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what is DNA 6.13.1991tle424

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What is DNA Where does the DNA come from? Where could it come from? So what this guy ultimately developed? I forgot what it's called... Transpermia. Have you ever heard the word? I never heard the word. Until I asked myself the question: where does the DNA come from? So they've estabilished already: everything comes from the DNA, everything is wonderful now, we got a downpath, we could put it into a little model, with a little mechanical machine, and it all fits in. And you ask? Where does it all come from? This guy gives a little credit at least. He asked the question. The trouble is he didn't learn Kabbalah. So he came up with an idea: Transpermia. Where it comes from is from somewhere else. That was his answer. It is transferred from somewhere. I felt great when I heard that answer. Right? Now we know where it comes from. It comes from somewhere out there. Where? Somewhere. Somewhere. That's an answer. What's our answer? That's the little black box. The black box they have in the cockpit in the airplanes. Little black box. It's the only memory of what had been going on, right? It's called the little black box. I call: all the baggage of a prior encarnation. The little black box. That black box: where is it coming from? The same person in a prior encarnation. All packed in this little black box. And now this little black box is going to tell us all that happened before. That's us. Look at you. And you know who you were before: the way you act, the way you think, your desires your attributes, your liabilities, whatever. All contained in this little black box. What's the little black box? It's called the DNA. They didn't wanna call "black box" but they could have called "black box". DNA: give it a term that some of us can't even pronounce, that makes it even more exciting. You call it black box, you know, black box... Maybe that's why he took another name. What would have happened if he had called it "black box"? Would people in the medical profession have an objection to call it "black box"? Stop calling it DNA, call it black box. Would anyone would have an objection? No. But it sounds better, maybe. So everything comes from a source that already was there and the only thing that happened was it disappeared. what disappeared? The black box disappeared? The baggage of this person in a prior encarnation disappeared? Never. It will never disappear. But because of our consciousness because of our consciousness that determined, and we are still trying to be convinced that a person dies and it's all over with. Whatever motivated this individual whatever makes this hand go up and down we call it a soul, also disappears with that. Gone. No encarnation, no nothing. It has a beginning, it has a certain period of time and then it ends in a certain period of time. The Ari says: No. That which relates to Light consciousness immaterial, never disappears. Never disappears. That's called {...Hebrew...} This idea, this aspect of consciousness the immaterial of us 99% of us is immaterial. It's the 1%, even physically, if they were to reduce this body, this space that I occupy would only consist of 1%. So the material of me occupying the space that I occupy is only 1%. So what's the other 99%? Consciousness. It's the immaterial. We forget and therefore, by forgetting by the world forgetting that nothing disappeared because the arm is also 99% consciousness in fact that's what the phantom arm means. The consciousness. The DNA is only a 1% of what it contains And what does it contain? Consciousness, that black box of a prior encarnation. that register 99% as the immaterial. The 1% is what becomes observable. But remember? That which is observable in only 1% therefore the phantom arm, the person feels that the arm is there. It's incredible, the person feels the arm is there because he's been impressed with the idea that his consciousness never disappears. That's what the Ari is telling us here.

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what is DNA 6.13.1991tle424

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