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The Slowass Sloth

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This is the slowass sloth. Look how cute he is. Now the slowass sloth, they live in the rain forest of central and south America and they eat only leaves. Tons of them. Tons of leaves. They just sit in their bellies. As a matter of fact, about approximately two thirds of their body weight is just the contents of their tummy which are just leaves. And it takes them about a month to digest it all. How crazy is that? Look how slow this little guy is. Just up in the trees all day with their big claws which helps them get around. Be careful slowass sloth. Now look, this sloth is coming down to take his weekly poop. You see, sloths feel very uncomfortable pooping and making potty up in the trees so they come down and tend to use the same spot over and over... Oh my god, is that David Attenborough trying to talk to a sloth? Puh-lease. Yeah, congratulations David Attenborough you got an exclusive interview with a sloth. Stupid! They're half-blind, half-deaf, good luck with that one. Ugh, what a ham. Please. Anyways, look here's the sloth. Look, he's smiling at me. Oh, hi sloth. Aw, look at this little sloth taking his poopie in peace. This little guy and other sloths are members of the Xenarthra group of mammals which first appeared approximately 60 million years ago Oh my god, these sloths are ancient. Look how slow it moves. It moves so slowly because those leaves provide no nutritional value whatsoever. It gives them no energy, and consequently, i must add that their muscles are nothing but ribbons at this point. They prov... Is that? Oh, come on David Attenborough, leave the sloth alone. Quit trying to prove something, stupid. David Attenborough talking to a sloth. Look, the sloth has no interest in David Attenborough whatsoever. He just wants to eat his leaves. Oh how precious. Oh you pretty boy. The sloth.

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Posted by: fjkowz on Mar 21, 2012


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