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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~16:01:36 - 16:16:37

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Biswick! Biswick! Biswick! Biswick! He's going to cry really hard! He's loving it. Hey! Buddy, I'm tired. -Who do you think you are? -Huh? -I won't accept the name Spiderman. -Are you a Biswick? -Spider! -The older one is Biswick. -Edith! We should go to the office. We should sit in the big office building. I hid in there, I could see all of you. I thought Sunganani was just going to pass by. You're it! It's Sunganani. No way! No way! No! That not going to work here. Don't bother us, ok? No way! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Mother, it's war time! Mother, it's war time! -We saw it before. -Mother, it's war time. Oh! It's war time. Mother, Mother... Edith, can you see what he's doing? Are you over there? Sunganani! Edith! Behind you! -You didn't get me! All I did was squat! -What did Memory do wrong? Mother, it's war time. Are you a Biswick? Hey, Memory. -I'm taking a little break. -Are you quitting? -No Memory! -What? Excuse me a second. -Excuse us, what are we meant to do? No excuses. You want to start something with me, Sunga? Go ahead and argue. -Thama fell! Thama fell down. -Excuse me for a sec! -Thama was knocked down.-No, he fell on his own. Charles! Did you see the way Charles fell over? Yes, I saw it. Blessings suckled from Simeon's breast. -You're a loser. -Come and suckle! Gosh! You act like it's dinner time. -Who's up? -It's Edith. Edith, you cheat! -Edith, there goes your mouse. -Excuse me a sec! She's with... -Kasimu! -Yeah! Oh mum! He's going to catch me! -What's the matter? -Who? -Hey Edith! -Edith's missing. I thought Edith headed this way. Edith went this way. Simeon, where's Daudi? He's with Edith and some other guys over there. -Whose turn is it? -Memory's out but she keeps cheating. -I don't care, you're it! -She's it too. They're lagging behind. -You're it! -She ran off into the fields, so she hurt herself. They crossed the boundary! Here's the ball! We took it. Leave it, Victor! Edith! Edith! -Excuse me... -I quit. -I'm not quitting. -Me neither. -Edith! Hey Edith! -Simeon, I've returned it. Yeah! -Stop running. Make a circle and play the "Spots spots" game over there. My mouth is messed up from talking so much. Just run! Spots! Spots! Play spots! You know how to play, "Spots spots". Memory, where have I seen it before? -Let's play "Picking! Picking!" -Yes, let's play "Picking! Picking!" Should I do the "Picking! Picking!"? Come on buddy, let's do it! -Come on guys, let's play. -Let's go around back. -What do we do now? -I don't know. -Lets play "Picking! Picking!" -Spots! Spots! -What should we do now? -Spots! Spots! Wow, we sure did run, huh? Spots! Spots! Spots! Edith, go over there so they can film you. You'll be the one on screen. I've already seen them filming me. They've filmed us and everyone here. Including Biswick. -Look, I'm telling you... -Tell Biswick, see if I care. -You want to sue me! -Let's play "Spots spots". -Picking! Picking! My banana, sell, sell to gentlemen... -Come on, let's sit and play... -Spots, spots. Zakariya, Zakariya. -Let's sit down. -Will she lead us? -Yeah! So we need one more person. Spots! Spots! Chitambalare! Spots! Spots! Zachary. Animals! Animals! Animals are flying. -Let's use that tree for this. -Let's play, umm... -Fly! Fly! -Jingle fly! -Let's go! -Yeah that's better. -Maybe animals. -A flying bird? -No, those that... that do this. -You mean... -Chicken! -When we say bird, if you do this, you're still in. But if we say chicken, and if we say pig it's this. This will get you spanked. -If you touch the... the blue gum tree. -Yes the blue gum, let's go. -Let's play. -Fly! Fly! Jingle fly! -Oooh! I thought we would turn? -Should I turn? -Just stand. I'm not for the fighting game... -Fly! Fly! -Jingle Fly! Fly! Fly! -Jingle Fly! Like butterfly. -A chicken flies! -Ducks fly! A pig flies! -Wait a sec. -Hey! Hey! I've tasted it! I've tasted it! I thought I said excuse me a bit! Excuse me for a bit. -Fly! Fly! -Jingle Fly! -Fly! Fly! -Jingle Fly! Like butterfly. -Like butterfly. A bird flies! A chicken flies! Ducks fly! A goat flies! A house flies! Look at what you're doing. -A tree flies! A bird flies! -Yeah this one! -It's done like this! Your hands hurt. -Did you hit him? -Charles, that's a bit much. -Charles hit his bone. -My hands are burning. -You got hit on the bone, right? -Jingle Fly! Like butterfly. -Jingle Fly! Like butterfly. -Jingle Fly! -It feels good! -Jingle fly! -It feels good! -Jingle fly! A chicken flies! Ducks fly! Trees fly... No! A tree flies! A house flies! -No, I'll say it. -Okay. -A rabbit flies! -Sing the song, will you. -Fly! Fly! -Jingle Fly! -Fly! Fly! -Jingle Fly! Like butterfly... Calling people! Calling people! -A man flies! Aah! A man doesn't fly. -Ala! -Gosh, these people! -Animals! Animals! Animals! -A dog flies! -Meat, chicken meat! Meat! Meat chicken. -Chickens fly! Hit him! Hit him! Hit him! Hey Memory! No! It's Memory! No! Ask Memory! Hey Memory! -You stood by the door right? -They'll hit you! -They'll hit you there! No... I already touched the tree. Let's play the animal game. We need a stick that we can all hold. Charles, you really hurt me! -I held on to it, you found me here. -He was already holding on. -He's the meat! -He's the meat! -Hey! Hold this. -Meat! Meat! Meat! -Goat meat! -Meat! -Fish meat! -Meat! -Hey Edith, I did nothing wrong. -You should have brushed it off. Let's start spanking. -Meat! Meat! Meat! -Hyena meat? -Meat! Hare meat? -Meat! -Goat meat? -Meat! -Hare meat? -Meat! -Toad meat? -Meat! -Goat meat? -Meat! -Crocodile meat? -Meat! Tortoise meat? -Meat! -Hare meat! -Meat! -Snail meat! -Meat! -Meat, chicken meat! -Meat! -Meat, goat meat! -Meat! Toad meat! Frog meat! Human meat! -Dog meat! Goat meat! -Meat... -Gosh! This game, we're tired. -Yeah. -I'll sing. -Ears! Ears! Everyone has ears! Why are you saying that? -Now about... Fingers! Fingers! Fingers! Goat toes. -Dog toes -You're exaggerating. -Hey you! -You must be quite busy, right? -I don't care! -The next one to call me out for not having fingers... The next one to say I have no fingers will be the one getting spanked. -So you should say that the house has no fingers. -No, houses and trees have no fingers. Let's play! -If you agree you'll get kicked. -Let's keep playing. -The animal game. -Let's keep playing the butterfly game. -Fly, fly? -Yeah. -The one where we stand far apart. -Chitambalale? -Physicals, acrobatics. -The acrobatics team should stand here. -They should stand here? -The girls? Excuse me! Excuse me! -I'll stand. -Chitambalale... Ya! Ya! Ya! -Bathroom break. -Hey lets play spots, spots. -Let's play chitambalale instead? Spots! Spots! It's better if we play Spots! Spots! -Or picking, picking my banana. -Spots! Spots! I'll do my own thing. Someone who washes both plates and pots. I'll play with Samson. Ayiche! Jamba! Jamba! -Yeah. -Let's play spots spots. -Yes. -Let's sit down, who will lead the play? -I will. -Did you not see that? -Let's all do it. -Spots! Spots! -Let's sit over here. -We sit, and mother has gone to the garden. We sit and mother has gone to the garden. -Spots! Spots! -Zakariya! -Spots! Spots! -Zakariya! -I like mine! -Zakariya! -Who washes plates? -Zakariya! -Even pots! -Zakariya! -And spoons as well! -Zakariya! -All together 10! -Zakariya! -Wake up and walk! -Zakariya! -Hey, wait... No! No! -They got to this one! -You can only follow after they touch you. No! I've told this one to get up and this one to follow. -Come on buddy.- Let's go, Simeon. -Come on, Spots! Spots! -Zakariya! -Spots! Spots! -Zakariya! -I like mine! -Zakariya! -Who can wash plates! -Zakariya! -Even pots! -Zakariya! -Together ten! -Zakariya! -Eee, wake up and let us walk! -Zakariya! -Spots! Spots! -Zakariya! -I want mine! -Zakariya! -Who washes plates! -Zakariya! -All together ten! -Zakariya! -Eee, wake up, let us walk! -Zakariya! -Spots! Spots! -Zakariya! -I want mine! -Zakariya! -Who washes plates! -Zakariya! -And pots as well! -Zakariya! -All together 10! -Zakariya! -Eee, wake up, let us walk! -Zakariya! -Spots! Spots! -Zakariya! -I want mine! -Zakariya! -Who washes plates? -Zakariya! -And pots as well! -Zakariya! -All together ten! -Zakariya! -It's Biswick's turn now. -Zakariya! -Spots! Spots! -Zakariya! -I want mine! -Zakariya! -Who washes plates?

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Duration: 15 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: Malawi
Director: Jason Price
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Posted by: glm_administrator on Jun 25, 2008


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