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6.Sudha Chandran I lost my leg when I was 16 flv

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She is one of television's most familiar faces, The vamp everyone loves to hate. Life was beautiful for Sudha Chandran until she was sixteen. And, that a horrific bus accident brought everything to a standstill. And, just when the world thought that her future had ended even before it has started, Sudha Chandran proved them wrong. Sudha, life is what happens to you, when you're busy making other plans, isn't it? Quite true, actually. When I was sixteen I had just started dreaming about my life. I think... sixteen is the age when you actually decide what you want to do in life. You were initiated into Bharat Natyam when you were only thee years old! Yes! It'd be very untrue if I said at the age of three I'd decided I wanted to be a dancer, because at the age of three nobody can decide what you want to do. So, it was what was decided for me by my parents. And, I always thought that dance and my education, and you know... * life is going to be beautiful... and, very unfortunate, because, I was coming back from Trichy to Madras. We go there every year for our yearly pilgrimage. We were coming back from there. And, everything was wonderful, because, we had a wonderful darshan, and you know... Just about forty kilometers from Trichy, there is a temple called Samayapuram which is a Devi's temple. And, this driver, like in south, it's a practice, before they take on a night journey, they go to the temple and give their offerings. And, he did that. And, I was awake, we're all awake, we're all talking And, suddenly there was one bang. And, before we even realized what was happening, and then, you know, everybody was scattered. And, it took us some time to realize we've met with an accident. And, you know when you're not even prepared for it, you're so young. And I remember because I was such a pampered child, I've never seen the hard facts of life. For me, life was very rosy, because, my parents made sure that I got the best in my life. So, I remember when I was on the streets, on the highway, and, the driver was breathing his last on my lap. And, he was asking me for water, and I didn't know from where to get water. And, all that I could find was a baniyan, and, there was some... I mean, it was full... I shouldn't be saying that it was some gutter. All that I could do was just dip it there and put it into his mouth. But, I still feel that, you know, if I am successful today, may be that... that person must have blessed me, because I came in from nowhere to help him out. What happened to you in the accident? Infact, I was the only person who was quite okay there, because, I'd just sustained a fracture in my right femur which I realized when I... I tried to walk, I felt something was very wobbling around. There was no pain? I really didn't realize, because, there was so much happening all around. And, it was an 'Amavasya ki Raat'. So, pitch dark. And, suddenly I found these four boys. They gave me a splinter. They tied a baniyan around me. They say, "I think You've got a fracture." My mom was declared dead. And, they told me, "Please sign the death certificate." And, suddenly when I realized, I saw that she was breathing. She was given an overdose of sleeping pills. That was the time I realized she's alive. So, we put her into the ambulance. My dad was bleeding through his nose. It took me two days to understand the fact that my parents were still alive. When did you realize that your thigh bone had been fractured? That I realized after the accident, immediately. But, as usual, the government hospitals, they just sutured the wound and put a plaster of paris. I had a small cut on my ankle which was... which had gone unnoticed. And, that's where the gangrene set in. The root cause of the gangrene setting in was that small cut at the ankle. And, it was fractured. So, they put the plaster of paris. And, by the time my father could actually take control of the situation, which was almost about two weeks. And, it was a police case. So, we couldn't an exit out of that place. Finally, my father decided to sign it. He took me out on my own risk. By then, my family came in from Madras. Then he brought me to Madras. And, by the time they opened the... I remember that day when I was admitted in Vijay Hospital, Madras. And, Dr. Derek D'Souza, who was attending on me, cut the p-o-p (plaster of paris), and he said, "Oh God, why did they do this?" So, I said, "what happened?" So, he said, "No." I mean, the doctor immediately takes control of a situation. But, I knew at that time something that we were heading for disaster. It was 5th of June, 1981, when my mom came. She just looked at me and she went off. My dad came in, he held my hand, he said, "Sudha... There's a news that I've to break to you." I said, "Yes." He said, "Tomorrow, they are taking you to the operation theater, and, they're going to amputate your leg." I mean, suddenly I felt it was like I could relate my life today to the crash, September 11th crash when the twin tower just came crashing down. For me it was my life, we just went like that. I mean, I... I didn't know where I have to start from and where am I going to. And, how long my parents are going to be able to sustain with me. See, everything in paper sounds beautiful. But, for me every day was a struggle. That two year, if I have to rewrite again, or relive again, I would never want to. Never again, because, once you become a successful story, these things start weighing to the past. Then they become very bleak. But, if you ask to relive that again, it's very difficult. So, read in the papers about Dr. Sethi and the Jaipur... Dr. P.K. Sethi, at that time, was the national hero. So, I wrote to him and I was really surprised, because, I got a reply within two days from Dr. P.K. Sethi. I went there. And, I went to meet him. And, the moment I met him, I said... I mean, my first question was, "Doctor, can I walk?" But, I don't know, when I saw him, I asked, "Doctor, can I dance?" And, he said, "Yeah, why not?" Was it something about him? Where did you get that, I really didn't know? ...a sudden bout of inspiration? And, it's so beautiful, because when I met him, he gave me the Jaipur foot. I danced. '84, I was on stage. After the show he came to me. He says, "Great, you did it. But, how did you?" I said, "How did you?" I said, "Doc, you told me I could do it?" He just said, "Let me tell you today... when I saw your innocent face, I couldn't say no." Sudha, but, it was amazing that you went in for that dance performance with about thousand people in the audience. How did you feel before you got on the stage with that Jaipur foot? I was not expecting a thousand people, no. Five hundred? No... It was totally a family affair. My father told me, "Well, baby, about twenty people in the auditorium..." And, I remember, when the curtain opened, and, I came on the stage, I had a standing ovation. The thousand people we are standing and they were all clapping. I said I have not achieved anything. They said, no. It was the attitude with which you came into the stage said, "Go to hell man... I'm back." I think that made me perform for three hours. And, without realizing the fact that I've lost a leg. If I had to go kaput, everything would have collapsed; Dr. P.K. Sethi on his stand, my Guru on his stand, my parents, me... So, I think it was a joint effort. And, at the end of the day, I sincerely believe my family deity has blessed me. I remember the fact like we're talking about a very modern society Bombay. But, I remembered the fact that when people used to come and talk to me, "How much of your leg have you lost? Oh, your mother wanted to make you a filmstar, How unfortunate?" They would say this upfront? Yes, I have heard all this. And, that is a reason, I wanted to prove, and I knew my parents, I wouldn't say that they were ashamed of me, no. But, somewhere, every father, mother, dream something for the child. So, they used to feel very disappointed that one child, but, unfortunately this happened. And, I remember my mother going out to the market to get vegetables after 8 in the evening, because, she didn't want to meet people who asked us stupid questions.

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6.Sudha Chandran I lost my leg when I was 16 flv

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