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Como escolher o melhor Centro Regional para aplicar ao visto EB 5

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My name is Rodrigo Gomes, I am 43 years old. I am from Rio de Janeiro. I have two daughters, one is 13 years and the other is 8 years old. I work in the financial market and I am a business administrator. Why did you decide to apply for the EB-5 visa and how did you decide it was the best option for your family? Choosing a visa is difficult, nowadays you have several options in the American market and after an in-depth analysis of more than 40 days I understood that the EB-5 was the best option. It is a visa for those who have all the required source of funds and documentation regarding the investment organized and available, with that I'd say it is the easiest visa nowadays. How long did you take to research and prepare before starting the EB-5 visa request process? My research took around 40 days and the application was around 30 days in other words, 70 days for the entire process. What were your main worries regarding the EB-5 investor visa? I had two worries, the first was choosing the project. and the second was where I was going to invest. So for choosing the you have an incredible amount of Regional Centers in the United States and they have many projects and the vast majority, until now..they are being reviewed by the American senate, the vast majority are empty projects. So my choice was to find projects with which I had some kind of synergy, where I could make a more in-depth evaluation and to apply for this project. Did you consider going through the EB-5 program by yourself (Direct EB-5)? Why? No, it's almost impossible to do it by yourself without outside assistance. Why? Well, you need to have tributary planning, you need help from an immigration lawyer and you need to find a company or a Regional Center that will assist you in the application process. How and why did you choose LCR for your EB-5 project? Choosing LCR came after extensive research on the projects of the existing Regional Centers I identified LCR as being experts on the project that I was evaluating. So, like I said earlier, choosing a Regional Center is very difficult So I related to LCR's project and LCR possesses know-how and knowledge on the projects it offers to investors. What were your biggest difficulties during the EB-5 visa process? I think the first big difficulty is choosing the project You need to identify a project that you relate to, is profitable, and also meets the US government's requirements. I think the second big difficulty is finding a Regional Center which can assist you during this process. Having a good project doesn't matter if I don't work with a serious Regional Center. Is proving the origin of your investment a difficult process? Proving the origin of an investment is a very detailed process, I'd say it is the part of the analysis which takes the longest. But if you are organized and have no problems showing your income statements, it becomes a very fast process. Would you recommend LCR? Why? I would recommend LCR. Like I said earlier, choosing a Regional Center is extremely important for this process LCR has an extremely competent and professional team, and they understand their projects which is the most important Remember that getting a return on your investment from this process takes around 5 years, so you need someone competent taking care of this process for you. Did you have any questions about fiscal issues? Were they cleared up? Are you making any tributary plans? Fiscal issues...that's a good question. Like I said before, from the beginning of the process you need 3 forms of support You need the Regional Center, you need a good immigration lawyer, and you need a good tax lawyer To be able to guide you, the tax laws in the US are completely different from the tax laws in Brazil How does your family view this move to the United States? The process of choosing the visa had a lot to do with my family's demands Since 2014 it is something we've been working on at home, not only in the company. So we can prepare everyone, and so they can all understand the benefits of relocating to the US. Did having kids influence your decision in obtaining an EB-5 investor visa? Having kids did help, yes. I have a daughter who is 13 and another who is 8, and they are extremely excited they are opening their minds, learning about new cultures and identifying new horizons the entire family is involved in the process and we're all in it together What is the biggest benefit of the EB-5 visa in your opinion? Look, the biggest benefit of the EB-5 visa is, if you have easily verified sources of funds, then the entire process becomes very agile compared to other visas We have other visas, like work visas, which are much more complicated to get and with the EB-5 you don't need any employee ties, all you need is your investment So if you are an organized person with an easily verifiable source of funds than I'd say it is the easiest visa to get.

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Como escolher o melhor Centro Regional para aplicar ao visto EB 5

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