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Discover Kabbalah Part 3 Class 3 : karen berg weekly message lineage

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I'd like to discuss with you about the lineage of Kabbalah and what's important about it and I think, we should start with the actual Zohar itself. Written by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in a cave where he lived for 13 years together with his son - Eliazar and came this book of writing the answer is, it didn't it took, after he came out of the cave, after he set with his 10 students together, did Rabbi Abba picked up pen and paper and write the Zohar. And then, if we forward to the year 1200 came rabbi Moses De Leon in Spain who found the writings of Rabbi Shimon and there he took these writings brought the forward whether he edited it or he rewrote certain pages I don't know the answer to that I don't think anyone does brought it to Israel where a chosen group of people then was able to study from it. And to go forward for us there was Rav Isaac Luria (the Ari) who lived in Safed and who also lived for 13 years on the Nile and studied solo from there he came to Israel and his student, Chaim Vital, found him and there together they went on a mission to bring Kabbalah to the people. Now, at the same time there was a great sage by the name of rabbi Moses Cordovero who lived in Safed and it is said that there was a dream that came to Chaim Vital and in the dream rabbi Moses Cordovero came to him and said that my way of understanding the Zohar is correct. And the Ari's way of understanding is correct. But in the time of the Meshiah, of the Messiah, the teachings of Rav Isaac Luria will be studied and learned. It is from there that we take the ideas. That the way to teach Kabbalah is through the Lurianic system. And so we follow from there

to fast forward to Rav Ashlag who wrote the Sulam "the Ladder" the explanation and the understanding of the entire Zohar. Which is in modern Hebrew, and not in Aramaic which made it easier, simplified it for the people, to now be able to open the Zohar and to read it. From Rav Ashlag came Rav Brandwein, Rav Brandwein, again, took the same teachings and portions of it which he understood and wrote it, again, into Hebrew. And now we go to The Rav, who took the writings of the Zohar and the writings of Rav Brandwein and what the Centers have done is simplified it, even to a place that we, through great effort, can study and learn the words of these great sages. It's important for us to know the steps, the lineage, as to how it's become the way we have the teachings in the center. Because our idea is not to make you all tremendous scholars our idea is to make you tremendous souls interested in taking these sparks for the rest of the peoples of the world. And so, you will hear many interesting things through the course of this time and I hope you can take them, use them, and understand the purpose for which you're here. Thank you.

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