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Teach you Design of: Gambling, Why i so excited?

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Gambling - The Design of Gabling This is the, design of gambling, communicating about 'gambling'. If you..walk into casinos. Casinos, represent the establishment, and manifestation of 'money'. 'Money', is not the paper, or the coin. 'Money', is the casinos, and the banking systems. the 'buildings', the actual buildings That is the manifestation, of money - casinos, and banks. Now, the 'banks', or the money..that are used, by the government, to control society, and the world. Now, the 'banks', or the money..that are used, by the government, to control society, and the world. Casinos.. are the manifestation, of money.. that control, and enslave, and empower, human being's, "minds" So that banking system, the banks, are the controller, of the Lifes of human beings. The 'casino', manifestation, of money..that are the controller, of the 'mind', of human beings. It is the way the system has been setup, in and of this world. Now. lets look at gambling specifically. Why, there is a, addiction, to gambling? Before we get to gambling I have to get, to a perspective of 'money'. Human beings, 'require and need', money to survive. Casino, seems like a place, where, 'there is hope'. Where there're, "might be", opportunity, and "a chance"- to get money So the establishment, of, the money, is based on 'hope, and chance, and luck'. Thus, human beings- go gambling From the starting point of 'hope', the requirement to need to survive, and a quick and a fast way out. Now you have your banks, the manifestation of the actual building of the banks. And then you have the manifestation, of the casino. Now both, are manifestations, of money in this world. that are controlling, and enslaving human beings. The banks, are the, manifestation of the money that control human being's lifes. Placing them into a 'center position', of their requirement to survive. Because there is not enough money, the casino, stand before them. As a presentation, of possible 'hope', luck So human beings from, the banks that control them, in the center placed into survival. requirement and need, walk to the casino. In the casino, they are 'locked' into the system - of hope, of getting money a quick, easy and fast way. and it will 'only be a select few human beings', that will occasionally! Wins, a lot of money! Only, but a handful 'and the rest of the human beings'! Go in 'absolute hope', and faith, and trust that: Maybe possibly, I will also be able to win and 'that', is a point that traps. The casino, together with the banking system, is a 'religious' construct. (smile) It is 'another', religion based, system. Have a look: You have, the world(left) have, yourself(middle)..and you have 'god'. Now. excue me, you have god, you have yourself (middle), and then you have, the church, the bible, and prayer. God! is that the banking system, of this world, that is 'controlling' your Life. It is: you live your Life, by God's Will. The casino, is, the church..prayer and bible, because You go in there, you get locked into the system, of 'praying, going to the church, and reading the bible' because everyone is, 'a select few occasional' human beings, that is experiencing 'miracles'! and the 'all the other' human beings go to church, pray worship read bible, to 'maybe hopefully'! win the jackpot - of receiving, a miracle from god. and that's how human beings, are trapped in their religious systems, of a 'god', existing, 'apparently'. Exact same goes for money, there is no difference. Thus, where does the gambling, wanting to gamble, wanting to get money come from? Firstly, survival..making it in this world, hoping to win a jackpot because there are other people that, have already won jackpots. have 'more money', to able to be, to 'live more comfortably and more better' in this world. The same as with religion, human beings going to the churches, bible worship prayer, to receive miracle, so their life can be better! So they can 'survive easily', more easily and live more easily. Thus, human beings, I would suggest: to look at your, 'relationship', with gambling. Because gambling! is a religious, construct system. First make sure, when you're gambling you're not gambling, to win 'money'. (smile) You are not gambling, to survive. You are not gambling, 'to have your life be better', and more 'livable' and more 'acceptable'. That you're not gambling, by 'money' being your god. That you're not gambling, and "gambling" is your god, controlling your Life. Because if gambling, and money controls your Life, you're, stuck in a, religious system, of this world. 'All systems' in this world human beings, are based on 'religious foundation'. Just like gambling. Thank you very much. this is..the design of gambling. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Sep 29, 2009


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