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How to be a Portal 3

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Portal Support 3 Hi this is Winged, again continuing the video interviews on portal support. So I'll share with you my experience of when I leave my body with the breathing application. So I breathe in... and within the in-breath I literally stand here in the center of me, like completely and entirely in the center of me. The experience thereof is as though you were extracting yourself from within and as your physical human body and your standing absolute in the center of your human physical body. And how you'll experience this is being cold, very cold and hard, and in leaving your body... It's not a cold as you know when the weather is cold outside and you experience yourself being cold, not that cold. I’ll say like ice experiences itself, that's how you'll experience you within the center of your body: cold. But it's not that you are cold, it’s an icy coldness that you become and experience yourself as very hard... And then as you leave your body it's still cold cold, cold, cold... and then, as you leave your body you experience yourself like everything else disappears. I mean your human physical body disappears it's only, literally only you with yourself and you're in the center of your human physical body and you literally leave and in that moment as you leave your body, that action there of after you've now manifested you in the center of your human physical body from that moment to when you leave your body, everything disappears, there's just darkness, and you don't see anything. You don' t actually experience yourself except for you've manifested yourself entirely and you're cold, like icy cold, but it's not that you are cold you just experience the icy coldness as you. And then you leave your body, and voila! You’re in the interdimensional existence. And you’ll be able to see your human physical body, which is quite fascinating seeing your human physical body interdimensionally because you're able to see everything and when I see structures or points or frictions, etc. I first clear me within and as my human physical body, how I do that is: I stand as me here, in other words I don't have to be in my physical human body. So when you're in the interdimensional existence you just stand as you because you’re one and equal with and as your human physical body. And you just clear you, stand here interdimensionally as your human physical body and just place you one and equal as life, as me, here, and all that remains is 'I remain' and everything else disappears. And if I see the exact same points coming up over and over again, then, I will specifically look at the points that I’ve seen in my human physical body interdimensionally that has manifested, and then accordingly dissect the point entirely quantum, - you see everything in quantum time it's amazing. So for instance, let's say you're looking at your human physical body interdimensionally and you see a specific construct there, and the constructs are quite interesting, there'll be colors which indicate emotions and feelings that are generating this construct and it will be in an interesting puzzle block like shape and it would be a metallic gray color, that's the manifestation of systems. And then you can literally take this construct, you can take it out of your human physical body, put it in your hand here before you, all this done interdimensionally, and then you open up this construct so it stands here before you and then you can see the beginning and the end of this entire construct. Where did you originally start with designing this construct and how it's manifested now as this system placement within and as your human physical body, which then indicates that it has become part of your nature. And then, what you do is: you place the construct entirely in and as you and you stand, I remain, what you do in that moment is, you realize that that construct doesn't really exist, in anyway whatsoever, but: because of a point of separation you've manifested and designed and created it, and what you do is: you disengage that point of separation by taking that construct within and as you and just stand one and equal in me as me, I remain. So that's what I assist and support me with in the moment I leave my body, and then I check myself to ensure, you know, I’m clear stable here. And then, I move within and as human beings in this world assisting and supporting me to become more practically specific. So that's basically where we are within the interdimensional existence, within process it's becoming practical specific in assistance and support here and in as this world within and as human beings. What else? And it's interesting because you can see your cells, your atoms, your organs, you're able to go into the very specific details of your entire human physical body design, the whole human physical body manifest design. And you see everything interdimensionally, literally look at your human physical body and just see how everything moves and everything works and you can go in... Oh ! And another point which is quite fun which I enjoy is: I go into one cell, into one blood cell within my human physical body and then, as the blood cell I check me as the blood cell and then clear all blood cells in one moment within and as my entire human physical body. So, you'll be able to do stuff like that, you know, assist and support your human physical body as you within this world. Because what will manifest in your human physical body is the nature of you you've accepted and allowed yourself to become. So in seeing your human physical body interdimensionally you clear you, you assist and support you, the very nature of you. That's also why we're assisting and supporting beings to become a portal, because... you'll be assisting and supporting yourself extensively in assisting and supporting you with the nature of you, purifying you. And that you're always able to check for yourself, you know, you see within the body the moment you go out you check: is there any system placements, is there any thought manifestations that are busy manifesting a system, how does it work how are you doing it... You stop it in that moment within and as you. So your body reflects how you're manifesting yourself, how you're experiencing you. Ok, we'll continue in the next interviews to come. Thanks. CC English Desteni Productions©

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