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The Venus Project World Lecture Tour in Portugal (4)

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So, love is a fluctuating thing. Even if you get married and you love the guy, -Part 4- Sometimes you find out you love him that much, sometimes that much, sometimes "How did I get into this?" So, love is a fluctuating thing. Not fixed. A lot of people lie about me. They say: "Fresco receives money from the Vatican. He receives money from the one worlders or he receives money from the banking institutions." They'll lie about anybody who is trying to effect change. You must expect that. If you get up and fight years ago for women's rights, you had rotten eggs thrown at you. Women were not allowed to vote in America and when they fought against child labor in factories, the people that marched for it, had rotten eggs thrown. They were beaten up by police. Police serve whatever nation is around. They don't give a shit about people. If a policeman really cared, if you were driving fast he'd say: "Pull over" and then he'd say: "Do you have a driver's license" and he shows it. He said: "Well, what's your hurry?" "Well, I think my kid is sick" or "My boss...if I come late again I'll lose my job." He'd say: "Well, be careful next time." See. It isn't: "Where have you learned to drive?" "Let me see your drivers license." These are bullies, not people. And people who work in prisons are very stupid. Now, when a man steals a watch worth an hundred and fifty bucks, third time, third offence, they put him in jail for six years. You know how many watches that cost? Figure it out. You give medical care, food for six years, cheaper to give him a watch. Think about it. The management of your country and all countries are by stupid people, very stupid. Now, I don't want you to take my word from it. Walk over any politician and say: "How would you prevent cars from hitting each other?" "I don't know." "How can you grow more food so people are well feed." "Hmm, I don't know." "How can you prevent war?" "I don't know." They don't know anything, believe me. They are businessmen... Another thing I wanna say about politicians is that they do say things people like to hear. When people, most of them, believed the Earth was flat, there was a time when they did. The politicians would say: "Folks, the Earth is a little round and a little flat." Then, you get along with everybody. It is not the business of science to get along with anybody. It's to tell the truth. If you believe the Earth is flat, they show you all kinds of instruments and all the indications that make them believe it's round. So, when I was a kid I said...some of you know I'm 94 years old. Well, when I was 41 I said: "How you gonna change the world? So many different kinds of people. In the Arab world, a guy has six wives and that's normal there. In other countries, they wear a bone throw their nose. People are so different. How you gonna change them?" And the first thing you have to learn to say, which is the most difficult: "I don't know." So, I'm gonna tell you what thinking is. Thinking is talking to yourself. When I say: "I'll see you Saturday." He looks up and says: I have to take the kids to Aunt Mimi, Saturday. I can't see you." Thinking it's nothing magic. It's talking to yourself. So, when talking to myself, I said: "How are you gonna change the world." I said, I didn't know. So I said: "Why don't you try to find out if your system works?" I said: "Yeah, that's a good idea." So, I joined the Klu Klux Klan, how many have you knew that? And I dissolved it in a month and an half alone, in Miami. They were about 32 members in that group. Then, I joined the White Citizen Councils. They hate foreigners. All foreigners And I dissolved that in one month. Then, I went to Brooklyn and I came back from California into Brooklyn and I asked a lot of people what the most backward people were in Brooklyn. They said: "The Arabs that live in the Atlantic Avenue." I said: "What make you think the Arabs are backward?" "They still believe the Earth is flat." So, I said: "Boy, if I can't change them how am I gonna change the world?" So, I called the leader. You always deal with the leader of the group. That goes with the Klan, too. I called the leader, his name was Elbaz. He was an Arab, obviously and he said to me, first thing on the phone: "You are Arab?" With that kind of face. I said: "Ee." That means "Yes" in Arabic. I speak a little bit of many languages. So he said: "From where you're father born?" I said: "Lebanon" He said: "Very good. Come and see me". Come and see me. So I came and see him and he said to me: "You believe the world is round?" I said: "Yes". He went... That means from where he comes from that make sense. "Can't be." So I said...he said...He pointed to his head first to show me how smart he was. He went like this and he said: "If the world is round," Like that. "man fall me down here. All the water fall me down from the world." So I said: "Boy, if I can't turn that guy around how am I gonna turn the world around?" So I gave him a balloon that I brought with me and I rubbed it with fur real fast. I put cornflakes in his hand and told him to hold his hand away from the balloon. Does anybody know what happens if you rub a balloon and hold your hand under with cornflakes? All the cornflakes jump up to the balloon. They're electrostatically attracted. And he scratched his head, his jaw hit the pavement. He said: "World is magnet?" I said: "Yeah" "Ahhh!" And he explained that to all the other Arabs. In an hour and an half, I turned something they believed in all their lives. Now, of course that's not easy to do with religion. Because, I had two catholic priests used to attend my seminars. And one of them said: "The trouble with you Fresco is you wanna make the world a better place. My kingdom is up there." I said: "You ought to read your Bible." Jesus said: "I will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven." There's no money, no business, no private ownership. So I would say the Venus Project is the nearest thing to religion. But only it's not verbal, it's real. Now, they also say that, when I went to religious schools, they told me God knows everything. He made every galaxy, every bug, every flower, every plant. And I thought: "Well, maybe he does". "Why did Jesus insult God?" The priest says: "I don't remember Jesus insulting God". "Well, here's what he did. It says in the Bible: "Just before Jesus was nailed to the cross or crucified, he looked up and he says: "Father, forgive them, for they don't know what they do." The guy says: "Gee, I never thought of that." You see, how ridiculous that is. Telling God to forgive them for they didn't know what they were doing. So, God didn't know that? And then you say: "It hasn't rained for years, my corn is drying up. I need rain." Dig a ditch and irrigate the area. God said: "By their work you should know them", not their bullshit. And when you get in church: "God, I need a new car, my wife needs a job." You're all dictating to God what to do. So men makes God in his own image. Some guy sitting on a throne that looks down to the world and says: "If you don't behave yourself, I'm gonna flood the whole damn thing." Some guy sitting on a throne that looks down to the world and says And this doesn't sound like God that loves everybody. So, he told Noah to build himself an ark and take two kinds of every animal. But of course they don't tell you where he got the polar bear and the giraffe. But, let's say he got two kinds of every animal. If he did, the boat would be a mile long. Who cleans the shit out of that boat? So, that's what I mean by...everything has to change in the world, because we're living in a very old system. I'm not talking about technology. That's racing forward. But human values are the same. They're not moving. And I'm talking about a different kind of world, where there's no crime, no serial killers, no hungry people, no armies, navies, police or prisons. Well, they say: "Man has always been evil, ever since he was created." Now, the story they tell us: "God made a woman and a man. And set them in a beautiful garden." And according to the Bible, snakes used to walk upright.

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The Venus Project World Lecture Tour in Portugal (Parte 4)

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