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COP Creative Jacque Fresco Lecture Part 8

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Let me have a little bit of this first. -My name's Daniel Rosenberg and I'm thinking of the prospect of how fast the Venus Project could be implemented. And secondly also, being a little flippant here in Demark which is where I live... ..and are regarded as "hobbit" kind of county... ...where we are very, very insulated. We are on the top of the food chain... ...and but it's probably one of the best places in Scandinavia to create a Venus Project... ...if there were, you know, philanthropists getting together. I know this sounds Utopian to people, but how fast could this be done do you think? Provided that there was a lot of goodwill and good people. -I'm sorry, these gadgets don't work too well. I still don't know what your question is. -The question is how fast can the Venus Project be made real? How, is what you do. Doesn't depend on me. I have no power at all. It's what you do. What ever country I go to and speak... ...if the people do nothing, nothing will happen. The more you work at it and educate people as to what the Venus Project is, the sooner you'll see it. Or if you do nothing, we'll probably kill each other. Our language, our social habits are moving towards self destruction. And environmental destruction. I don't like what I'm saying, but I just have to. Yes sir. -We have a question over here. Hello, my name is Marius [xxx?]. I was wondering, you talked about the current definition of sustainability where... just means that the people in power get to stay in power and keep the system the way it is. -That's what they mean by sustainability. -Sorry? -That's what they mean by sustainability. -Right! If you were to implement these new cities using the new resource based system rather than the monetary system... How do you propose to bridge the gap... ...where you build a city that is resource based... a context that's still monetary based? -I understand. Years ago when I first was designing this system I asked myself, that's what thinking is, talking to yourself... I asked myself... How are you gonna change all these people? They have different values, different customs, different languages, different interpretations. So that's the time I joined the Ku Klux Klan in Miami. The reason I joined, to see if I could change them. So I disolved that organisation in a month and a half. Alone. Then I joined the "White citizens council" The White citizens council hates foreigners. All foreigners. So I joined that organisation, I disolved it in one month. Then I asked some questions in New York. What are the most backward people in the area? They said "The Arabs!" I said "What makes you think they're backward?" "That group still believes the earth is flat." Not all Arabs, the group they were talking about. So I said "Boy, if I'm going to try to change the world, I've got to change them!" So I called up the lead Arab. He wanted to know whether I was an arab and I said yes. I'm not an arab, that's to gain entry. So he said to me "Where was your father born?" and all that... ..and I gave him places that he would accept. So he said "come and saw me", which means "come and see me". So when I came to see him he said to me "You believe the world she round?". I said "Yes". He went "tut tut tut". In his language that means it can't be right, you're wrong. So he held up his hands like this, and he said... "Jacque, if world he round, man fall me down here... ...all the water, he fall me down from the world. There'd be no ocean, nothing. He kept pointing to his head, how smart he was. So I figured I have to get to that guy, if I wish to change the world. So I gave a rubber balloon and I rubbed it with fur... ...and I put cornflakes in his hand and told him to hold it away from the balloon. Those of you that don't know this, if you rub a balloon with fur... ...or rub it fast... generate static electricity, then it stuck the cornflakes up to the balloon. So all the cornflakes jumped out of his hand, up to the balloon. And his jaw hit the pavement! He said "World, he magnet?" I said "Yes!" "Ahhhhhh!" Then he explained that to all the other arabs. In an hour and a half they accepted the fact that the earth is round. When I took a few of those arabs to an airport, they'd never seen an aeroplane. And they turned to Elbez, who was their leader. They said "Why for they put the fan on the front of the aeroplane?" The fan meaning the propeller. Elbez said "The aeroplane go up near to the sun, it gets hot. So they put the fan infront". Now, he was using his background. There's nothing wrong with that. Nobody ever does anything wrong by the way. They use whatever knowledge they have. If the knowledge doesn't fit reality, they suffer. So, no one ever makes mistakes. The first guy that played around with nitric acid and glycerine... ...the building disappeared, so did the guy. So his brother in law wrote -Never fool with that stuff. The first guy that wanted to fly built two sets of wings... ...three feet on each side. He jumped off the Eifel tower and he died. And his brother in law wrote -Make wings larger next time. Where do you think it comes from? If no one ever makes a mistake, how are they going to know? Yes? -I was just wondering, when you see your vision of the future... made me think about, because the lack of presence of police and army and so on and prisons... -You mean during the transition? -Yes. It made me think about what William Burroughs once wrote. He wrote that a true police state doesn't need any police... ...because people are policing themselves. Is that what you are thinking about? -Well I don't quite understand your question. -I'm asking, is this you know, the fulfillment of a total police state? No. The city that I show you here is transitional. There's no final cities. Everything I make, build, I always change... month, next year. There's no final frontiers. And everything I work on is all transitional. So, everything that you saw on that screen is not the way the future is gonna be. If things the city I design, the kids in the future, that will be a straight jacket for them. They'll design their own cities. See, if you make a statue of Fresco and put it there and say he designed the city... hold people back. There are no great men in the future. There are no beauty contests. There's nothing like that in the future. 'Cos everybody works on the world to make it better... ...and they're all received as friends. There's nobody out there to take anything away from you. -But how[xxx?]is your vision of the future with human nature. -Very good. Because, you know, you said everybody will be functional inhabitants in the city. -Within the context. But what about people who doesn't want to take part, who doesn't want to participate? Ok, very good. The countries that don't wanna join... ...let's say many countries join, but some won't join this universal world project... ...this is true. But they're on their own. They don't get the advantages of the cooperative group. So, if there's a group like the Amish people... ..who wanna live their own group, their own life style. They don't wanna live in our cities, they wanna live out in the country, with their own projects. We'll put up the buildings for them, design the buildings for them... the food production systems for them... ...if they want us to. But we don't control them. Now, if they say "We don't like your materials, we want wood, we like wood." Then if it catches fire, it's your problem. Do you understand? -Ya, but... -If you want to go the old way, if you don't wanna take... ...everything we design in buildings... ...your matresses will be inflated with CO2 gases... if you happen to smoke and drop a cigarette on it, it puts it out. But, if you want to go ahead the old way, that's up to you. You're responsable for it if you don't live in our cities. Our cities have no fire engines, no police, no prisons. 'Cos everything designed in the city is fireproof. And you don't have signs "drive carefully, school district, 15 miles an hour". The power output in that region to your car is 15 miles per hour. So you can step on the gas all you want to... ...all your car does is 15 miles an hour. Then there are signs today "Drive carefully, school children crossing." Well, we have a pavement that looks like two combs. When a kid presses the button to cross the street... ...the pavement turns up like that so no car can hit the kid. Do you understand what I'm getting at? Not a sign, be nice, be kind, be careful. No, we build it in the city system.

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COP Creative Jacque Fresco Lecture Part 8

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