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We know that, the Megillah which we'll read is a total code yes, there is the story that Achashverosh looks for a wife because Vashti didn't come to an affair and he became angry at her there is a hole history how Esther becomes his queen and how she tells her uncle, Mordechai to have the people, pray with her, fasten with her, be with her and she would approach the king. And that history goes on to say how the the people Persia, the Jews Persia won their suffering against Haman. But that's not the history guys! The history is about Joy and grief, darkness and light, love and unity, and the opposite of the two the history is a history about Haman who is the evil inclination, which we all have and Mordechai who represents that positive energy. So matter of fact, even in his name the name Mordechai, the end of that name 'chai' in Aramaic means hawk , it's a bird that flies free and Mor, the beginning is light So, it's a bird of freedom and that's what the name Mordechai really represents. What we're going to read about, and the Megillah is about is to explain to us that, when we allow the energy of Haman and, where's Haman , everybody knows who Haman is is that inclination that talks to us all the time is that force inside ourselves that gives us the doubts, the idea that maybe we're not in the right place that, you know, we probably doing something we're gonna get all kinds of negative thoughts in our mind, that's Haman. Tonight the fight is to allow the process of Mordechai Mordechai to enter and to transform into that place and that's why, by the way, we dress up because we all were costumes all the time, we were the face of anger, we were the the face of all different faces, costumes but in the DNA, in the stage where the embryo before becomes distinguished, we're all the same and tonight, we have Mordecahi and we have Haman in the DNA stage where we tonight transform for ourselves where do we choose to be one of those energies and where is Esther sit in this? first of all, she tells Mordecahi tell the people to 'sum', to make fast for me 'Tzum' the Hebrew division, the energy of that is tzim tzum tell the people that, for this day, for this time, for these three days and, by the way, we know that this hole miracle happened on the thirteenth to the month and we celebrate on the fifteenth, ok that's ok, I'll figure that out, but here, no honestly that's a reason for that, but what she's saying, what happens here? Is she saying, for these three days, allow your thoughts and energies to become spiritual in nature become a part of unity, of a oneness, of a love, of a care and then I can be reveled, who is "I that can be revealed"? Esther Esther, was the Shechinah itself and that's why she was arrested, that's why she was hidden because the light of Malchut is only to be revealed in its totality in our generation because this is the time, when that final light should be revealed and how do we know that? well, we know that as Esther, was Esther in Purim, Esther was Sarah, with Abraham, Esther was Hava [Eve], with Adam and we understand that that's where it started from the same way as Adam and Hava created a relationship that mix positive and negative, here we see the same relationship with taking the negative Haman away and creating only the positive energy, the circular energy, that will generate through Mordechai and Esther we also know something that is very interesting folks and, this is something that I saw and I can't, you know, it's not... but what I saw and what I heard is this, this Galut, this time of the prosecution of the Babylonians ended in the year well, it started in 3338, and ended near 3408 70 years and folks, the state of Israel was built in 1948, and the year 2018 will be 70 years and it has a very very interesting connotation the eights, with the eights, with the eights, with the eights, with Messiah at the end of it, hopefully So, tonight, what we're looking for, what we want from this reading? First of all, we understand that the Kaf Hey Taf the 72 names, and it's not the only 72 names that's coded within the Megillah, the Megillah was talking about a history, it's the history of the mankind, it's the fight it's the fight negative against positive it's our desire to receive for the self alone into unity you know when the Rav used to say, the Rav always said "don't fight the darkness", just rely on the light the darkness will desapear and that's we have to get tonight, the fact to understand that, in the joy, in the great simchat, buy the way, the reason we get drunk on Purim, or we should maybe make an attempt! You know what happens when you're drunk? You don't care with your around, you say what you wanna say, you do what you wanna do, there are no veil the 'ohr harma' enters. tonight is the night of the 'or de Chochmah' tonight is the night there's a spark of the messiah energy that exists within this night and this process and that's why Purim is compared to Yom Ha Kippur, is Yom Ha Ki Purim, a night light Purim, why? because in Yom Kipur we have the light of Bina which is again, the highest semblance of energy, but Purim it says will remain when all the holidays are nullified and the reason that Purim will remain is because when there's no differentiation, when we find a line is above and beyond our universe when the light that we have is absolutely positive and we understand that we're part of that light regardless who we are and we look at each other with love, with that unity exists so true will be our ability to be with the light of the creator how do we know that? it says that when they created the Tower of Babel, they had to confine their language because if they didn't they wouldn't be able to reach the heavens so to it is, when people unify, when there's the ability for people to say "I don't agree what you're saying, but I agree with your right to say that" "and I love you brother, no matter way you're" this is what we're looking for tonigh this is what we're hoping to come out of this reading and with your help, and with the energy that exists in this room, we'll be able to reach that force! Let's have a good time! Purim Sameach

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