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How to Prevent Expensive Bathroom Shower Tile and Grout Repairs

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Hi there! It's Don Kennedy again with ProMaster Home Repair and Handyman of Cincinnati Today's video is on How to Prevent the Failure of Bathroom Shower Tile and Grout In One Simple Step. You know, with the impending economic collapse, we've got to find more inexpensive ways to not only maintain our home, but to prevent these expensive, unnecessary repairs from from happening in the first place. And that's what we're going to show you today. One of the most common calls we get here at ProMaster, are for folks experiencing problems with their bathroom tile and grout. Tiles coming off the wall, grout that is molding, grout that is falling out, water intrusion, leaks... So on and so forth. I'm going to show you how to can prevent most of those from occurring in the first place. We're also going to talk about what to do if that happens. Now here you can a picture of a shower that's got quite a bit of mold growing. It looks kind of gross. Hopefully this isn't your shower. But you can see where a lot of the tile is failing, molding... possibly coming loose. Now, if you've got a shower that looks like that, most likely what's going on here is that water has gotten behind the grout. All those grout lines, that are in the tile, are porous. And they need to be sealed periodically. If that grout fails because it actually comes out, or there is microscopic fissures in that grout, it will allow water to get inside the grout. And that is when you'll see the mold begin to grow. It will seep down behind the tile, and cause the adhesive to fail. And that is what can cause those tiles to come right off the wall. Here's a picture of that actually happening of a job we recently did. Where, when we pulled the tile off, all of the tile backing had all been rotted out and had all failed. So the idea here is, to not to let it get to that point. Here's a recent picture of someone we helped where they got on this quickly. They noticed some staining in that grout, a little bit of mold growth. We could go in, clean the grout, re-grout some areas where there was deterioration, seal it back up, and this shower is good-to-go for many years to come. But my real hope is to show you how to prevent it from happening in the first place. That when you need yourself a can of this here grout sealer. Its sold at most large box stores, home improvement stores, hardware centers, your favorite tile store, And its just a simple, one-step grout sealers that comes in an aerosol can just like you see here. And its extremely simple to use. Pop the cap off, shake it up, and just spray along all those grout lines. And let it evaporate! If you happen to get a little bit too much on there, just wipe it off... not a problem! Do this once a year and it will keep all those grout lines sealed up, so that if you get of those microscopic cracks, or any places where water can in, this will seal it up and prevent that from happening. Now if you happen to have stone in your shower, as opposed to ceramic tile, they make a product for that as well. This here is a natural stone sealer. Works similar to the stuff in the aerosol can, except this you just pour out on to the tile and let it dry and evaporate. And you're all set! So as always, thanks for watching. We'd love your feedback on this video or any of the other articles we've done. If you have any questions, or need help repairing bathroom shower tile you know where to reach us. In Cincinnati - (513) 724-0539 You can always reach us at: And we've love to be your friend on Facebook, Keyword: ProMaster Craftsmen. Happy Remodeling!

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One of the most common calls we receive here at ProMaster Home Repair & Handyman of Cincinnati is for bathroom shower tile and grout repair. Failed bathroom shower tile and grout is an expensive repair. Fortunately, there is one simple, inexpensive step you can take to avoid premature failure of your bathroom shower tiles and grout.

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