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Introduction to Back2Back Mazatlan

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Mazatlán, also known as the Pearl of the Pacific, was founded in 1531. Located on Mexico’s western coast along the Pacific shoreline, Mazatlán is the largest port between the United States and the Panama Canal and has over 15 miles of beaches for tourists to enjoy. Mazatlán is home to around 400,000 people and is known widely as a vacation destination. However, behind the sprawling resorts and the beautiful, historic buildings, there exists a tremendous vulnerability and need for orphan care. Back2Back began working in Mazatlán in 2012, following God’s call to serve orphaned and vulnerable children in this region. Back2Back partners with several children’s homes in Mazatlán – many catering to specific needs being met and making them wholly unique within the ministry and the country they reside. As each child grows in an environment in which they are cared for and afforded opportunity, they each begin to understand that, while trauma may be a part of their history, it is not what defines them. In 2015, the Mazatlán Hope Program launched. Living in a family style setting with house parents, Hope Students are supported through mentorship, scholarships and tutoring, and are encouraged to complete high school and college or a trade school. It offers them the opportunity to be loved and cared for by a married couple called to serve the orphaned and vulnerable child. Back2Back provides students an opportunity to pursue an education and work toward sustainability through the Hope Program. In 2016, Back2Back Ministries felt called to assume sole responsibility and management of Rancho de los Nino’s – a children’s home they had been partnering with for several years. The children’s home is the only one in Mazatlán specializing in caring for children with disabilities and special needs. Depending on the level of need for specialized care, some attend schools equipped to teach children with special needs, while others attend a local public school. Rancho de los Niño’s staff, along with strong local volunteer involvement, works hard to provide each child with the correct therapies to meet their needs and access to medical specialists and doctor’s appointments. Spiritual, physical, educational, emotional, and social needs are met daily in Mazatlán for each child Back2Back serves. Healthy food feeds the body, tutoring feeds the mind, and loving caregivers feed the heart and soul. As Back2Back Mazatlán grows, each child served comes to understand they are seen and known, uniquely individual, and wholly loved by the staff caring for them and a God who is writing their story. Back2Back, through collaboration with other like-minded partners, Mexican nationals caring for their own, and committed sponsors and mission guests, is committed to providing deep, holistic care for orphaned and vulnerable children in Mexico. Offering care for today and hope for tomorrow, we never lose sight of the vision each child will become dependent on Jesus – a devoted follower of Christ; interdependent in their community – a good citizen and neighbor, and an independent adult – able to care for themselves and their family. Back2Back will be faithful to the children and families of Mazatlán as they build the future of their beautiful and vibrant country.

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