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Arthur (2011)

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Arthur, get in the car. No! (woman) Benjamin, open the door. (Arthur) Benjamin close that door. (woman) Get in the car. Not you Benjamin. (Naomi) Who are you people? (woman) I'm his nanny. (Benjamin) I'm not, I'm Benjamin. [Rolling Stones - "Rebel" in background] Good morning, Arthur. Hello, Hobson! (Hobson) Say goodbye to your friends now, Arthur. (Arthur) Make me. Ow!. Hobson! ♪ Rebel, rebel...♪ (Hobson) Get on the horse. (Arthur) No, it's okay. (woman) Maybe Daddy can help? (Daddy) Let me help. Ow! But you're not qualified... please... aa.... That was no trouble. (woman) You're going to marry Susan Johnson. (woman) Hello Arthur. Ah! [moaning] What was that? (woman) French kiss. (Arthur) Really? Because the French always surrender, that was decidedly German. (male) Your mother will see you now. Arthur. To what do I owe the pleasure? I don't want to marry Susan. (Mother) Fine. You are cut off. Cut off from... (Mother) The money. I think I could live without the money. I am a grown man, and I shall get a job to prove it. [phone beeps] [room plays a lullaby] (Arthur) Don't let that undermine what I just said. (Arthur) We should not get married. (Susan) It's a business partnership. We don't have any thing in common. You love horses. I don't trust them. Their shoes are permanent. Who makes that kind of commitment to a shoe? ♪ [Free- "It's Alright Now"] Do you know how to use Excel? (Arthur) No. Powerpoint? (Arthur) No. Outlook? (Arthur) Generally positive. You know, I mean, I have down days, like anyone, but... Let me look after you for a change. How does this bag of tea work? Be careful, it's going to be very, very.... [crashing, yelling] (Arthur) Oh, god, no! (Hobson) ♪ [Queen - "Under Pressure"] You're running from your self, Arthur. I wish I was, 'cause I'd let me get away. (Arthur) Put this on, please. Say "wash your winky" [Vader-like voice transform] Wash your winky. (Benjamin) Could you do Chewy? Hobson, we're going to hang out together. (Hobson) I've never hung out in my life, and I'm not going to start tonight. (Arthur) Hobson! He's weak. He's stronger than you think. (Arthur) You used to say, [lowers voice] "Arthur, you can do anything under the sun". (Hobson, low voice) I never spoke like that. (Arthur) It was a bit like that. Do you like it? Meow. I'm a bad kitty. [electronic buzz] My bed is made of magnets. (Susan) Get me out of here! (Arthur) At least something in this room is attracted to you. Benjamin? Why are you shaving? Because Robin doesn't have a beard. I can see your tummy. [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Mar 13, 2011

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