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Michael Jackson

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Is that as good as it gets, as a performer? Gee. If I say... No! I'll sound arrogant!

I always. I don’t think I’m ever please with my performances. Never. And after that performance I wasn't happy either. I wanted to do the fly spin, go on the toes and freeze there. Just hold it and stay there. You know. And I didn't. They didnt, or... You have to top yourself all the time. And, it's that the hardest part? I'm the next one who's always got the toughest one. Because people expect more and more. ♫ Cause this is thriller, thriller night. ♫ More from the music and more surprises from the comedian looks, which became more extreme. ♫ Who's bad. ♫ You wonder if this is still his plan, or like faust his prison. Even today Jackson obsesses over every word, every move. Every sound. Hit it. What you're hearing is not the electric drum machine, is a hardwired 48 track digitally mastered human. Know what I mean? I'll take that and use that as the main foundation for the track and build all the sounds around that. You know what I'm saying? ♫ Slender ♫ So whatever the future, the music is still inside the man, who says soon youll be back. But he's most at home. Are you really anxious to get back on stage? I miss the fans. That’s my chance to get to really, you know, see them and feel their presence. ♫ They follow each other on the wind you know ♫ ♫ 'Cause they got nowhere to go ♫ ♫ That's why I want you to know ♫ ♫ I'm starting with the man in the mirror ♫ And you do a concert and there are like 100 thousand people out there, and there's a song that you know in a little hotel room somewhere, and you see people singing on the air all unison. Holding up candles. And you go wow. You know it just really makes your heart hard beat. And makes you feel like everything is ok. ♫ You know it, you know it, you do. ♫ ♫ Make that change. ♫ I'm so shy.

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Posted by: delmarobledo on May 16, 2013


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