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Adolf Hitler from the Afterlife #2

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Adolf Hitler - Part 2 Hi, this is Adolf Hitler again. and..i am continuing. I ended off in my previous interview where i said that: i have looked this world even in the town where i stayed in. only that small space..asking the question: If this is that..."god essence" that i've experienced while standing in the rain, Perfectly designed - i must add, then what am i doing here? why am i here? why are we here? and these questions i started asking, god... when i was six years years old? Because...i've come to look at everything...and i've wondered: Ok, if this god essence... has designed all of this- has designed me...then probably... It is for inhabit, and for me to experience - unconditionally. and that is what i did That is what i did. i..even that moment of standing in the rain.. Even that moment of just sitting on the grass and...brushing my hands through the grass Just feeling the texture, just sitting there - just enjoying... The presence of myself, with the presence of nature that surrounds me - Even with the animals I was very much to myself when i was younger...very much, and i had... Quite an expansive, presence as myself when i was younger Probably...allowed me to be able to make such...specific observations Yet then, i had another interesting experience: i looked at the design - the perfect design Now this was just a theory i looked at, i contemplated.. to make sense of my experience in this world: this perfect designed world- the perfect house...the perfect plants, the perfect trees... human physical bodies and it's different expressions and forms - unique I discovered an interesting experience inside myself. It was as though i was in an empty picture, with no life. strange...but i looked at it, and... because as i continued to walk along the paths...amongst the trees, amongst the plants.. I enjoyed walking bare my house, when i'd sit and eat...everything was pictures but i had this...this..expression and experience inside me...that felt like, Where i inside this perfectly designed world: i feel limited It's not...big enough for me to express and experience... What it is that i am actually experiencing and then came an interesting...question, that i asked myself. i wondered- These that i experienced inside myself, Do everyone else also experienced this inside themselves? Now remember, during this time...i was an innocent child - innocent Joyous, loving...expressive...absolutely presence in every moment - with every breathe. Allowing me to appreciate...and to enjoy...and to be grateful...for the simplest surroundings - Such as nature, the weather, and the animals. and so, i looked in the mirror...and it was in the mirror, in my eyes, that i could see that... I would call it "life-essence" inside me. that pure...innocent life essence, that seemed...too expansive to actually live and express in this world... and it's interesting because..i saw the same - vibrating and resonating from the trees as though they were alive as me. it's as- as though so they had the same life-essence as me, but yet, they too seemed - this picture this perfectly designed pictured world and i wondered: but are we these pictures? (smile) a child...asking that question. Am i this picture? i don't feel like this picture. i see pictures all over but there's... I see in my eyes - that there is something "behind it", there is something in it - as it and i wondered: if that is god? that which i see... that life-essence in and behind... the picture. and so one evening, we were sitting at the dinner table.. they had this wooden table and i had this wooden bowl, i was eating out.. I was of course...eating with my mouth, i enjoyed that very tasted better My mother was sitting right across from me... and i started looking straight into her eyes, in a way that i had never looked at anyone before Yet, what i had seen...was the last thing that i had expected to see. I saw darkness...i saw was black... and i saw these red energies moving...and crisscrossing the whole time. It was like a red..resonating red..energetic color. resonating inside her the whole time, and i..could see in her eyes, that existing inside her. i had a fright - a huge fright. It scared me - so much. because, all that existed inside me..was this Life-essence. This pure...innocent Life-essence that i...observed and experienced, in the trees... with the animals, nature, the weather...and now i see this. it scared... living hell out of me. and I...pushed back my chair, and i ran upstairs - scared, climbing in to my bed. i had a fright. what was that? was my question. what did i see? and why did i see that? This is Adlof Hitler. I am my next interview. More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Prof. Chris Barnard, Pat Tillman, Chris Hani

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Adolf Hitler from the Afterlife #2 talking about God and childhood

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