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Spirituality for Kids in UK Schools

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It definitely made a nice environment in our class, and say that we can like talk more together and we can theam more like together as a team. And then like if that happened with all the children, and then the world who's be like, it will be such a nice place, because not that it isn't now but then everyone could be a team instead of like there being fights and conflicts. Nothing really out there that tackles spirituality head on and tries teaching spirituality for children. This is an excellent resort, because it gives you a variety of tools to use to teach the children this quite a tricky concept really. We like it, because it's fun. It's a fun way to learn and most of the lesson is fun when we watch videoclips and we play games that are linked to the subject. The children started talking about themselves in terms of how it impacts on them. Then they are able to kind of use those skills to see how their behaviors impact upon others. So these are also the things they are saying over the program where children would start to think about choosing the right desicions to figure about their true voice. And also their impact on the playground for things like sharing and resolving conflict and things like that. So there was definite progression throughout the 13 weeks where initially the children were thinking about themselves and then about how their behaviors impacts on others. Last time we learned that both life and games are similar and that they have the same type of pieces or components. Do you remember what those components are? Hold up! I Got this one. Ok Ari, what are they? Rules, Goals, Players and Challenges. Exactly! And last week we learned that if you know the rules, you can get everything that you really want. The program helped me. The three words are: happiness, trust and I think another important one is confidence. "Winning the Game of Life" is a program that you can receive massive benefits for them academically in terms of those subjects not forgetting the fact that the aim of this is to develop children's understanding of spirituality which is actually the key. Because children obviously have the idea of what spirituality is, but it's a very difficult concept for them to understand. This program allows them to firstly understand the concepts of spirituality and see how it applies in their everyday life. Ofstede requires schools to develop the pupil's spiritual morals - socially conscious development, but to find a program that teachers can actually pick up and use which covers each one of those aspects, takes them from the spiritual development through the moral, there is a lot of working on values education, and most schools at the moment are working on values education. And then it takes them really through looking at themselves and what's happening with them and their thinking through to relationships and how they work with other children and other people through to working with the community and to the wider world.

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Spirituality for Kids in UK Schools

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