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Max Factor Skin Bar: Miracle Match Foundation eller The Tone Enhancer

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Hi, I'm Caroline Barnes and welcome to the Skin Bar. This tutorial is all about how to achieve a beautiful, natural skin tone. So talk to me about skin and foundations. I don't really use foundation that often just because I'm not too keen on the heaviness of it. I generally use it under my eyes, I've got quite dark eyes. So on you Sharia, I'm going to use Miracle Match Foundation. This is the tone enhancer. It blends seamlessly with your skin tone for a perfect shade match. It's very natural and it's translucent enough to let your lovely freckles show through. So we'll start off with a little bit of hydration because foundation will always grip to dry areas of your face. By using different brushes, you can change the effect of your foundation. Use a big brush for a lighter finish. Use a smaller brush for a denser finish. If your skin tones not even between your face, neck and chest, then bring your foundation right up from your neck. So just close your eyes for me. So I'm just going to wash foundation over the areas that you're a little bit more conscious of or you want to lift. And use the rest of it to dance around your skin to blend it in. I can see all your freckles and the color is absolutely perfect. So how long will this actually stay on for? So a little bit of powder, just a translucent powder will really help that stay in place. It's almost like hairspray. So to me, this is the ultimate new look. I've added a little bit of peachy blush to Sharia's cheeks and a subtle wash over her lids. Yeah, it doesn't look like I've got any foundation on at all and I can still see my freckles and everything. So thank you very much for watching the Skin Bar. Check out our other tutorials and make glamour happen for you.

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Posted by: howdini on Oct 24, 2017

Få en naturligt vacker och hälsosam look med Max Factors Miracle Match Foundation. Den har en speciell sammansättning som återfuktar, ger en perfekt nyansmatchning samt suddar ut hudens missfärgningar utan att vara för täckande. Köp Max Factors Miracle Match Foundation:

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