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Janis Joplin Interview

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Not bad! Well, here we are together again at last, by popular demand. How are you? Fine, a little tired. What have you been doing to kill time since you were on my old show? I've been working.. Really? Yeah? Yeah.. We did Europe, I went to Europe.. I played over there about a month..I scared them to death, I think... Did you have a good time? No, I had a terrible time.. Did you really? Nobody gets loosen, nobody rocks over there.. They're all so cerebral, they're very cerebral.. Do you know what I mean? Yes, I know what you mean. The sit analyzing the meaning of your work and not appreciating it... They don't get down.. They over intellectualize, they cerebrate, they ratiocinate excessively. See, that's what the limeys do.. Oh it wasn't just England, it was all over.. No, England, Amsterdam, Paris, Stockholm, Copenhagen.. May I light your fire, my child? That's my favorite singer, as you know. I guess not.. Apparently Well, I would've bet against it myself. Anyway, it's good to see you.. Hey, why is it..I was thinking about it the other day.. There aren't a great many of you.. By this I mean.. No, no, no, I mean.. Superstar rock ladies like yourself who... there's Mama Cass maybe and... Grace Slick, she's giggling, isn't she? Why aren't there more ladies that do what you do? Sing, you mean? No... do... the kind that you do... I know a lot of ladies sing, I mean... but you're not in the same category with Kate Smith, or... Maybe Jo Stafford, but... I don't know why... I always wondered, because it seems so natural to me but... I don't know, it's not feminine, maybe that's why. I mean.. to get out and really get into music get on the botton side of the music instead of floatin' around on top, like most chick singers do, I think they... on the top of the melody Instead of getting into the feeling of the music I don't know... That's good enough answer for me. You read much? Yeah, plenty... You ever sit home, quietly, by the fire, re-reading Dickens, or...? Not my style, really... No, I often wonder what you do on an off night maybe you don't have any... they keep you working so much... We work, we work a lot. Would you say you hate the road? It has a lot of bad things about it, I mean... You're alone a lot and you're in strange cities a lot but then you get to play a lot and... I think people ultimately, that's what people in music are after that's just one of the dues you have to pay to play music, I mean... You can't stay in your hometown and play... because the TP would't turn to see you... I'll always gonna wonder what it feels like to do what you do up there

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Janis Joplin bitches about European audiences

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