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iUmor Rugaciunea-prayer

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why are your knees red? from so much faith I sacrifised myself for God and for Bendeac (the comedian) yes to me also It seems to me a bit unapropriate your outfit yes! to me also I make standup for about 6 months Everyone tells me I suck, and I said I will prove you! I'm good at it Until now I haven't succeded but I'm still hoping Boss wait a minute! u have anything under? I have How can you show this on tv? there's bread crumbs on the table, egg shells! you are right! where the hell to throw them? i'll stuff them in my pocket honestly from when he made his entrance with that axe and that ie , I thought it will be a good one Moldovian Our Daddy that lies in Heavens and the only one that dosn't beat us hallowed be Your name Your kingdom come may be whatever You want In heavens as in Vaslui Our daily rachiu, give us this day And forgive us our rapes, as we forgive those who trespass against us in fact we dont forgive them , we hit them in the head with the axe and don't take us to work but deliver us from Bucharest people (Transilvanian) God Thank ya that I'm healty that I'm not limp I have what to munch I have garments to wear besides pants really I miss nothing God maybe, a bit of speed if you may there's no rush, take Your time I leave you for now God I won't keep You for 6 hours as usual One more favour God! Do something about the Hungarians! (oltenian-south) Inger Ingerashu meu That I have from God I am small but the sword is big I am weak but I have reputation in all places keep me safe From knifes keep me away God may your angels be my bodyguards In day but also at night till the day I die may God give you health, God! Our Papa, of Hungarians not of Romirurilor that you are in hieavan hollowed by name your May Your kingdim come Your woll be done As in hievan also in German comunity Our dailyly Independence Give it upon us today and forgive us all our sens as we forgive romainianians for stealing our land And don't lead us to the south and deliver us from the romanian state!

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Posted by: simim3 on Nov 19, 2016

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