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Hey y’all! It’s me, Cheryl, and are you ready to see your Mid-June Brochure? It’s all about keepin’ it fresh, y’all, but before we get into the brochure, we have a brand new Host Gift Special. Don’t you love it? But before we go there, we also have a brand new dating gift, and it is your Seaside Market Tote. I love these bags, y’all, and your host can get one of these absolutely free just for dating a Tupperware party. And, you know, in my world, they need 4 – so, they get one for holding, they get a second one for a 10 in attendance, they get another one for having $100 or more in outside orders, and one more for having a Dating Waiting or a blind date as we call it today. We also have, guys, your brand new Host Gift Special - 700 $ and 2 R.-V. your brand new Host Gift Special - 700 $ and 2 R.-V. and it is your Treasures of the Sea Picnic Collection. Don’t you love it? Now, you know what, y’all, the bag is correct, the products are correct, they just have the wrong color. So, what’s inside, guys? Well, we’re going to start with our 5 Quart Jumbo Canister with the handle. How great is that, guys! And, not one, but two, we’re going to double on your Snack and Stores, and a set of lunching plates, and it also comes, guys, not with one, but two of our Slimline Pitchers. And, you know what, y’all, all of this excluding your 5 Quart Jumbo Canister – all fits inside of your Picnic Bag. But look, how fun is this - one for the kids to carry and one for you! So, this is your brand new Host Gift Special. Are you excited? Okay, guys, are you ready to go to your parties and help your customers make their refrigerators fabulous? And, are you ready to help them save time and save money? You're going to do it, guys, because our Fridgesmarts are on sale. So, at your Tupperware parties, guys, you want to remind all of your guests that your fruits and vegetables, you want to store them naked and dirty because when you wash them before you use them, guys, they tend to wilt. So, always store them naked and dirty. And, what are you going to store them in? You're going to store them in our Fridgesmarts, guys! That’s right, your refrigerator just got smart, thanks to Tupperware. So, what is a Fridgesmart? Well, a Fridgesmart is a container that will Store your fruits and vegetables. And, your fruits and vegetables - they breathe. You have your high breathers, your medium breathers, and your low breathers, and depending on how they breathe, depends on how you are going to store them. Now, what makes the Fridgesmart so great is on the bottom of each one of our containers, we have the built-in grid, so any moisture collects at the bottom and the fruits and vegetables don't sit in their own moisture. We also have the venting system that allows your fruits and vegetables to breathe the way they need to. So, if it is a high breather, like your Brussels sprouts, guys, you want to just take this and go all the way over, and this allows it to breathe full on. If it is a medium breather, like maybe your cauliflower, then it needs to be half open, half closed. You just slide the vent all the way over, and now it allows it to breathe the way it needs to breathe. And, if it is a non-breather, like your strawberries, guys, or like your mushrooms, you just put it right in the middle, and now the venting system is completely closed, so that way because your vegetables don't need to breathe. Another great thing about our Fridgesmarts, guys, is the grid that actually shows you whether that fruit and vegetable is a high breather, a medium breather, or a low breather, or, if it doesn't go in the refrigerator at all. It's all right here in this grid, and this grid is built-in between the walls, so it's not going to come off because this is dishwasher safe; both your container and your seal are dishwasher safe. I always recommend that these seals go on the top rack of your dishwasher. And, you know what, y'all, you know what else is so great about our Fridgesmart is when you are not using them, guess what guys, they nest inside each other for easy storage in the refrigerator, but I have to tell you, in my house, in the summertime, these are always in use, y'all, always in use. Please, you are going to be able to tell your customers when they put Fridgesmarts in their refrigerator, guys, they are going to add anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks on the shelf life of their fruits and vegetables. Now, you know what, y'all, I have done some Good, Better, Best Sets for you because we have your Buy One Get One Free Set, which is our 4 piece Fridgesmart Set that we sell in the catalogue. So, it is buy one get one free, but you know what, y'all, that's your Good set, but if you want to take it to the Better set, then you are going to add your P with P on your Fridgesmart Smalls. And, I love these, guys, my blueberries, my raspberries, and my blackberries stay inside here all the time. And then, we have, guys, you can make it into your Best set, and that is when you are going to add this - our brand new Fridgesmart Vertical, which is perfect for all of those herbs - for your asparagus, for your carrots - and the great thing about this one, y'all, is it has a built-in grid at the bottom that is removable and the seal is a different color, so that way you will know that this seal fits only on your Fridgesmart Vertical, and we actually have the grid on the inside that shows you what fruits and vegetables fit best inside your Vertical. So, you can build your Good, your Better, or your Best Set, but guess what guys, you also have your ‘Gotta Have It All’ Set because we have that for a limited time, our Fridgesmart Large. I know, it's the bomb! It's my favorite for all of your celeries, guys. You know what, so this is the perfect size and we are only going to have it on sale for 5 weeks, guys, for the duration of your Mid-June Brochure. So, now you can have your 'Gotta Get it All' Set, and you know what, guys, at your Tupperware parties, all of your customers - they are going to need every one of these Fridgesmarts, I promise. But if you want, you can take these and you can make it into your Girlfriend Sets. So, are you ready to... I will show you how it's done. So, you are going to take...and it's one set, you are going to split this in half, okay, and then you are going to take your P with P, which is your Fridgesmart Small, and each customer would add one, okay, then you are going to add two of your Verticals, okay, and add two of your Fridgesmart Longs. And so, each customer would then have 7 pieces of Fridgesmart for under $100 in the US, and a little over $100 in Canada. Are you ready to help your customers save money, save time, and be fresh in the kitchen? Say yes, say Si, say Oui! Oh, and I forgot to tell you one thing, guys, and please share this at all your parties: A. If your fruits and vegetables breathe the same way, you can store them in the same container, but you cannot store a high breather with a medium breather, or a medium breather with a low breather, or no breathers with any breathers, okay guys. So, make sure you share that at your Tupperware parties. And, we also have online, lots of demo ideas and lots of word choices for you to use in your Campaign Guide that is posted on your Salesforce website. So, make sure you are checking it out. Okay, guys, are you ready to go from Fresh to Chef? Well, we have got some tools to make that happen, starting with, guys, I have already talked about our Fridgesmart Large – it’s exclusive and it's only during the brochure, and then we also have a bring-back, and it has been several years since we have offered this Forget Me Not Trio Set, and it comes with not one, but two other Forget Me Not Rounds, and these are great, guys, for half of a tomato, half of an onion fits inside here, an oversized lemon fits inside here, you can also do a half of an orange fits in here - your regular orange. And then, we also have our Forget Me Not Square, and this is great for those sliced cheeses fit right inside here, guys, or if you are cutting a navel orange in half, the navel orange will fit inside here too, guys, and your bigger with Vidalia onions will fit in here. So, whether you are storing a half a tomato, a half an onion, a half an orange, a half of a grapefruit, guys, the Forget Me Nots are perfect. These are the right sizes, they are just the wrong colors. They are on sale for our brochure, but we also have, guys, one of my favorites, and it is the Picadilly, and we are not going to give you one, but we are going to give your customers two. And, why do I love the Picadilly, guys, is because you are no more fishing for those pickles using a fork or a knife, you just put them inside here, pull up the elevator, and voila, your pickles are right there where you need them. This is also great, guys, if you want to do your eggs. You can hard boil your eggs, you can pickle your eggs, put them inside here, or just put some water in here with your hard boiled eggs after you have peeled them and they will stay fresh the entire week. You can also use this for carrot sticks and celery sticks, and you know guys, if you are trying to lose a little bit of weight, celery is one of the best things to eat because A. It's crunchy, B. There is almost no fat in it, and C. It is very filling. So, love, love, love our Picadillys! Okay, guys, and you know what, in order to make those pickles, what do you need? You need our Mandoline, and you know what, y'all, for the next couple of weeks, this is your 'Say Yes' offer till the end of the June sales month, and it is also a great call back to the catalogue because remember, your host can get this for half price, free, or full price, or they can join your team and get it for a small copay. And, this is what you are going to use when you are making those homemade pickles, and in order to get those recipes, you can find the Campaign Guide and all of the recipes on your My.tupperware Salesforce website, so make sure you check it out. Okay, guys, and as we continue, first of all, I am going to talk about our Salad Spinner because if you know me, the Salad Spinner and Fridgesmarts - they go together like peanut butter and jelly, you can't have one without the other. And, we have our Salad Spinner, and it also, guys, it converts to a Jumbo Salad On the Go. So, let me show you. First of all, at your Tupperware parties, guys, you want to show everyone how great the Salad Spinner is and how easy it is to operate. So, what I have done, guys, is I’ve just taken a paper towel and it's wet, okay. You put it inside here, and then you just simply let one of your guests come up and let them start turning. Look how easy it is to turn that, and you can see... Can you all see all of the water coming out on the inside? And, it is a really great way to showcase... Can you see that, guys, okay, all of that extra water? And, obviously, the more you spin on this, guys, the more you spin, the more it is going to take the excess water out. And then, to close it, all you do is just stop, push down, and voila, it's closed. And then, guys, take this out, and then, at your parties, do this - look, can you see all of that water out of the paper towel, guys? How awesome is that! Now, if you want to take it, guys, and if you want to convert it from a Salad Spinner to a Jumbo Salad On the Go, just take out the basket, okay, and then you have got your other seal, and on the other seal, guys, it comes with your salad tongs and this snack cup that's removable, so you can put your salad dressing right inside here. So, now you can spin it, make it, and take it to whether you are going to the park, whether you are going to the backyard, you are going to the beach, you are going on a picnic, no matter going camping. No matter where you are going, your Salad Spinner has to go with you. Okay, so whether you are going to be in poolside, picnic-side, park-side, beach side, or your own backyard, you are also going to need our Treasure of the Sea Beverage and Bowl Collection, and it fits perfect with our Salad Spinner, guys, because once you've made that salad and you are going to take it and serve it out of your Jumbo Salad On the Go, you have your 1 Gallon Pitcher - look how fun this is, guys. It matches your Treasure of the Sea Host Gift Special, so every host has to have this, and it is the Infuser, so it's perfect timing for the summertime, and it also comes with 4 of your 16 Oz tumblers with the flat seal. And, it comes with a set of 4 - how fun are these - big wonders with this adorable print that complements your Treasures of the Sea. You know what, guys, take this entire set, group it together, and sell this as a Treasure by the Sea set, and then add in your Salad Spinner with your Fridgesmart, guys - lots of ways to upsell at your Tupperware parties. Okay, y'all, now we are going to move into your tear-off which starts on June 9, and it runs all the way till the end of the June sales month, which is June 29. So, in the US, we have our Set of 3 of our Minion Canisters on sale, and in Canada, you have got your Ducky Duo Set on sale. And, in both the US and Canada, we have our Lollitups and they are on sale, and what a great way, y'all, to make homemade snacks and treats for the kids during the summertime. And, the great thing about our Lollitups, guys, is they snap together, so you can put them in the freezer just like this, and if you just want one, you can simply pull out one, lift the seal, turn it over, and then guess what, as they're eating that homemade pudding pop, or that homemade fresh strawberry frozen Ice Tup, all of the liquid flows back inside here instead of all over the front of their shirt. How awesome is that, y'all! Love these! Okay, so, but we also have some Beach Babes on sale starting with your kids' Little Kids Mixing Set. How fun is this! So, whether you’re going to be baking in the kitchen or you’re going to take it to the beach, this is great because you can do your sandcastles with this, guys, store all the little treasures on the beach there, and make your own little starfish right at the beach, or your starfish sandwiches, or your starfish cookies. But we are not done because we've got some other great, amazing items on sale, and you know what, y'all, one of my favorites, and it’s while supplies last, it's our Cutting Board. I love this cutting board, y'all, and the great thing about our cutting board is it has the feet on the bottom so it doesn't slide all over the kitchen counter, and it also has this groove right here on both sides, so when you are cutting those watermelons, those cantaloupes, those honeydews, and they are bleeding their juice, the juice stays right here and not all over the counter. Love it! On sale while supplies last. Okay, guys, and guess what, we also have a set of 3 of our small Wonderlier Bowls, and I always wonder how do people get along in the kitchen without our Wonderlier Bowls. So, they are going to get a set of 3. The bottoms are going to be like a sheer natural, and the seals all complement your Wonderlier Bowl Set. And, speaking of Wonderlier Bowl Set, this is on sale too, y'all, and you know what, you need to take the Wonderlier Bowl Set and the small Wonderlier Bowl Set, sell it as a set of 6 Wonderlier Bowls. They all nest inside each other, they are all dishwasher safe, it has our classic round seal, and a set of 6 is less than a set of 3 in the catalogue, both in the US and Canada, for the next 3 weeks only. Are you excited to go out and date some Tupperware parties? Say yes, say Si, Say Oui! Okay, y'all, but we are not done because we also have our Attendance offer, or in my world I call it the Attend and Spend - attend a party, spend some money, get an amazing deal, and our Round Container is on sale. Now, this is the wrong seal color, but it is the right container, and this is the bomb. I love the fact that it has the sheer windows on each side so you can always see what you have in the inside. And, this is the perfect size, guys, people are making those fresh strawberry pies, those banana cream pies, guys, you could do individual little fruit tarts, store them inside here, take it to the picnic inside here, guys. But you know what, it's also great for your muffins, it's great for your cookies; everybody loves our Round Container. So, once again, right size, wrong color, on sale in your Mid-June Brochure. Okay, y'all, and as you are telling your 'I' story at your Tupperware parties, you can also share Corinne's story at all of your Tupperware parties. And, the one thing I love about Corinne, and there's many, is when Corinne's demonstrating her Fridgesmart containers, guys, she talks about her Fridgesmarts being a vending machine for her kids, so that instead of going to a vending machine and getting something that is unhealthy, open up the refrigerator door and there is where she has her Fridgesmart Minis and Smalls, and those are what the kids know they can pull out, and that is their healthy snack. Corinne also talks about being born, burped, and raised in Tupperware. So, guys, make sure you are talking about your 'I' story and sharing Corinne's 'I' story at all of your Tupperware parties. And, until I see you next time, as Stein Ove always says, 'Make sure that you think big, start small', but we want you to go out and party now. See y'all.

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