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New World Order collaborators from Czech Republic

0 (0 Likes / 0 Dislikes) translation project Karel Schwarzenberg (candidate for Czech president in 2012) 4x attended Bilderberg meeting 10 years member of Trilateral commission which was founded by David Rockefeller on Bilderberg meeting Thomas is asking from internet chat: Can you please explain your visit to the Bilderberg meeting? And what is your opinion on the fact that Herman von Rompuy was picked there? And that he later became the president of EU? Should not these meetings of powerful people be more transparent? We had a number of questions on that topic here - on your activities like that Not only Thomas was concerned about Rompuy's election But also chairman of Europe of Freedom and Democracy group in European parliament Nigel Farage Was concerned about transparency of Rompuy's elections He did not get an answer but instead he was fined 3000 Euros. Who are you? Nobody in Europe has ever heard of you I would like to ask you Mr. president: Who voted for you? And on what mechanism? I know democracy is not popular with you And in what way can people remove you? Is this European democracy? His colleague Mario Borgezio also pointed out that the other nominees for EU president were also members of Bilderberg group and Trilateral commission And I would like to ask you When I look on these 3 candidates Balkebende, Miliband and Van Rompuy How is it possible that nobody has noticed that all of them are regular Bilderberg and Trilateral commission attendees I think we should apply the transparency principles which are so much spoken of We should know whether these people are nominees of their own countries or they are simply candidates of these occult groups which meet behind the close doors behind our backs Those are the conspiracy theories about Bilderberg Bilderberg is not conspiracy group which rules the world They also haven't invented Herman von Rompuy Sir you are getting out of that question Yes Bilderberg is non-formal meeting of powerful people where they have excellent lectures And high level discussions which I listened to with pleasure But no decisions are made there that is only illusion George McGee former ambassador of USA in Germany Said that the Treaty of Rome, which created the common European market was created on Bilderberg meeting According to materials available creation of EURO was discussed on Bilderberg as early as in 1955 in Garmish-Parkenkirchen Jacques Attali - former director of EBRD Bank member of Bilderberg History teaches us that if Europe doesn't get it act together in next few years with a proper European government the whole European project will collapse Because if we don't move forward we will fall back And if we don't have one finance minister one budget, one economic policy, one social policy, the euro itself will have no meaning Because the Euro cannot exist without a single minded European discipline So the EU of tomorrow must be completely integrated economically or it will cease to exist? Exactly, or each nation will revert to protectionism and that is a thread to world growth either we are heading towards the WORLD GOVERMENT or we are going to put national interest first This idea of the WORLD GOVERMENT will frighten many people Indeed it will, that is only to be expected because it seems like a fantasy But there is already global authority in many areas: In airline security, in football, in banking And even it is hard to think of the European government at the moment Which is there but very weak Europe can at least press on its experience to world If we are not capable of creating economic framework alongside with political framework in Europe then we are never going to do it on the global scale And then the world economic model will breakup and we will be back to the great depression So no informal decisions are created there So the people are asking if the actions of this group have some influence on Czech republic We had such questions from our viewers. NO really NOT For most of the members of the Bilderberg is Czech republic not that important Pavel Telicka member of Trilateral commission, chief negotiator for the entrance of Czech republic into the EU No supports new political party VV Jan Svejnar member of Trilateral commission, candidate for Czech president former supporter of Czech socialists now actively supports VV party in Czech Alexandr Vondra member of Trilateral commission with forced Czech conservative party (ODS) to vote for Lisbon treaty Jiri Pehe Bilderberg attendee, extreme critic of president Vaclav Klaus, now support socialist (CSSD) Vaclav Havel former Czech president Euro-federalist and member of Club of Rome Extreme critic of Vaclav Klaus, now actively supports the Green Party So why are people so many interested in this topic? Because some 20 years ago there were written books in America which blame Bilderberg that it is group of rich and powerful who seek to for WORLD GOVERMENT Who want to establish NEW WORLD ORDER. That is of course big bullshit! George W. Bush, former president of USA, member of Bilderberg We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generation NEW WORLD ORDER a world where a rule of law, not the law of the jungle governs the conduct of nations when we are successful and we will be We have a real chance if this NEW WORLD ORDED an order in which credible UN can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the UN's founders Who founded UN and what are his visions? Why we are no told in school? The connection between the UN, New York and the Rockefeller foundation is clearly drawn So if we can play the video I really appreciate you are watching it. I think you are going to enjoy it very very much. General secretary of UN On the eve of the fifties anniversary of the UN it is important to recognize more than just an event From the early steps of the UN the Rockefeller family embodied the idealism of those years The gift of the site by John D. Rockefeller junior of the permanent world capital in New York The Rockefeller families' commitment to the UN did not end with this exceptional gift It continues to the present day and it is personified by David Rockefeller whom we honor. Not only Rockefellers funds financed the creation of UN, but also few years earlier they financed NAZI institutions for racial hygiene in Germany. Kaiser Wilhelm Institute served as a headquarters for this ideology Joseph Mengele was amongst its employees BOOK: THE NAZI CONNECTION David Rockefeller Prominent member of Bilderberg group, founder of Trilateral commission Honorary chairmen of Council for foreign relations Supporter of Club of Rome - which runs the global warming scam David Rockefeller on the page 405 of his memoirs writes: Some believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interest of the United stations Characterizing my family and me as internationalist who are conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - one world if you wish If that is the charge. I stand guilty and I am proud of it. Message to the Trilateral commission members: Treason is according to law a criminal act, which is committed by the one who in connection with foreign power or person commits an act of dismantling republic. Jose Barroso - chairmen of EU commission from 2004 Member of EPP and Maoist during his university years In financial crisis Europe is leading the way towards the global solution Today Europe can propose the principles and rules that will shape a NEW GLOBAL ORDER European socialists discussed the NEW WORLD ORDER in December 2009 in Prague (Paroubek - chairmen of Socialist party) New global order is major agenda of European socialist (PES) since 2003 Let's take a look at what it contains Formation of one European army (Schwarzenberg is big promoter of that) Creation of one European government (as we hear more and more because of debt crisis) Inserting EU into global government structure (As you can find in program of new VV party in Czech) Antidiscrimination and other crazy laws, which dismantle free society and morals Common immigration policy for EU (plan to import 56 million Muslims into the EU) Creation of the one world super bank (as we hear more and more in connection with financial crises) Cutting of the CO2 emissions by 95 percent by the year 2050 (despite the fact that global warming is already uncovered fraud) Creation of new global taxes (soon carbon tax and financial transaction tax) And totally hypocritical fight against the poverty (as biofuels cause millions of poor people to die each year) Do not vote NEW WORLD ORDER or its ZEITGEIST alternative Vote freedom and national sovereignty for you and your children Make similar interviews with Trilateral commission members around the world Visit Bilderberg meetings and alert your fellow citizens Support Nigel Farage (UK), Ron Paul (USA), Vaclav Klaus (Czech Republic) And get ready for economic depression and civil unrest in years to come We shall prevail! 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We made this video to uncover Czech members of Trilateral commision and Bilderberg group

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