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U13 Session Part 3 Part plus interview

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We're going to play a game now to the two target goals. I'm going to bring them on the pitch quite a bit and the middle goal. So we're going to defend this goal and we're going to play out with our back 4, midfield 3 into target goal, target goal, big goal. Makes sense. So you get it in them, you get a point. You get it in that one you get 2. There it is. Just kick it in. Fine. What was on an angle, the goal or the ball? It's going to stay on an angle now though so you're in trouble. Good shape Blue's. Good. Can you go and score? Yellows stop them scoring. Excellent. Love that. OK. So here's the rule, if Blues scores they get to keep possession and start back with the keeper. OK. So if Blues score they get to keep it. Yes. Excellent, forward. Can you get in front of him? Good. Good. Good can you play? Good, back foot and play, excellent love that. Can you get on it again? Where's all the space? Here Yellows, play from there, throw in quick. Go on score. Love it, here you go. There you go. Play from there. Love that, love that. Love that, excellent you ready? You ready? Good. Get yourself back in shape. You're going to let these play out, if you don't get back in shape. Just leave the footballs, don't worry about the footballs. Don't worry about the footballs. I'll deal with them. Excellent out the other way. Can he get it to you? Yes love that. Excellent, well done. Good. Can you get on it, can you help him? OK hold it there, ball back to Ruben. Go where you would go if Ruben's got the ball there, take your position off the ball. So are you going to mark him or mark space? Perfect. So what have we've got in front of us, talk to me Blues what we got in front of us? So what's Joe all of a sudden just realised as he started moving? So there's some space isn't there Justin, behind you? So there is nothing wrong with if Josh starts to do that and we see space, there is nothing wrong with that happening. If we can get players into the space, OK. What might that make Yellows do? It might make them move the shape, what else? They may drop off a little bit and then what does that mean for you 3? You get more space to do what? Receive the ball and try and play. But at the moment you're a little bit flat, don't forget. OK. So if there's space to play into, play into it by all means, if not come and get it to feet. Ready. Off your first touch and you play. Play. Good. Tuck in. Tuck in for me Ash. Tuck round for me Josh, good boy. Then as it comes you're in. Can you get a finish Louie? Excellent, excellent. Great spot. Good. So if they get it I want you to stop him breaking, so if you can get in line with the goal. Can you play forward? Yes, great idea. Love it, OK. Blues hold it there, little bit harder for you. Josh, come and put a Yellow on. Yellows you've got 30 seconds, to come up with a way of stopping Blues playing through you. Yellows get together off you go. Blues in you come. Get together quickly. So no, you haven't got a striker now. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 of them. There's only 8 of you, including your keeper. If you need to play in from here into the goals, that's absolutely fine because that would you might do that in game. Play as realistically as you can when we lose it though, I want you to do what? [PLAYERS:] Get back. [COACH:] Into a? Who said delay? Great word. So try and delay them, stop them playing where? [PLAYERS:] Through the lines. [COACH:] And protect the goal and then go from there. Offsides are in, you can drop kick it if you want but try and play if you can. So what I want these 3 to get used to playing on different lines and what I'll do is we'll rotate between you and Yellows as we go, so I might bring Saul in and chuck you out there. In terms of the design of what you've done, what's been your thinking and why why the three goals why the space? We play 3 upfront so replicate our 7, 9 and 11 in a game, in essence and the Blues have been tasked with not just shelling it in. So it's a pass into that goal. So if that was a striker they have to be able to deal with it. Angle them a little bit. Weirdly just a tiny bit, because of our 7-11 will probably coming in play off the line a little bit, rather than being square and flat against people. There's a little bit on that as well because that'll determine the type of pass that maybe goes into it. I try to keep it as close to the game as possible, because we've done a load of technical work for 6 years hence why some of them can play, and they can receive and they've got some of the fundamentals and the basics in place so it's actually giving them a bit of an exposure to what it looks like. Ruben's got it. So a bit of an exposure to say, Ashley in a game when you've got people against you, what happens like that would you play there now, when he's got two against him. Maybe because we trust him. And it breaking down is not a problem because they need to think about that and then they look over this way rather than solving it. [INTERVIEWER:] His reaction is really interesting isn't it, in terms of that one, he's taking some of the responsibility for it Interesting how he responds next. [COACH:] Yeah absolutely. [INTERVIEWER:] Very interesting position, whether he changes decision. [COACH:] Yeah and I'd hope, knowing him as I know him, I think he'll go again and get it. The thing that is actually what is the decision making that's going on in his mind because actually it's a great movement to get there but is it right? And it's probably a bit of work with the keeper, of do you give it him or do you see what other pictures appear, ahead of that because he attracted 2 to him because they know he'll want to play. So there's probably another picture somewhere that's free and you'll get to see it. Ruben's got it. He's not got it as deep which is quite interesting. So either he's realised it's his fault and he should've stayed higher and not dropped as deep and squared himself off or whether it's just I don't want it yet, I want to see how it goes. Probably something I'll probe a little bit as we drip back through. Play, Yellow's have got it. Can you go and score? Great Position. Why was it hard for Yellows to play out? [PLAYER:] Because they kept pressing high and we couldn't get out. [COACH:] Get passed that first press. [PLAYER:] It was hard for us because we had the three goals, they could always go for the middle one and then turn out. [COACH:] Do you know what, what an answer that is. So you had three goals to defend so it's going to be harder. You had no keeper and you had three goals to defend, so brilliant answer, that's perfect. As the session evolved how did your thinking change as a coach? So yeah we went into the sort of maybe the part bit of the session. But it still was quite a game realistic but were focused, my head was on the midfield 3 but I probably didn't do enough detail with them because they got out quite quickly. So we had the three target goals which replaced our wide players so 7, 11 and 9 that they could play into, and again there was probably no formal stop standstill stuff. There may have been a couple in there. But a lot of it was just dripping information in as we were going, little drive bys, little bits of information, sort of over the top of a session, can you play on a different line. Don't be flat. Some of the stuff that they already know because we've done it, for a couple of weeks. To then drop it into the session, in my head I'm thinking up an idea to do a little bit more work in that bit. In that 20 minute blast I probably should have done a bit more detail. Thats probably someone I'll just park and pick up on Wednesday. It might be that we do a little bit just with them 3 or 4 against another 3 or 4 in maybe a little more of an isolated practice.

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