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I started when it was 2011 and I got started because my online friends wanted to see me and hear me for once so I made 2 videos for them which are still up and after that I took a 6-month long break and then I thought I should get serious with this youtube thing. My first ever video was 'smoking, drinking, drugs - it's your choice' and it's still up and I remember I was so nervous in that video and I rambled a whole lot too. So it was like really awful but I do think that I have improved since then I have improved a lot - I have a bit better equipment, I guess you could say But I still am not completely happy with the way my channel is right now so there's still room for a lot of improvement. I need to clear this up first - I absolutely don't have anything against people who smoke but I, personally, just me.. I just don't find anything beneficial in doing that but I definitely wouldn't stop being anyone's friend if they did it cuz that's just stupid but yeah, I don't find anything beneficial... that it doesn't help or improve me in any way so I don't do that. it's just my opinion, though. This is kind of a good question because my channel is not like those where you would expect to see some kind of style at all times I don't do anything specific. You know, it's just whatever, it's just me, it's whatever I come up with. And I guess I just try to say it how it is and be myself more. Definitely have to say Miranda Sings because she's so funny, she just makes me laugh a lot. And I also like Anna Akana. Literally every video that I've seen of hers, I like. And I also love Miles Jai because he's not afraid to be different and is just himself. And that's what I like, it's so cool. Oh my god, what are you waiting for? Do it! Stop watching this video and go do it! Go get started right now! Cuz you know, youtube is kind of this situation where you have nothing to lose but a whole lot to win. And my advice would be to do whatever you like doing cuz there are no limits but don't get inappropriate though, with no limits. Just do what you like to do. Also, don't expect a big audience overnight. Just don't expect people to find you just like that. Cuz you gotta have patience, youtube is one thing where you gotta have a lot of it. And I am one of those people that believes youtube isn't about getting lucky it's about doing your thing, and just keep doing it, don't stop no matter what, do your thing and it'll come. Everything will come. I have something I call a "starter" website, it's - I post all the bigger video projects there and I also have twitter - @AYRENvids if you'd like to follow me. I don't tweet much as of now but maybe I will once I get a lot of people following me. I mean you never know. I also have facebook, it's Go like it, and if you message me there or comment, I will reply. Thank you for taking the time to watch this interview today throw a good thumb if you enjoyed it and subscribe if you'd like to see more of my stuff. And until then, take care!

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Country: Estonia
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Posted by: ayrenvids on May 29, 2013


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