. Totally relaxed. You can observe your body as an outsider in your mind's eye. You can sense all the muscles from outside. You relax your body. Let your body be channel of your soul. Now, in your own mind you go back in time to that moment of injecting negativity that you really seek to and to transform. You experience that moment, you experience that anger, you experience that lack. You experience that lack of awareness. You identify that ego that brought you to do it. That pain that brought you to do it. That lack of trust that wanted you doing... That need for temporary relief that made you do it. And, you're committed to changing it, you really want to change it. But at least you see clearly. What is that 1% energy you ran after, and what are you afraid to let go? You know you really feel the pain of what you caused. To yourself, to the other individual, to the world... You really want to change it. The next step, you're still there, you're replaying the whole scenario. And you see yourself in your mind's eye transforming your behavior. And going for the long term and going for the Light. ... And letting go, and overcoming the temporary relief. And it's difficult but you go for it. You know you're planting the right seed. And now, in the present, you commit yourself for change. For not doing it again. With the help of the Light of God. And, when you can at home, if you can do even more and scan the Zohar, 72 names of God, in any paragraph of the week, to inject that consciousness and inner strength that you'll have the Light to achieve true change. When I face a situation of need for transformation and I'm realizing I need to remove a person from my life which maybe is negative, is it really a test to remove that person from my life? Or is it something I need to deal with and I need to change within myself? So, the answer is that it depends on my Tikkun, of knowing myself. Because, sometimes, our Tikkun is really fear of taking charge over my life and taking charge of who are my friends. According to the Zohar, one of the main free wills in life, that it's something that we should do and choose is who am I choosing to be in my life and around my life? The goal is not just to be spiritual to say the face that in my life I'll keep them forever, The fact that that friend is sucking my energy is negative, maybe there's a reason I need to learn from it. That's being sometimes too righteous and too spiritual. We need to know: that certain people, if my Tikkun is just to please and keep them, I need to take charge and say goodbye to some people. Other people, that's just their quick fix and you know that you're running away from issues and from confrontations, and you're running away from dealing by changing friends and changing people but maybe you should look at little bit deeper to realize maybe there's something I need to change before I say goodbye. So it's not a black and white answer. I cannot truly say for sure you need to get rid of that person. But it's about knowing myself. The goal is. I'm not talking now about family, I'm not talking about people that are inevitably in my life, but when I have free will of keeping certain people in my life or not, it is one of our responsibilities to be surrounded with the people that are right. That sharing with them will empower them and being in their presence will empower me. It doesn't mean I'm isolating myself in life, for the sake of helping, I'm willing to go to anybody to elevate anybody from their need and their negativity. But when people in my life are sucking my energy, I need to ask myself the question: "is it part of my Tikkun to say goodbye to them?" And, it's all personal to my personality and to my issues and to my Tikkun. So really, it is possible that I need to say goodbye to some people as part of my transformation. It's not only just inside, sometimes the fact that I'm overcoming fear of saying goodbye to people, it's internal transformation. So, the mere fact that the pattern repeats itself over and over, something has to change. Sometimes you're saying goodbye to the person or sometimes it's just confronting the person and saying, "It's not going to happen anymore". And, actually taking charge and giving the message that you're not going to let them abuse anymore. Maybe there's a step before saying goodbye to a person or simply just making a statement. "You know what? you need to respect me, it's not going to go this way. " and not being fearful about it. And of course, if you've done it again and again and again, and you've looked inside, maybe there's something that you're causing there, Maybe one of the conclusions is to let go of that person from your life. Like everything else in life, when we make an effort and we try to get inside and to get deep, through discipline we can get deeper which means if you can just turn on the music and going through the steps of relaxation, and breathing and going through the first step of going back and experiencing the issue. And then feeling the pain and then replaying the scenario and then commitment for the future. You just force yourself to go to this deep place. And, of course it does take effort and maybe music can help, but again, it's all about how much effort putting in. And, of course, before, you need to write yourself down what are you planning to do? And, I do believe it's possible, I do believe if we would like to reach and you have a goal, with enough effort and the help of the Light of God and practice again and again and again, You can get to a deeper meditation. I agree for some of us it's tough to be in a relaxing place. And to guide ourselves, but from my personal experience, it's by doing it again and again and again you develop a sense of relaxation and depth. How can the exercises that we're going through can change the pain and the feeling maybe I've caused to somebody else? That's a beautiful question and the Rav Berg once addressed it. I need to realize and to have the certainty that by me changing my consciousness and not being the same human being through my change, and since I've connected to that person I've caused pain to, I'm truly affecting their consciousness and I'm truly cleansing the pain they went through. It is not just intellectual exercise I'm doing to myself. So, I do need to inject that certainty that my change will affect change in the world and specifically in that individual I caused pain. In some level, in some degree... you might say, "yeah but still their life is still limited and blocked because of what I've done." Of course we know, there's laws of Tikkun, they're going through also because of their personal Tikkun but my ability to contribute to eliminate the pain from the other person is by changing my consciousness. As a result, I can do the most to affect change in their life, and I am. So, thank you very much everybody.

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