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Seesmic du Jour #138

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As promised yesterday, here are two new team members at Seesmic. The first one is Rachel. Hello and welcome to Loic. Thank you! So what are you going to do can you explain? Yes, so I'm going to be hosting a new show for Seesmic called "News Worthy". And basically it'll be similar to what I've already been doing on Seesmic, you know throwing out ideas, conversation topics sort of take it from the news, take it from all over, things that are interesting me, things that I see you guys are already talking about. So what's new about it? How do you use the community how it's, our interactivity? What's so amazing is on any typical show, you just present information, and you as the viewer consume and that's it, that's where the buck stops. So this is where our community, our viewers, can consume this information respond, ask questions take it it a totally different direction if they want. So it's a kind of a user generated show, and you are the voice of the community. Yea.... Cool! News Worthy. Welcome Rachel. Tune in. Bye!! We'll be launcing an hour show which will be hosted by Sukhjit. Sukhjit, can you tell us more about this show? Absolutely. Well everybody knows Paris Seesmic is the community, and we also know that they're very opinionated about what they like and what they don't like. It's about connecting the community with the brands themselves? Yes. We'd love to get you like you know special testing products You know like calling Nokia and getting you ten free phones for you to test with.. sure. and the value added for the brand could be like a sort of focus group, You give them feedback. It's the power of using your comments through video. Let me give you an example. I was in a crappy hotel room in Amsterdam at the Hilton, because a travel agent sent me there. It was 350 EUROS, it was a total ripoff, it was crap. and I shoot my camera, and I posted the video, In ten minutes, somebody in my community introduced me to a marketing manager, I mean actually knew the marketing manager of Hilton. Forwarded him this, who forwarded this to I think the hotel manager. That's invaluable feedback, invaluable. You should give suggestions to Rachel and Sukhijt Ideas, feedback, because we are building this with you as we have always been doing with Seesmic. See you tomorrow. Very important question... Glasses or no glasses It's just... shit I'm reading.....[laughing] we, do a lot of talking....out take...cut.. yes...

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